Lovebirds- A Shivika ff Chapter 26

Chapter 25

@Shivika room
Anika took out her night dress and kept it on the bed. Shivaay was looking for a chance to send Anika out of the room.
Shivaay, " Anika, I think someone called you. "
"What ? Why will someone call me at this time ? "
"I think I heard someone shout your name from the hall. Please just check from the corridor and see. "
Anika sensed something wrong but brushed it off. She nodded and went out.
Shivaay quickly opened the small box.
When Anika had come back, she found Shivaay fidgeting with her clothes.
"Shivaay, what are you doing with my clothes ? "
"Woh…woh…Anika…actually, accha was someone calling you ? "
"No one was calling me. The hall is as dark as possible. But what are you doing with my clothes. "
"Woh…Haan, I was searching for my phone. "
Anika raised her eyebrows ensuring Shivaay that she was becoming suspicious.
" Why are you searching for your phone under my clothes when it is kept on the table ? "
Shivaay was blank.
"Ohh..there it is. I didn't see it there. Thanks haan ! "
Anika gave him a look and then nodding her head, she went into the washroom to change.
After 15 mins, she cane out and saw Shivaay working on his laptop.
She said , " Shivaay, it's already late. Please sleep now. "
Poor Anika, she did not know that Shivaay was just pretending to work on the laptop. Lol !
Shivaay," Anika, I have to ready a presentation ready for tomorrow's meeting. I will take time. You sleep. "
"Shivaay, what's bothering you? "
"What ?"
"There is something that is bothering you. What is it ? "
" do…I mean why do you think so ?"
"When your phone was in front of you, then you couldn't see it where as the Shivaay Singh Oberoi is stuck like a chewing gum to his phone. Then, you were hearing strange noises of someone calling me. Then, you were with my clothes and now you are making the presentation. "
"So…so wh…whats wrong…in it ? "
"I mean that as far as I know, its always Mukul  and his team who prepare a presentation for your meetings. Not. You. "
Shivaay gulps down.
"…Its actually…yes..I have to gave them the basic idea of the contract na…then only they will be able to present a deal. So its that only. "
"Anika, please no ifs and buts. Can you please make me a cup of Americano ? Please ? "
Anika just nodded, still suspicious.
When she went to the coffee machine, Shivaay again said, " Anika, the machine is not working. You will have to make it in the kitchen. "
Anika just nodded and went out of the room.
After some time, Anika came back in the room, only to find Shivaay sleeping. She sighed and kept the coffee on the table. She switched off the laptop and made Shivaay lie down, covering him with the duvet. Then she herself adjusted herself on the bed and drifted off to sleep.
After around 20 minutes, Shivaay opened his eyes and checked if Anika was asleep or not.
He caressed her shoulder.
Shivaay, " Tomorrow is going to be a big day for all of us. "
He got up, went outside and made a call.
Next update might take some time. Thankyou everyone for all your support.

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