Love you ….Swasan pt-1


I am all alone.. Literally, no one cares for me. No no iam not an orphan, I have a sister, friends, and my sasural and and ….. a husband.
Its the third day ofmy marriage with him. And iam here in my home with my daadi for some ritual. My mil ensured me that he will pick me from here. And iam waiting for the last 45 minutes.
If my parents were there,….. why krishnaji.. why…. you do this to me.
Her phone rings……
Hello hey sweetu, how are you…. how is jeejs…ya he is coming.. I will whatsapp you once i reach there. Bye tc..
My twin sis, no actually my best friend,she is in usa, I missed her in my biggest day. I missed every best friend,my bhai cum jeejs,my sis…. every one… every thing happened in such a way that …. they cant come…
Actually for.him sansakar my husband this marriage is a license, now he can roam around with his girl friend blo*dy chipko kavya….

Shona shona look he is here….
Coming daadi….. What really.

When.I reached the hall,I was happy.. atleast he came.. but it was for.short period… there she is chipo kavya….

End of swaras pov..

She came down in her blue anarkali suit.. I have to for maas sake.. she was…And for that kavya accompanied me.

After saying bye to.daadi, when we reached I opened cars door for.her.. but she opened back.door herself and said Its ok mr maheswari… you can enjoy with your gf.. iam.not disturbing you.. plsconrinue from were you stopped.

What the…. I cursed myself for coming here.. Continue what I was doing? What I am supposed ro do. No its all my fault.
What was the need for telling all that things? Huh….
Meine tho sirf use kaha tha ki I can’t accept her as my wife, cos I love someone else.
Lagtha hai she took it by heart. He chuckled. I dont know that she is this much innocent. Well accha hua,after all I don’t want to find any other silly reasons for avoiding her.

Actually meine isliye use jhoot bola tha,no not fully, a part of that lie was correct.
I don’t want to marry her. Its not her fault. I can’t deny my pappas request. Pappa ki so called promise to his childhood friend.

His friend and wife was no more. And what about my promise? Who will fulfill that?dad huh funny though.

Days were passed by. Naah meine use attention diya. We were only room mates in bed room and out of it lovely couples.

I dont know anything about her. Only knows that her name is swara…yeh bhi koi naam hai kya…..

IAnd I don’t wish to know about some one else. She loved some one, and I get to know about that in our wedding night.
I opened her mobile and see the message that just say I love you to him.. who is HIM. May be that lucky who is speaking all the night.

I don’t care. Like me its a compromise. blo*dy promises this.parents have ro make.

Threr months passed by.. we were living lyk friends. No not more than that. I have a promise to keep up. From the last week she is so happy. Lucky is coming back.
I cant ak their relations. What she.will think lyk iam jealous. No this is not happening. Huh…..urgggg….

Ha laado iam coming.
Dont call me that. Call me rAgs….
Ok laado I chuckled…
Bhai iam grown up. Iam not any kd.
Agar thumari baccha bhi yho bhi thum laado ho.
She just came back after her graduation. I missed her.
Vaise vo chipku ka kya problem hai.. I mean kavitha ko ajkal athi jathi nahi hai…
Vo kya hain na thumarebhabi ne usse room mein.ane se mana kiya…
Vow vause bhi shona is so chweet…

Shona who is that…
Shona shona vo vo…. muje kya patha… nahi thumne abhi abhi kaha… kab meine swra kaha apne shona suna hoga…
Ya right
Ab aap chaliye bhaiiii…. vo dumbo… I mean lucky Aya haiii

She left the room followed by me..
Thank god bachch gaya…..

I heard it… kya baat hai…. iam missing some thing. Kuch tho chal raha hai…. iam sure.

Credit to: mishti sankar

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  1. Interesting nice misti….
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  4. Please try to make the conversation on English.

    Please do continue

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  8. awesome…but plz try to make it hindi…………

  9. thamiazh magan

    i think should be an interesting story, but cant understand much due to language problem

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