love you zindagi.~ baby ~ twinj fs 6 & intro of { TUM JO MILE TOH JEENA AAGYAA }

Hiiiiiii loves…….. 🙂

Here with the 6th episode of love you zindagi……♥

Specially dedicated to my jaans…. 🙂

Lets go…….

In the evening…….

It was mehandi and sangeet….mahi was sitting and mehandi was being applied on her hands….

Yuvi was admiring her sitting on other side with mehandi applied on his hands and now on legs making faces cause of its fragrance…….yup fragrance cause I love it 😉 but he was like yuckkk its smell……and here mahi was laughing seeing him make faces……

Twinkle was standing with samay and was laughing seeing kunj sitting beside his brother and having mehandi in his hands also hahahahaa…ohk ohk the reason of him having mehandi was yuvi bro……..yah dude yuvi said if kunj will put mehandi then only he will…….and mehandi was really auspicious to be put……

Here samay was touching twinkle with bad intention and had kept his hand on her shoulder. Kunj saw that and was hell angry now……he had a fist made by one hand and rage could be slightly seen……….

It was enough for kunj now he took his hand away from the mehandi artist and walked toward twinkle….he held her tight from her arm and took her from there to a room at corner……….samay was going to speak something but kunj stopped him by showing his hand……

When they reached kunj was still holding twinkle’s arm it was hurting her he stood there and closed the knob of the door……he turned and twinkle jerked away her hand from kunj……..

Twinkle: Kunjjj….she shouted a bit loud but couldn’t be heard cause of the songs……kunj saw her arm and saw a bit of red mark he had tears in his eyes…….

Kunj: I…I ..m so..sorry…twinkle…..i didn’t meant to hurt you…..but you know how much it hurts me when you talk with that blo*dy samay don’t you get his intentions….didnt you feel the way of him touching you all the time in a wiered manner…don’t you see damn lust in his eyes……don’t you see how he looks at you…….dont you being a girl feel the way he is touching you is wrong…….dont you feel to slap him hard……don’t you….

before kunj could speak further twinkle kept her hand on his mouth and nodded her head in a no and told him to calm down ….as he was speaking continuously from long without stopping and with exasperation all around his features…….twinj were intensely looking at eachother with misery all over their faces…..they shared an eyelock which was cut short by twinkle…..

twinkle : kunj are you sick. I mean seriously how could you think llike that about sam….and what was this why did you held my hand soo tightly do you know how much it hurts…by now kunj’s tears have started their way to reach their destination….but it’s okay kunj I am not that hurt please you don’t cry yaar….sadu sarna look and she pinched the hurted part and gasped in the air…kunj looked at her with more pain and hugged her tightly….what has happened to him suddenly…? Phele toh aisiiee kabhi behave nahi kiya I thought…..he was hugging me I wasn’t able to see tears in his eyes sooo cleaned them with my hand and told him not to cry and he should not worry and sam won’t do anything he is bhai’s friend….but least did she know….what’s coming up next…

and here twinkle’s and her babaji’s conversation started….♥

I donno why babaji but I can’t see my kunj crying wait what did I say…..

Babaji : MY…MY twinkle puttar….

Twinkle: but babaji from when did kunj became MINE…..

Babaji: twinkle puttar voh toh tera bachpan se hai jhalli kudi tu samjhi ab jaake…

Twinkle: babaji what are you trying to say please clearly bata do naa….

Babaji: aree merii bachaa you LOVE YOUR SADU SARNA….

Twinkle: babaji yeh kaisieee ho skta hai it isn’t possible but I can’t see him in pain and I cant see if any girl is around him and I hate when he flirts with other girls I feel like pinching their NOSES….huhh…..…..babaji you know what you are the best YES! YES! SADU SARNA I HAVE FALLEN FOR YOU 🙂 I LOVE YOU KUNJ I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH…….. 🙂 twinkle smiled brightly thinking this ……….

kunj: twinkle am sorry I won’t hurt you again…pakka promise….please forgive me…

twinkle: kunj…wait wait watt watt did you say sadu sarna I didn’t heard ek baar firse repeat karna please I said to lighten up the environment…..the great SADU KUNJ SARNA said SORRY to me wowowaaaa…….

