lets start…

PRECAP-we saw abhi and pragya were going to meet each other but alia comes from australia to meet her family so abhi canceled the meeting

scene starts with…

Pragya-Aarav you very well known how to please me but this time i am not going to leave you that easily you have to come to mall with me and bulbul she wants to shop something for her so for that you will be our driver for today .

Aarav- this is not fear yaar but to please you i will do it.

Pragya- good boy now come lets go.

and they both leaves.

Now they have reached pragya’s home where bulbul was waiting for them.

Bulbul- what di you told that you are going to come before 30 min with this duffer you are late.

Aarav with a shock reaction said ..

Aarav- pragya you are a cheater you took advantage of me i thought u were angry on me but u want to make me a driver and i fool promised u now i should come wth u this is cheating.

Pragya and bulbul were laughing a lot at him. Later they all left for mall.

Scene changes to abhi who has reached airport and saw alia.

Abhi-alia i am so happy to see you.You gave us a very big surprize.

Alia- i no that bhai but first i need your help please.

Abhi- arrey alia just give me order i will be there for u tell me.

Alia- bhai the thing is i m meeting everyone after 8 months i just want to gift them something so please can u come with me to the mall please.

and makes a puppy face by seeing this abhi laughs and says ok.

Alia bees exited like a kid and hugs abhi and they both leaves for mall.

Scene changes to mall….

Aarav tells to bulbul and pragya he will park the car and come thats why they both went to mall before.

scene changes inside the mall in which already alia and abhi are present and bulbul and pragya have entered.

where bulbul sees alia and says…

Bulbul-di she is alis my collage friend she lives in australia i guess she have come here to meet her family i will meet her and come to go to your book shop.

Pragya gave her a beating look and laughs and goes and bulbul goes to meet alia..

Bulbul- hey alia i m bulbul remember and hugs her.

Alia – of course bulbul i have missed you a lot and meet he is my bhai abhishek.

they had handshake and then abhi says

Abhi-you two have a talk i will come in 15 min
and he goes…..

now we will see pragya and abhi are talking in phone and both are coming in opposite direction and hit each other.

Abhi-i m really sorry i didnt saw you .

Pragya- its ok i was also not seeing you it is my mistake also.

and they both geta up after taking there phone.

Abhi was continusily saying sorry to her.

Pragya- i said na its ok .i guess you are a good person respected women .

Abhi- thank u but it was my mistake so i was saying u sorry.

Pragya-its ok i am having a important work i will leave.

and abhi and pragya leaves in opposite direction.

scene changes to alia and bulbul .

they were talking to each other when bulbul gets pragya’s call.

Pragya- bulbul lets go i got aarav’s call he was telling that he is having some important work so we have to leave now come to exit gate.

Pragya smirks and calls aarav and says

Pragya-aarav you dont park the car come we will leave now and cuts the call.

aarav thinks she is mad she only brought him here and says to go and laughs and goes to bring the car near exit.

scene changes to alia and bulbul.

Bulbul- alia my di called me and said she is having some work so i have to go.

Alia- no problemwe will be in touch ad meet tomorrow at house coffee shop.

Bulbul-sure why not.

and they both exchanged there number and bulbul leaves.

PRECAP-meeting of bulbul and purab and 2nd meeting of abhi and pragya ..

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