Lovebirds – A Shivika ff chapter 35

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Recap :

Kamini, ” That means you haven’t got hurt a bit ? Why on Earth did you help them ? ”
Ranveer , ” I have helped you a lot in your work. Not anymore. Taking advantage of being my Mausi, you made me do things I never really wanted to do, you used me. But. Not. Anymore. I would have lost my job if I hadn’t helped them. My job is more satisfying than you Mausi. And I don’t regret helping them, I must thank them, they have shown me a new beastly side of yours. I end my relations with you Mrs. Shukla. ”
Shivaay, ” Rudra, call the police. We need to get her arrested. ”
Shakti, ” No Shivaay. Let her go. I have got my son back. It’s more than enough for me. (Hugs Mahi ) . She has lost Mahi and Ranveer, that’s probably enough for her too. Ranveer can decide what he wants, to keep contact, less contact or no contact at all. He should be given liberty. And Kamini, you, if it would have been in my hands, I would have strangled you to death. It’s just that there is a difference between you and me. Stay away from my family. If I find you doing anything which threatens their happiness or security, don’t forget that if these hands can forgive you, they can destroy you as well. ”
Shivaay, ” But Dad, don’t you want justice? She kept your son away from you for 32 years. Will you leave her like this only ? ”
Shakti, ” Shivaay, I told you na, I don’t want anything. I have got my son back, I am satisfied. Let her go and do whatever she wants. But don’t forget Kamini, my eyes will be on you. Let’s go. ”
Oberois leave them there and cone back to the Mansion. Ranveer also disowns Kamini and she is left to suffer on her own.
Shivaay secretly sneaks away to talk to Shakti.
Shivaay,” Dad, I know that you didn’t want Kamini to be left like this, as she doesn’t deserve it. You also wanted her to get arrested, then why didn’t you let that happen ?”
Shakti, ” Shivvay, I also wanted Kamini to get punished , because she had wronged Mahi, but more because, she could have helped Pranaalini which she didn’t. But then , I looked at Mahi. His face said that he didn’t want her to get punished. What if she had never regarded him as her son, but Mahi had always regarded her as his mother. Even though she was rude, mean and harsh to him, she had been a person with whom he lived 32 years of his life. The bond he has with her, didn’t allow him to get her arrested, but he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to hurt you all. So, if that gives my son happiness, be it so.”
Shivaay,” Wow Dad, you could make out all this just from his face ? I never understood this.”
Shakti ,” My dear bete, issiliye toh main tumhara Dad hoon !! ”
They both shared a laugh and hugged each other.

@Oberoi Mansion
Dadi, Prinku and Pinky are impatiently waiting for the others to come. Just then she hears the screeching of a car, Shivaay’s car.
Prinku, ” Dadi, woh log aa gaye. ”
Dadi, ” Prinku aarti ki thaali le aa. ”
Prinku nods and leaves.
Pinky , ” Haaye, my heera son has come back. I just hope he and Mahi are also fine. ”
Dadi, “Don’t do anything Pinky which will anger him all the more. ”
Pinky’s smile faded and took a back seat.
They all came in, Dadi did everyones aarti, put tilak, blessed everyone and let them inside.
Dadi , ” What happened there ? ”
Shivaay, ” Dadi, Kamini confessed the truth. Ranveer helped us. He broke his relations with Kamini. Now, she is left helpless. ”
Prinku, ” Bhai..bhaiya, didn’t you g..get her ar…arre..arrest..ed ?
Shakti, ” No beta, she had had enough of punishment. So no arrest. ”
Pinky, ” Oh My Mata, she did so much wrong with Mahi and my heera beta, why didn’t you get her arrested. ”
At this point, Shivaay got furious.
Shivaay, “Mrs. Oberoi, I am not your heera beta. Stop calling me that. Dadi, you said na that after Kamini’s truth will be out, the decision regarding Mrs. Oberoi is completely mine ? I don’t regard her as my Mom. She can stay wherever she wants till she doesn’t cross her ways with me. She can do whatever she wants till it doesn’t interfere in my life. ”
Pinky, ” But Shivaay, you are my son.”
Shivaay, ” No, I’m not. I. Am. Not. Your. Son. If you regarded me as your son, you wouldn’t have done all that crap.”
Pinky, ” But Shivaay, all that was for your well being. ”
Shivaay, ” Oh yes ! How could I forget that it was for my well being. Taking away my happiness is for my well being. Breaking off my marriage is for my well being. Mrs. Oberoi, you have set a new definition of well being, but I m sorry I don’t get it and will not follow it.”
Saying this, Shivaay left to his room, fuming.
No one showed sympathy for Pinky because they all knew she deserved it.
Shakti, ” Anika beta, please be with Shivaay. He needs you at this time. I hope he doesn’t do anything wrong in this wrath of his. ”
Anika, ” Jee papa. ”
And Anika went to their room to calm Shivaay down while the rest moved towards their room.
Pinky went to her room. Shakti was sitting on the bed and thinking something so when she entered, he did not notice her.
Pinky also went and sat down on the bed, due to which Shakti was jolted back to reality.
Shakti, “Pinky, what are you doing here ? ”
Pinky, ” What are you saying Shaktiji ? This is our room, so.. so I will stay here on… ”
Shakti, ” Shut up Pinky. I can’t tolerate you now, when I have come to know what you’ve done to Shivaay. I don’t want to see your face. Leave this room. ”
Pinky ( choking ), ” Shaktiji, please… don’t do this….with me . ”
Shakti, ” Then why did you do that with Shivaay? No Pinky, not anymore, please leave. ”
Pinky, ” But Shaktiji…”
Shakti, ” Ok forget it. You aren’t leaving so I might as well leave the room. ”
Shakti took some of the business files and moved to the guest room, leaving a crying Pinky behind.

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