Kunj: oyeee siyappa queen jyada udoo mat okay its just that voh ..vvoh…naa haan voohhh merko naa tumhare upar taras aagya sooo I decided to say sorry to you…haan this was the only reason he said and smiled brightly showing his 32…….

Twinkle smiled looking at him and said : achaaa beta yeh bata hai now see what will I do with you sadu sarna by saying this twinkle started to tickle kunj and in the process they both fell on bed and were tickling eachother like anything….kunj was having mehandi in one hand which had dried by now…..

Finally they stopped out of breath and looked at eachother and smiled….kunj kuch bhi kaho when we both together decorated the house for today’s function it’s looking soo good naa noo fights and nothing we did…..chalo that’s good………

Twinj: soooo…they smiled….
Twinj again: friends
Twinj: yes…… 🙂 twinkle by now was blushing and kunj was surprised to see her actions….after that they both left from there…….

The mehandi function got over and sangeet too got over everybody danced alott and enjoyed the function to their best…… 🙂

And soon all went to sleep cause of tiredness…….

Twinj are seen sleeping with contended faces cause of there newly found feelings for eachother…….

Precap : maybe maybe not….

Guys I am going to leave TU…I willread and maybe comment but am not sure my comments would be short a word or something like that from now on… has become necessary for me….it’s my 12th board exams and maybe they are starting from February this year…sooo am sorry please guys am always with you and always supporting your writings I love them alottt……….but I don’t think I will now waste my time actually commenting on posts takes my half hour and reading 1 hour around…..seriously its now high time for me I suppose……….i love you all I would be there I would try to read them all….but I would be back in march or april only now…….. 🙂 love you all soooo much………..

And yah if someone wants to continue one of my writings they can actually I had posted one intro which was pending I will try provide you with the links……..

Love you all……….. 🙂

Thanks for always being there for me……

take it here is the intro…..


Twinkle Taneja : a cute beautiful bubbly girl …very pretty sings beautifully. …when was a child of 7 years hot lost in paris went on a trip with her parents now lives with ishika purvi and shreya her three friends…….and now is 18 and doesn’t remember her past….and is a famous singer….

Kunj sarna : a handsome hunk hot gorgeous guy….loves travelling…very rich….caring and understanding. ….wants a perfect life partner who is caring loving and will love him like he will…..his dad wants him to marry and is searching a girl for him…and also he is helping his dad in his business…..he is 20 years and his sister mahi is 17….he loves her very much….

Manohar and usha : parents of mahi and kunj…..loves both of them very much…..are very rich…..

Rt and leela : parents of late twinkle ( they think soo they dont know she is alive )sidhant and uvraj and sad cause of loosing her…..but doesn’t show…..they are also very rich…..

Uvraj taneja : 18 and does not remember twinkle but loves his brother and parents very much….

Sidhant taneja : 20 years old and misses his sister very much cries for her but doesn’t show it to anyone…..helps his dad in business…..

Jasmin gupta : 19 years girl…..sweet and beautiful……her mother is searching a groom for her….but she wants someone who loves her like she will do him….

Anita gupta : villan of the story wants just money and properties. …and thats why wants her daughter to marry a rich person…

love you all ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡

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  1. JuneSpy

    Hai icyyyyy….?
    I am literally having tears while typing?
    Abt d epi, I always HV a smile while reading ur writing bt 2day pata nahi y starting mein I was reading it seriously par jab babaji ke pehele dialogue padah to I started laughing ??. Mujhe hamari Kal ki convo yaad aagai.? Even u r d best yaar. U never fail to make me laugh or smile. Tussi grt ho issi baat pe tokho thali???
    ??Tussi jaa rahe ho ?? I will miss u re. Hum kabhi mile nahi Hai phir bhi tum Meri apni ban chuki ho ??. I lv u baby?.
    I will really miss u re. Actually tumhe meri lambhi comment padne se chutkara mil jayega. But ek baat batadu main tumhe kahi aur parishan karne aoongi?? khi khi khi
    On a serious note I respect ur decision as well. I am proud of u tum studies ko seriously Lena chahathi ho??? Par zyadha padke pagal mat ho jana?
    Main aaj jee bhar ke comment karna chahati thi isiliye sab se zyada labba type Kiya Shollyyy??
    Junu will miss her iccy???
    Love u ……….???

