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Hello ishqies how are you all well if you are not fine so my prayers are with you. I’ writing this os on rumya because I’m a big fan of ishqbaaz specially rumya.i’m not expecting much just some comments nothing else if I’m being mean so sorry.As this is my first ff so sorry for the mistakes hope you will forgive so I’m done with my bakwas so let’s start

All oberoies are here shivika have accepted their marriage and are happy with eachother.Om and ishana are engaged.
Scene on airport:
A girl with a pink skirt and white shirt with long hairs is standing and talking to someone when suddenly a boy hits her and she fall on the ground along with her luggage.and the boy ignoring her start walking when the girl stands up and says

Girl:excuse me do you have some manners or not.but the boy kept on walking the girl became very angry and stopping the boy with her hand
Girl:helloooooo I’m talking to you then she realized that the boy was having headphones in his ears
Girl:so wasn’t listening to me
Boy:no why what happened
Girl:you idiot pehly tum ny mujhy nichy giraya phir dekhy bager hi chal pary our tumhy pta nahi hai ky kya howa(idiot first you hitted me and I falled on the floor then you went from there and now you are asking what has happened)
Boy:theek hai sunnao mat sorry
Girl:sorry bol rahy ho ehsan nahi karrahy ho(you are just saying sorry not doing a favour on me)
Boy:atleast galti kar ky sorry toh karraha hon(at least after doing mistake I’m asking for sorry)
Girl:theek hai mein galti karny sy pehly hi sorry bol rahi hon(I am saying sorry before doing mistake)and the girl take out water bottle from her bag and throw it on the boy’s shirt
Boy:what you did you spoiled my new shirt
Girl:you aswell spoiled my new dress.
Boy:but I did it by mistake and I said sorry for that
Girl:so even I said sorry before doing it
And the boy and girl kept on fighting when their cars aarive and they sits in their cars and leave from the airport

In oberoie mansion everyone was waiting for rudra.when rudra arrives dadi does arti and rudra came inside while anika was still standing there on the door and looking outside rudra noticed this and said
Rud:bhabi I am already in for whom you are waiting
Ani:I am waiting for chutki
Rud:who’s this chutki
Shivaye:anika younger sister
Rud:bhabi’s younger sister bhabi you never told me that you have a younger sister
Ani:you never asked
Rud:why are you so worried she will be coming na
Ani:rudra actually somu was in london she is coming to india for the first time
And then anikas phone rings and she attend the call
Ani:hello somu where are you
Som:di gari kharab ho gai hai
Ani:what ok you just wait there I am sending a car along with the driver
Som:ok dii
And anika ends the call
Shi:what happened
Ani:uss ki gair(car)kharab ho gai hai
Siv:ok no need to be worried I will send the car ok

