Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 34

Hola guys !!  I’m extremely sorry for being lost for over a month. People are correct, when you have to be stuck , it happens from all the ways. Vacation, new school, workload..I’ve been on a run the whole of the month. Sorry for not replying to your comments. I hope this update is long enough for a compensation.

Recap :


Kamini enters the garage and finds it very dim. She looks around but doesn’t find anyone at first.
Kamini, ” Ranveer…Ranveer, where are you ? Ranveer…”
As she calls him, she moves forward and her feet hits something and she stumbles. Preventing her fall, she looks down to find a watch. She picks it up.
Kamini, ” Arre, this is toh Ranveer’s watch. That means he is here only. Ranveer ? Ranveer where are you ? See I have come to save you. ”
She hears a loud shout of pain from a nearby room and runs there. She finds Mahi and Ranveer fighting with each other. Both were bruised, blood dripping from one’s nose and from one’s mouth. Both of their condition said that though both had fought a lot, that to  with equal strength, but Ranveer was way more hurt than Mahi.
Kamini was shocked and angry. She hurriedly went and seperated both of them.
Kamini, ” What the hell are you both doing ? ”
Ranveer, ” Mausi…mausi…you have come ! Mausi see what this idiot is doing…..aah….First he sabotaged….and failed our plan and now he is…. trying to snatch my job. He was…he was saying that…that he would say the truth to the police. ”
Kamini was enraged beyond control and she slapped Mahi right across his face.
Kamini, ” How dare you ? You…I can’t even express how disgusting you are. I dont know what sin I had done in my previous birth to get you in this life of mine. You abominable piece of crap…First you couldn’t get the money from the Oberois, we couldn’t trap Priyanka and now you are giving up on Ranveer ? You are a disgrace to the relation of son and the biggest mistake of my life. ”
Mahi, ” But Maa, Ranveer was going to kill me so that the police never finds me out. He. Was. Going. To. End. My. Life. ”
Kamini, ” Really ? ”
Mahi, ” Yes Maa, he was going to kill me, me your son Maa! ”
Kamini , ” So unfortunate that he couldn’t,  but I will do it. I will kill you so that police toh kya, even insects wont be able to find you. ”
Ranveer, ” Mausi, mausi but how can you kill your son ? ”
Mahi, ” Maa, maa, will you kill your own son ? Your own son , Maa. Will you kill me ? ”
Kamini, ” Shut up ! Not a word more. You are not my son. Just chuck the word son. ”
Mahi fell silent. He held Kamini’s shoulders tightly and shook her violently, screaming,
Mahi, ” Then whose son am I ? Tell me the truth, Ms. Kamini. Tell me the blo*dy truth.”
Kamini released herself from the grip and shouted out, ” You are Shakti’s son. You are Shakti Singh Oberoi  and Pranaalini Thakur’s son.
The surroundings felt silent. The dim lights disappeared and bright lights appeared. Sounds of clapping echoed in the room. Kamini could see all the members of the Oberoi family (except Dadi, Prinku and Pinky ) coming towards her from all the directions.
She looked around in confusion as if they were aliens from Mars.
Kamini, ” What rubbish is this ? ”
Tej, ” This was not rubbish. This was our plan.”
Kamini, ” Plan ? What plan ?”
Jhanvi, ” Plan to make you admit that Mahi is not your but Shakti’s son. ”
Kamini’s eyes widen in shock.
Om, ” Tell us how did you get Mahi.”
Kamini , ” Mahi…yes, Mahi, woh…woh…I adopted him from the orphanage. ”
Anika , ” Accha, you adopted him from the orphanage, yes ? Then how do you know that he is Shakti uncle’s son ? Did the orphanage give you these details also, haan ? ”
Shivaay , ” You are already caught up. Now just cut the crap and speak. ”
Shivaay’s voice was low but was really dangerous.
Rudy, ” Dekho Aunty, sabne bol diya hai. Shivaay bhaiya kisi ka wait nahi karte. Aapka bhala issi mein hai ki aap ab bol do. ”
Om, ” Shut up Rudra. ”
Mahi, ” Speak. “, he shouted.
Kamini was really shocked seeing this avatar of Mahi, but now she understood that there was no way out.
Kamini, “ I…I loved Shakti from our college days itself, but he…he married that Pranaalini.   It was tough for me to move on, but I did. I got married also, but my husband died in a shootout at the border and I was alone again. On the day when Pranaalini’s car crashed, I was passing by that area………
Flashback ——
Kamini saw the crash and identified Pranaalini.  She also saw the baby beside her. Looking at her, a fire burned inside her. All the mishaps which happened to her, found a way out, but in the form of revenge and to fulfil her desire of revenge, she picked up the baby from the accident spot.  