    1. Baby

      uffff nautanki hai yrr tu bhott badii wali bhavu itnaaa pyaara cmnt mene phele bhi kaha tha I love ur badeee wale cmnts….♥
      maharani merii I love u 2…..♥
      n den hahahaaa tu roya mat kar samjhii…….♥
      hahahahaahaa thoko taali hahahhaaa 🙂
      hawww chutkara noo ways I don’t want it…….
      n yah u b proud n m nt leaving I ll give rare updates kabhiii kabhii mere dil mei khyaal aataa haii…..♥
      love u…..♥
      I ll jst take a leave now am really sad

      1. JuneSpy

        Sad kaiko baby
        Just chill nah baba?

  2. Amazing
    Mind blowing ♥♥♥loved it to the core

    The new prologue was also amazing would have asked u to not go but I know study is important

    ??Will miss u a lot

    But. Still requesting u a last time do n’t Leave tu give rare updates

    U know u r the first ever friend I made. On Tu and. U r also leaving?????????????

    Lots of love
    will miss you a lot

    1. Baby

      hey vags who said m leaving u we will talk……. 🙂
      I ll visit TU mostly every 4 days a week…… or maybe everyday…. 🙂
      I ll try to give rare updates….♥
      well I don’t write dat gr8 kk….. 🙂
      lovds of love……♥♥

  3. SidMin23

    Baby hope u will do well in your exam time and our blessing are always with you. Just and don’t worry about episode just contracted in your study and take your time and all the best for your exam.
    Ff was amazing as always. Stay bless

    1. Baby

      thanks soooo mch surely I will…….give my best in my exams…..♥
      lods of love…….♥
      thanks ♥

  4. Supriya18d

    I will Miss u…but beech beech me tym mile to yaad se aana…..
    Aaj ka epi to mind blowing Tha…..
    aur next story ka Intro bhi bahut achha Tha….

    mnn LGA kr Padhai krna…. 12th h Na….Meri bhi sis ka 12th h isliye bol rahi hu…..ache see padhai krnaa…. koi bhi stress naa Lena…..
    stay blessed and happy……
    luv u so much Baby…..
    miss u 2
    ? ❤❤ ?? ? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??

    1. Baby

      surely I ll come n visit wenever i will get free time…..
      thanks glad u liked it…..♥
      surely dii i ll study hard….. 🙂
      love u too diii……♥
      i ll miss u all……♥
      bt i ll keep talking to u…….♥

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar baby shoooooo Cuteee loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar ?????????????…
    Howwwwww cute kunj and the talks between Twinkle and babaji tho amazinggggg ….
    Hahahaha finally twinkle realises her lover foe her sadu sarna ?????…
    Well I completely agree with your decision ..coz no risk in 12 …
    Studies are more important than any other thing I completely agree u should not quite Tu …but sometimes whenever u feel low aur exhausted by studies u can give out episodes …?????…it’s just my suggestion …
    Concentrate on your studies fully and have a blast in exms …and about the intro wow yaar wo to amazing and awesome one ..when u will be back with blast u only continue with that ????????..
    Will misssssassssa u till death …
    Best of luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ???????????….
    Love you shoooooo much ??????

    1. Baby

      hey samieee thanks alottt………♥
      oyeeee merko miss krne ka mauka nahi dungi tere article pr cmnt krna kaisieee chod skti hun 🙂
      i wont ever leave to cmnt on ur article kabhi nahi chod skti voh ek burii aadat hai…….♥
      i will fully concentrate on my studies thanks for ur lovely wishes
      love u sooooooooo mch sista m srsly crying alottt as m gonna stop writing n cmnting
      i ll miss all bt i ll surely return once my exams wuld b over yrrr mei read krna chod toh dungi bt mei fir yeh soch rhi hun ki mei sab kuch itne sare articles kasiieee padungii march mei………hehe……..
      love u more……..♥

  6. Yrr aache se padh mere bhi hai…..exam…..yrr bahut galt kiya boards valo ne….but loved your epi

    1. Baby

      all d best to u too…….♥
      thanks glad u luvd it……
      where r u frm??? m frm delhi

  7. Nishuu

    Baby awesome episode
    But I gonna miss u my dear …Koi bat nai studies are more important so concentrate on ur studies
    Love u my dear????????