In was dinner tme when soumya arrived home she met to everyone just rudra was left.rudra came out of the kitchen holding his protein shake he saw somya and spitted out the juice from his mouth as he coughed everyone including somya saw him both together
Som:tum yahan kya kar rahy ho
Rud:tum yahan kya karrahi ho.oh toh mera pecha karty karty mery ghar tak pohanch gai
Som:mujhy koi shok nahi hai tumhara pecha karny ka lag toh esy raha hai jesy tum mera pecha karrahy ho
Rud:tum mery ghar mein mujh sy esy baat nahi karsakti
Som:our tum meri di ky ghar mein mujh sy esy baat nahi kar sakty.ek minute tumhara ghar
Rud:tumhari dii ka ghar
And when they see around thevwhole family standing with a what’s happening wala look
Rudra and soumya at the same time
Somu:dii don’t tell me it’s true
Rud:bhabi don’t tell me it’s true
Ani:it’s true
Rud:toh tum ho chutki
Som:toh tum ho rudy
Anika in between gyes whats happening how do you know eachother and why you both are fighting like kids
Rumya tell the whole incident to the whole family.
It was night after dinner
Dadi:soumya puttar meny tera saaman rudra ky room mein rakhwa diya hai
Rud:kyoun dadi ghar mein itny saary guest rooms hain ghar mein toh phir mera room kyoun
Som:han dadi mein kahin our reh lon gi mein iss ky room mein nhai reh sakti
Dadi:chup karo tum dono.somuya puttar ab yeh tera ghar hai our guest room buhat oper hain.mein tumhy wahan rehny nahi dy sakti.our tu rudra tu mery kamry mein aa ja
Rudra:but dadi
Dadi:chup kar tu
And rudra makes a puppy face
In night 1:00 clock
When rudra knocs the door of soumya room soumya open the door
Som:what itni raat ko darwaza kon knock karta hai
Rud:mujhy neend nahi aa rahi
Rud:mujhy mery room mein sona hai
Som:toh jao our soo jao
Rud:mujhy iss room mein sona hai
Som:tumhy yaad haina dadi ny kya kaha tha chup kar ku un ky room mein ja kar soo jao
Rud:mujhy apny room mein hi sona hai tum un ky room mein ja kar soo jao
Som:no way
Rud:toh theek hai mein bed par so jaon ga our tum couch par soo jana phir na mujhy problem ho our na tumhy
Som:nahi agar tumhy sona hai tohtum couch par so gay
After alot of discussions rudra sleep on the couch and soumya on the bed
Some days passed rumya kept fighting at every night till1:00 colck or 12:00 clock rudra use to come in soum’s room and sleep there
Everyone was present on the dining table anika was coming when suddenly she faints everyone rushes to her and goes to hospital anika was shifted in hospital while sumya was not in her senses she was like she has lost her most beautiful thing when rudra noticed her panickness and went to her rudra shaking soumya
soumya saw rudra and hugged him as tightly as she can
Som:rudra dii ko kouch ho ga toh nahi
Rud:kuch nahi ho ga bhabi ko
When doctor comes out and says congrats she is pregnant
Everyone was really happy including rumya and they once again hugged eachother and the whole family noticed this
All together:ahem ahem
No reaction from rumya
Altogether:rudra soumya
And rumya came in their senses
They both were shocked, happy,shy
Some days passed and malika and siddarth came to see anika as they came in the night so dadi requested them to stay in oberoie mansion
Rudra was with boys in Shivaye’s room and girls in somu’s room
Rudra was looking at the clock desperately when om noticed this and said
Om:rudra tu kahan khan khoya howa hai
Rud:kahin nahi o mein……mujhy pyaas(thirst)lag rahi hai mein paani lay kar aata hon and he goes from there without listening to anybody and somu does the same
They both meet in the kitchen
Rud:somu tum kitchen mein
Som:han woh mein paani leny aya thi our tum
Rud:mein bhi paani leny aya tha
While soumya was about to walk when she slips and rudra hold her the both were sharing an eyelock when there was a voice from back ahem ahem as they moved back they saw ishkara shivika sidika standing there
Rumya at the same time
Hum toh bas pani leny aye thy
Malika:toh hum ny kab kaha ky tum dono yahan ek dosry sy milny aye thy
And all laugh
Next night
Shivika and ishkara and somya were sitting in somya’s while rudra was outside and soumya was waiting for him to come
Ish:somu kya howa kisei ka wait kar rahi hai
Som:kisey ka nahi di
When rudra enters the room and without seeing he says
Rud:yaar ajj mein buhat thak gya hon mein bed par soo raha hon
And when he saw ho found all standing there with shock and soumya was like what you did idiot
Ani:tum dono
Shi:ek room mein
Ish:ho ek saath
Rumya no
Rud:mein samjha ky yeh dadi ka room hai iss liye
After some days
It was night somu was waiting for rudra when rudra comes in and hugs somu tightly
Som:what happened rudra
Rudra breaking the hug was about to say something when somya slips and rudra while holding her touches her lips due to this sudden reaction shivers pass in both their bodies and rudra unknowingly kisses her and she reciprocate after they were out of oxgen the ended the kiss and then realized what they did.soumya went from there and rudra stood there thinking what has happened
Next morning
Everyone was sitting on the dining table when dadi asked
Dadi:where is somu
Ani:I don’t know I didn’t saw her from morning
When soumya comes with a bag in her hand and a suitcase
Ani:where are you going somu
Som:dii I am going back to london
Ani:why what happened suddenly
Somu look at rudra and says nothing dii I just came here to meet you and your new family now I have to go back all look at rudra who was just standing there with tears
Somu left crying she sat in the car and starting crying and said why you didn’t said it I hate you
While rudra went to his room closed the door and sat on the floor thinking what has happened he remembered all his moments with soumya and he said to himself why I am crying for her she was just a guest who has to go am I in lo…love with her and he stood up and went in the hall while when he came down everyone asked where are you going now he said I am going to take somu everyone was happy
In airport somu was waiting in departure lawn when there an announcement for her that someone is waiting for her
She went to see who was it and found rudra there standing with tears.rudra sat on his knees and said why you left me don’t you know that I can’t leave without you
Som:I don’t have any solid reason to stay here
Rud:why your dii is here
Som:but for whole life I can’t stay in my dii house
Rud:I love you
Soumya:I love you too
And they leaved happily ever after

I’m really sorry for making you bore plz firgive I know no one would like to comment but plz try to comment plz as I am really sag today so if you all will comment si I’ll feel better

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