Kamini , ” This baby is Shakti’s and Pranaalini’s, I am sure. I had seen him only on the news channel the other day. Now Shakti will have to pay for marrying this Pranaalini. ” 
Kamini looked around and before the police or ambulance was called, she quietly sneaked out the baby, which was Mahendra urf Mahi. She went home and safely tucked him in the bed, telling her friend to look after him. 
She covered a doll in white sheet and kept it on the accident spot where it git drenched with the blood. 
Kamini , ” You are destroyed Shakti Singh Oberoi,  my revenge is fulfilled. “
Flashback ends ———-
Kamini, “ I named him Mahi and kept him away from all sides from the Oberois so that you don’t come to know about him.
Most had tears in their eyes.
Shakti ( shouting) : What have you done Kamini ! Do you even have the slighest idea of it ?You could have saved Pranaalini…..If you would have helped her, she would have been alive today !! You snatched away my love.  You kept a son away from his father for more than 30 years. You destroyed his childhood, you spoilt 32 years of Mahi’s life. Do you know how much broken I was when I got double wounds because of Pranaalini and  Mahi ? Do you know because of you, how many times Mahi must have hated himself ? For just your blo*dy revenge you ruined so many lives. Disgusting! “
Anika, Om and Rudra looked away in disgust.
Jhanvi, ” Shame on you Kamini! You are a woman so you should know the happiness a person gets by seeing his children safe. You snatched that away from Shakti. You don’t deserve to be called a woman. Chee ! ”
A clapping sound was heard.
Kamini looked back to find Ranveer clapping while making a disgusted face.
Ranveer , “ Wow Mausi ! I knew you had evil intentions with Mahi and the Oberois, but I never knew that you could stoop this low. I owe you a lot and just for that reason I supported you in whatever you did, without arguing, but you make me feel as if I should have left you alone on the first day itself. You called Mahi your own son and then treated him in this manner, I am still your own nephew, how low will you go with me ? I am ashamed to call you Mausi.
Kamini, ” No…no Ranveer don’t say this…Ranveer please…I don’t have anyone else except you…Ranveer ”
Ranveer came towards the Oberois, wiping the blood off his face without any hesitation.
Kamini then made out that it was red colour and not blood and was really confused now.
Ranveer goes to Mahi and folds his hands together.
Ranveer, ” I am sorry. I did a big mistake by helping Mausi in her intentions. I never knew that she would turn out to be such a fallen and cheap woman. I am really sorry Mahi, with her, I am also your culprit. ”
Mahi nodes a no, holds his hands and hugs him. Everyone smiles on.
Kamini, ” What is this ? Ranveer you haven’t got hurt?  What is going on ? ”
Ranveer, ” Didn’t you hear that it was all a plan?”
Kamini was taken aback.
Kamini, ” Ranveer…Ran..Ranveer, were you also a part ? ”
Ranveer,  ” Yes Mrs. Shukla, I was also a part of their plan.”
(Guys, Daksh is Kamini’s brother and Kamini had got married, so no Khurana. Ranveer is her sister’s son, so no Randhawa. She is Mrs. Kamini Shukla. )
Anika, ” I have a plan. We can keep someone close to Kamini as our captive. We will make him and Mahi pretend to have a fight, where Mahi would be going to kill the person. Now, that person is dear to Kamini, so she will stop Mahi, and Mahi can trap her in his talks and she will be compelled to blurt out the truth. ” 
Om, ” But whom will we keep cative ? ” 
Shivaay, ” We will see about the captive. We need to keep track of all her movements then. ” 
Tej, ” All that is fine children, Khanna will check security, I and Jhanvi will check  execution, Shakti and you all can coordinate and see if there are no loopholes or problems to give our plan away. ” 
Rudra, ” Good plan Dad. Mere saath reh reh ke intelligent ho gaye ho. ” 
Tej, ” Shut up Rudra.” 
Jhanvi, ” But the captive ? ” 
Shivaay, ” Don’t worry Badi Maa. We have a captive also. ” 
Shivaay took his phone and dialled a number in his usual tadibaaz style. 
Shivaay, ” Hello Ranveer…….”
(And for those who want to know who was the person outside Kamini’s house, it was our beloved Khannaji. ) 
Flashback ends ——————–

I hope this update was long enough. I have strong intentions of an update very, very soon. Please let me know your views about this plot and also if a story on Anika’s background would look good here. Looking forward to your words.

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