    1. Baby

      why will u miss me dii we ll talk on watsapp naa…. ?
      love u more dii…….♥
      glad ki aapko episode achaa laga 🙂

  8. Anshikajainn

    Babbbbbyyyyy why are u going u know naa that I am also in 12 and tu toh waese bhi topper h bhaii tujhe kyu chodna h tu btw EPI is just awesome ❤

    1. Baby

      yrr anshika u knw m nt a topper babes…….♥
      n den yrrr love u sis i ll talk to u on phone…..♥
      thanks love ya

  9. Sidmin ki sadia

    Nice episode. Emotional. Also funny
    I Will miss. You so much. And all the best for your exam di

    1. Baby

      thanks alotttt dear ♥
      i ll miss u too…..♥
      u became a quiet cute frnd ur cmnts r lovely……♥

  10. Daniya_khan_34

    Hi baby it was really nice plzzzzzzzzz post asap den after 4 months only i will be able to read ur ffs sooo plzzzzz can we be friends ok love ❤️ u loads ???????❤️❤️

    1. Baby

      hey thanks alott dear……..♥
      yeah sure bt may i knw why 4 months…..?
      n we r already frnds 🙂
      lods of love…….♥

  11. Presha

    Hey Baby…
    Hw r u…
    Kr liya na jo tujhe karna tha…
    Maine samjhaya tha phir bhi…
    But its ok…
    I can understand.. Its as bt board that to of 12th….
    Its ok

    All the best…

    Epi was amazingg….
    Funny nd lovely…
    Post soon….
    If possible…
    Love u… ??????

    1. Baby

      hayeee preshu pakka promise i ll give rare updates beech mei mann kara toh par thanks for supporting me love u……. ♥

      1. Presha

        I m always there for u…
        Ur wlcm nd love u too??

  12. Romaisha

    Oh come on yaaaarrr????
    I’ve finally get to read your articles and you’re planning on leaving??
    Mannnn this is not done yaarrrrr
    Diiii whyy man?
    I understand bcz of exams but please dont stop writing! Atleast post every now and then i dont mind the time i have to wait.
    I no I’ve been missing for like forever but i miss u too
    N ur writings
    Di dont stop writing and dont go disappearing like me
    Worst decision I’ve ever made.
    Your articles were and still are theeeeee besttttttt????
    I’m glad u posted an intro
    Now i can read and say that I’m finally going to cont one of di’s article?
    And the episode was fabulousssss????
    Its good she realised her love for him
    Damnn i started reading at a wonderful epi????
    Btw im posting mine today so do read
    Byeee loads of love yaar di???

    1. Baby

      romiiii ♥
      yrrr u r making me emotional darling why I mean common yaar……
      plssss dono do this
      I love u sista I wuld b glad if u continue it by my side I wuld surely p ost a small article and dedicating it to u n telling that u wuld n continuing dat stry…..♥
      thanks m soooo happy u luvd dis chappy….. 🙂

      1. Romaisha

        Nooo yaar i dont want to continue your story??
        I want u to keep writing. I really dont mind waiting for u…??

    2. Baby

      I don’t think I will ever continue d stry 🙂
      its f9 no worries forget that idea…..♥
      love u……♥♥♥♥

  13. Cheena2001Cp

    I am not commenting through my ID….Baby jii first of all it was Amazing????….and secondly ????? I am feeling sad ….because the friend I made here will go now?….I mean it really…..I support your decision as 12th class is the ultimate step to success…..So Take Care and Love you a lot???….Don’t forget me ….??

    1. Baby

      oyeeeee frnd will go ki bachiii tu mujhe msg nhi karegi kya pm nahi kregi kya or Diwali par mujhse milne ki koshish bhi nahi kregi kya………..♥
      mene sochaaa we will meet 🙂 🙁
      don’t forget dekho toh aisieee kaisieee khe rhi hai yrr i ll chat wid u on pm naaa……♥
      nahi toh watsapp pr krenge chat
      love u more……♥
      yrrr m crying sooo mch i ll miss did all…….♥

      1. Cheena2001Cp

        Jaroor!!! ??? Cuz you are my baby jii….

