Lovebirds – A Shivika Ff Chapter 36

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Recap :

Anika entered the room, to find it dark, but for the first time , she wasn’t afraid of the dark. She was so worried about finding Shivaay in a dishevelled state, that she forgot about darkness scaring her. She switched on the light, so that she could trace him. Shivaay was standing near the window, looking out, so lost in his thoughts that he did not realise someone was in the room. Anika moved towards him, taking baby steps, debating in her head whether it was the right time to talk to him or not. She stood behind him and called him once, ” Shivaay ?”
No response.
She called again. No response.
This time….no, she didnt shout. It’s not the right time to shout, you guys na….she kept her hand on his shoulder. This sudden feeling on his right shoulder brought Shivaay out of his thoughts. He knew that it was Anika, obviously, Anika – o – meter. He didn’t want to turn to face her, no Shivaay Singh Oberoi can face anyone but this wasnt SSO, this was Billu. He didn’t want to face her not because he was scared but because he didn’t want her to see the water droplets trickling down his face.

Anika understood that Shivaay had acknowledged her presence, but wasn’t responding. So she moved her hand a bit down his shoulder, caught his arm lightly and gently turned him towards herself. He looked at her. She was surprised. He looked away. She stood there, still, seeing tears in Shivaay’s eyes, because it was a rare sight, because it was impossible. Tears and Shivaay ? Naah. No way.
She was confused as to what to speak to him, how to console him, how to lessen his pain. She had no clue, no idea, no senses.
Involuntarily by her brain, but voluntarily by heart ( get the irony ) she moved towards him, cupped his face and made him look into her eyes. She wiped his tears by her thumbs and then caressed his cheeks. A lone tear ran down her eye too.
She whispered , ” Shivaay ! ”
Shivaay just hugged her tightly. She hugged him back. Both found solace in each other’s arms, after all the mess they had been in. While sobbing, Shivaay uttered, ” I’m sorry Anika, I am really sorry. I…I…”
Anika broke the hug and looked at him. The sight brought pain to her. Shivaay was crying uncontrollably and his eyes were red.
Anika, ” Shivaay ? What happened ? Why are you sorry ? ”
Shivaay just looked at this angel in front of him. On getting no response, Anika made Shivaay sit on the bed and sat beside him. She turned him gently towards herself and cupped his face again. Very calmly she asked,
Anika,”Why are you sorry Shivaay ?”
Shivaay,” It was because of me that you had to go through all this, OmRu has to go through all this. If I had been a little more considerate then this might have never happened. This is all my fault.”
Anika, “No Shivaay, it’s okay. It happens. Stop blaming yourself.”
Shivaay, “No Anika, I cant stop blaming myself. I had to be the one protecting you and see the opposite happened. I failed to do my duty as a husband Anika, I failed.”
Anika, “No Shivaay, you have to stop balming yourself. It’s no one’s fault. It just happened. Okay ? And you are a good husband. Not only good, you are the best husband anyone can get. So now if you say anything against my husband, I will not talk to you.”
They both into each others eyes at the mention of the best husband. To escape the intensity created, Anika puffed up her cheeks, made a pout and looked away. Shivaay couldnt help smiling.
Shivaay held her chin and made her look towards himself. She let go of her upset face and an intense look appeared.
Shivaay,” Okay baba , I will stop blaming myself. But I still feel really guilty about what happened. How could I let this happen to you Anika ? ”
Anika ( dead serious ) , “Why do you care so much about me ?”
Shivaay, already in guilt , just said what was in his mind or maybe in his heart.
Shivaay,  ” Because I lo…..”but stopped midway as their eyes met again. He realised what he was going to do.
Anika, ” Because you…?”
Anika was searching for her answer in his sea blue orbs. Shivaay looked here and there to avoid her gaze, when he got an answer.
Shivaay,”Because….because you are my wife.”
Anika let out a sigh. She had expected Shivaay to finally voice out his feelings for her. But alas, he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi urf Unexpressable Singh Oberoi.
She just nodded her head and got up to leave. She had come to see if Shivaay was fine, and that had been done. She was leaving when a tug at her wrist stopped her from taking a step forward.
She looked back and found Shivaay gently holding her wrist, his eyes telling her not to leave. He pulled her slightly and stood in front of her. His voice was seriously dangerous.
Shivaay, “Why did you shed that lone tear seeing me crying ? “
Now, poor Anika was caught off – guard. Anika, ” Me crying ? “

Shivaay, ” Don’t lie Anika. I saw it. I cannot be mistaken in case of tears, specially yours. Why were you upset seeing me ? “

Anika, ” Woh…woh….”
Shivaay,  ” Woh kya Anika ? I won’t ask you if you care for me because I can see that you do. Why ?”
Anika, “Be…Because…I… “
Anika’s back was facing the wall and Shivaay was standing in front of Anika. She was taking steps backward while he was moving foreard.

Shivaay,  ” Yes…you what Anika ?”
Anika , ” Because…I…because you are….my….husband. “
He was also expecting Anika to say what he wanted to hear. But my dear Shivaay, if you wont tell her what she wants to hear, then she will also not tell you what you want to hear. He let out a sigh. Anika took another step back. Shivaay took another step forward. And alas ! Wahi hua jo hamesha hota hai. Anika had reached the dead end – the wall and Shivaay was just in front Which means , no escape. Shivaay asked her very softly,
Shivaay, “Why don’t you say it Anika ?”
Anika , “Say what Shivaay ?”
Shivaay ,”What I want to hear !”
Anika , “Why dont you say Shivaay ? “
Shivaay , ” What do you want to hear ?”
Anika ,” Just what you want to hear.”

This proximity of theirs, made both of their hearts thump. It wasn’t the first time when they were like this, but this particular time was different. Their problems vanished in thin air. All they could feel was each others’ restless breath and their own beating heart. Shivaay looked into a pair of innocent brown eyes while those looked back into his calm like the sea ones. An eyelock , restless breath , racing heart , no worries , a beautiful angel, what else did Shivaay need. He raised his hand and put it on her waist, sending shivers down her spine. This was a perfect moment. What Shivaay was doing was involuntary . But he was waiting for this from long. It was just happening. Same was the case with Anika.

If it were another time, she would have been nervous and would have tried to free herself. But this, this was something completely opposite. She liked what happened. She didnt oppose. She just felt it right. Both knew what was coming next. And so do you guys.
And me.
Shivaay kept his other hand on her right cheek and pulled her closer to himself. Anika was looking into his eyes. Shivaay leaned towards her. She closed her eyes. Shivaay took it as a yes and gently, very gently , put his lips on her soft ones. And Anika responded. She wrapped her hands around his neck and was caressing the edge of his hair. Shivaay’s eyes were also closed and he was working on her upper lip while she was working on his lower one. It was a gentle kiss, just perfect for them. The time seemed to stop. It was just them. Shivika had a blissful moment, one that they would cherish forever.
They both knew each others feelings and after this, didnt want a confirmation. They broke the kiss soon and made their foreheads touch, reminiscing the beautiful bond they shared. Shivaay looked at Anika and she blushed, looking downwards. He held her chin and lifted up her gaze from the ground to his eyes.

Shivaay,”Ab toh bol do Anika !”
Anika , ” Ab bolne ki zaroorat hai kya Shivaay?”
Anika smiled as Shivaay let out a chuckle.
They hugged each other and rested in the peaceful embrace of their arms, feeling complete on having found their love.

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