I love you???


Ahhh love…..

When it comes in movies and telly soaps it was totally like the Hero kinda first hates Heroine and he will fall in love with her eventually and Heroine will reciprocate his feelings after some months, days, or years.

The story will not end now. The villain will break them or in some movies it will be depended on caste feelings, or the hero’s female friend loves hero and she will threaten our heroine or may be money problems, status problems and what not???

Same routine movies, routine stories we like to watch it for entertainment.

I may tell you the fact is that some people will stole the proposal scenes from movies and they will try it on their girl friends.

Don’t tell me you didn’t approached anyone by using the same lines which were used in some movie.

From some movies our directors conveyed that a girl and boy can’t be friends. From that on if we see a girl, boy walking and talking we will conclude that they are lovers. Even if they say they are friends we will tag that line on them.

In some movies a girl will call a boy as brother. But the boy will won’t approve of it and still hits on her. From that on if a girl address a boy as brother they laugh and continue their flirting nature.

It’s like movies make a great impact on our social life, society and what not. In some ways it gives a hope of positivity and in some way it gives negativity. 

In every movie, every telly soap at last in our reality shows hero will say “I love you”  to heroine and its all worth.

Where as now in real world, some people will say I love you to express their love and if they accept, they will do dating and at the time of marriage some love stories will break as a thread and forever it can’t be attached.

Some people will follow the girl or boy for upto many months or weeks, finally they will say it one day.  If the girl/boy wont agree they will try for another girl/boy.

Now a days we are using the three words I Love You as an Tissue paper. 

If you really liked or loved a girl then why don’t you propose them to marry you???

Is it so tough or your love isn’t true???

I heard somewhere that love is an assurance that the person will be with you no matter what. In every circumstances,it will overcome all the obstacles, i even heard that love is the way of new beginning.

When you are beginning your life newly with someone you love then start it with “Will you marry me”.

If you wanna propose anyone their is no best way other than asking “marry me”.

Even the words “I love you”  are not so much worth of the two words  “marry me plz”.





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  1. Nagamanasa

    Husnaa ki bacchi…Awesome my baccha but now I am not going to talk to u…Huhh but what to do u know na i cant atay without talking to u.. so i will talk..by the way it is awesome baccha…love u?????

    1. Cutepie

      Haha 🙂

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