    1. Baby

      thanks alott Purnima…….♥

  14. Simiyy

    Loved it baby
    Post soon
    Loads of love

    1. Baby

      thanks alott simmy dii…..♥
      lods of love to u too….♥

  15. baby srieeee for commenting late

    well the epi was marvellous
    mind blowing
    so funny

    u nailed it dear

    and nextly I know exams are important
    but u are leaving TU

    I will lost my that friend who commented on my every post

    I will lost my that friend who became my best friend after registration

    I will miss ur ffs very much

    are aisa na kiya kar

    seriously feeling like crying

    koi nahi par kabhi baat kario

    aur tum kaha rehti hon ??

    anyway I’m gonna miss u till death

    akhir ho kya gaya hain sabko

    all are leaving TU

    iske baad I’ll also left TU

    angry wid all …


    but BEST OF LUCK for exams

    and have a blast

    love u to the infinity…..♡♡♡

    gonna miss u till death…..

    ok baby , take care. ……


    1. Baby

      awwwwwwww Ayesha dear who said we wont be staying as frnds we are frnds n we will talk on pm knw…….odr wise if u r on hangouts??? 🙂

      n also darling u r also an amazing frnd to me…… me dear love u so mch I ll keep postoing things in between bt dey wont b ffs dey wuld b some os 🙂

      n yah I live in delhi Noida n you???

      lods of love dear………♥
      really glad u like d episode……♥
      I ll miss u too ♥ if I ever forget u 🙂
      thanks for d wishes for my exams I too vry mch need them……♥

  16. Ramya

    Baby this is the sad news
    But studies are more important na
    But yaar do post when you are free
    Like when you feel or exhausted or if you have free time
    All the best for exams
    And about episode it was amazing
    N that ff intro is also so superb
    Just amazing
    So sorry for late dear
    But gonna miss you
    Give your best in exams
    Love you alot
    Keep smiling

    1. Baby

      heya ramieee dear I will 2 miss u bt I ll b chattiong n talking to u on watsapp……♥
      love u soooooo mch ♥

    2. Baby

      thanks alott babes glad ki u liked it…….♥
      I ll miss u all too…
      I ll try to take time out……♥

  17. Diiiiiii ????????????
    What you said?
    You will be quitting tu till March
    I am addicted to your comment?
    Love your writing and you
    Please jaldI se ache se exam dekar vapas aa jana ???
    Pata hai me aapko kitna miss karungi
    Itna ki aap soch bhi nahi sakte ho
    Please come back soon
    Me aapko apne ff me bahot bahot bahot miss karungi
    As u will be not able to comment
    I will miss you a lot not only me all tu writers will be missing you till deathe. When u will come na then we will be the happiest person as you were the best writer from your heart
    But can you post only one episode in a month (I am just giving you suggestion while choice is yours)
    About the episode it was
    Marvellous ❤❤❤❤
    Speechless ❤❤❤❤
    Love u very very very very very very much
    Come back with a bang

    1. Pata nhi ki jub aap aaoge to me tu me rahungi ki nhi
      So,don’t forget me

      1. Baby

        hahhaaa….awwwiiee zoya u knw watt u r a beautiful prsn….♥
        I love u sis….n I hope u will atleast keep opening TU soo u can see my msgs on ur PM…we can talk dere 🙂
        love u ♥
        n merko diabeties pasand nahi shhh…don’t tell any1 hehee…….

