So lets start……

We can see a beautiful garden in which one girl is playing with kids . She is none other than pragya. Suddenly she sees the time which shows 9:00am . She gets tensed and calls someone. Now we will a boy enjoying with old aunties and uncles and receives a call.

Boy- hello

Pragya-where are u idiot i m already late for my interview.

Now we will see boys face he is aarav.

Aarav – oh i m really sorry i m busy in work so u only go know please.

Pragya-you are always like this only always making me late and at last leave me alone. Go i will not talk to u .

And cuts the phone.

Next scene we will see a big mansion and boy with suit going to wards hall.

He was none other than purab.

And was calling other boy and telling…

Purab-bhai come fast we are getting late

Boy turns and he is our hero abhi

Abhi-purab i m sorry but u have to go alone today i m having a meeting with a girl so u have to go alone to the office.

Purab- no problem bhai i will go.

We can see a lady coming towards them and giving them luch box she is shanti maa.

Purab and abhi take yr lunch box.

Purab took the box but not abhi and didnt saw her and went

Shanti maa was upset as again he did the same but purab took his box also and said..

Purab-dont worry maa i will give him.

And he runs towards the main gate

And gives the box to abhi and runs from there .
Abhi smiles seeing him and saw the bix and became angry but took the lunch box and sat in his car.

PRECAP-we can see pragya standing and asking for lift and at the same time onecar comes and stops in front of her.

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