    2. Baby

      yrrrr plsss zoya don’t say like did u will surely b here naa plsss mat jana yrrr…..♥
      m literally mei crying yrrr tum sab mereko bhottt emotional kar rhe ho…….♥
      ek voh meri bevakoof sii dost hai peeche pad gyi hai ki post hi nahi karegi jab tak mei nahi karungi…….♥
      yrrrrr plssss don’t leave us ♥
      its been I guess 2 years with u all……♥
      I will miss u all sooooo mch ♥
      m jst soooo emotional n dese tears yeh toh rukne ka naam hi nahi le rhe…….♥
      love u alottt dear….♥
      n don’t wry I ll surely try to read all d ff n cmnt a word only love u…♥♥♥

      1. Don’t cry di
        Stop your tears
        Be strong and fully concentrate on your studies
        If you want me to be happy then give a super result
        Concentrate & be happy
        And I know you will be coming with a bang
        So be happy
        You are not gonna suicide that you are crying (smile)
        Love u
        Don’t be over emotional then you will not get sugar diabetes
        You will get salt dibetes (laugh whole heartedly)
        Keep smiling ☺☺
        Love u ??

  18. Purvi128

    Baby???? What was that?? Tu ne mujhe bataya bhi nhiii???? ???? I m feeling so low yrr… I m crying..!
    Why are you doing this..!
    Well, studies are imp but don’t forget us..!
    All the best meri jaan ??
    I’ll pray for your success..
    I’ll miss you but you know what, I m missing you from now only..! ????
    Love you yrr…!!
    Will be waiting for you…!
    This epi was really mind blowing.. twinkle’s realisation.. superb..! Loved it…!
    Itna acha epi dy diya.. or uske baad rula diya…!
    I MISS YOU YRRRR… ?????????
    LOVE YOU LOADS..??❤❤???

    1. Baby

      hey jaan who said m going permanently n mei tere sath continue karungi I wont give break to dat 1 writing or sab kuch I hv to leave 🙂
      tereko chake bhi nahi chod sktiiii……. ♥
      love u soooooooo mch yrrr……♥
      I will talk to u n we will see about it..ek hafte mein ek baar we can give 1 update naaa….♥
      love u alottt…..♥
      thanks yrr terko achaa laga bas use jyada or kya khushi ho skti hai mujhe……♥
      yrrr mereko bhi rona aa rha hai bt kya kar skti hun mei…..♥

  19. episode amazing dear fantastic ?????
    yrr studies imp. h isliye koi nahi tum apni 12th board exam par dhiyaan do….

    par meri cute so chotu sis. jab free ho jab jaroor post karna OK??????
    I am waiting dear
    post soon
    luv u?????????
    aur haan best of luck for exam

    1. Baby

      mahi diii……♥
      thanku soooo mch 🙂
      love u alottt………………..♥
      m literally crying aapka cmnt padke m being sooo emotional like wowwaa we hv realtion since years…..♥
      love u ♥
      surely I ll post wen m free……♥

  20. Hey baby …. Yr epi was superb… Mindblowing…. Luvd it…. Awsm….

    But yr the news of ur leaving TU shocked me to the hell…. I cried alot yr i know no one will belive me but yr really i cried bcz u r grt writer …. And when i get to know that u r leaving i was like how can u do this …. But then when i read the reason then i was lit bit setisfied …. But plzzzzz come back soon….

    Do best in ur exams …. Study hard…. Give ur best in the exams ….

    Luv u soooooooo mucccccchhhhhh??????? …….
    Take care….. Do bestest in exam …. Come back sooooooooonnnnnnn

    1. Baby

      I trust u dat u cried coz m crying my self hell dat too alottt……..♥
      mera ro roke aankhee bhii har roz puffy ho rkhi hoti hain subah……♥
      jabse I hv posted did m crying only……♥
      love u sooooooooo mch ♥
      thanks yrr glad ki u luvd d episode……♥
      I ll miss u too…..♥
      I wish I culd keep talking to u all wid my studies bt I can only talk to registered members n my dear frnds whose phone nos. I have…….♥
      love u a lotttt….♥
      thanks for d best wishes……..♥

  21. Twinj

    Hey baby
    Yaar phele toh sorry may tere writings pe cmt nahi kar payi… was just awesome…no doubt u r an awesome writer…leaving TU…studies are veey imp…i support u in this but plzzz tu board xms katam hone ke baad fir se wapas aayegi…plzzz humhe bhool maat jana…best of luck…give ur best…love u???…sry for short cmt…..

    1. Baby

      yrrr surely I will come back 🙂
      n plsss u too come back…♥
      love u ♥

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