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Helloooo beautiful people…today iam so happy that princess reached 1M milestone in Instagram….as I’m speechless that I don’t have any words to express my emotions…and yesterday RHLN no words she look like Queen ..

A small token of love to her(Teju) by this OS

“LoVe YoU”

It’s a raglak os and it’s dedicated to all raglak fans mostly tejuholics…

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It’s specially for u guys??????

It’s a story I have read somewhere…thought to share with you all on this happy day…


Laksh is software engineer few years back ,he is searching for good job. He is young and charm is on his face called smile..people like him very much ….He  can get a job with his good  physique and his wit and wisdom without an effort…..The problem is his only desire to have the best job with very good salary…so each job he gets has become ‘not interesting’…so he is getting and rejecting the jobs….the time is getting late for a job….His parents left him to do as he likes and this has become his great comfort..

 One day he is walking on beach. The evening is very lovely. He is not in love till then and a girl of twenty or twenty five came to him like a flash of light in the cloudy evening. He is wondering at her beauty while she is talking with him as if she is his girl friend.  

  “Hi, I am waiting for you. Why are you so late? What happened to you?” She asked him putting her hands on his shoulders. 

Her electrifying beauty is shock and he looked like he is about to faint. Somehow he controlled himself and asked her, “Who are you? I don’t know you. I am seeing you first time.” laksh said politely. 

  His polite and cool look made her wonder at him and he questioned him in a pretty love mood, “Hi, what happened to you? I am your Ragini. Do you say that you are not Laksh ?” 

  Ragini is a sweet girl. She is very beautiful. Laksh thought that having a girl like Ragini as a girl friend is really fantastic. He is unable to remember that he has seen her before. How she got his name? It is a wonder. Anyhow, Laksh is ready to have her as his girl friend. It’s not only Laksh, let it be anybody else in that situation, he cannot afford to lose her.  

Just then rags hugged lucky and kissed him. Her perfumed kiss is a great experience to have in the history of kiss and a kiss of a hot girl like Ragini has no comparison with other. laksh tried to talk with her in helpless condition that he is not the one she is expecting.

“Don’t waste time in talking something like nothing. Just make use of good time Laksh.” Ragini hugged him more tightly and her kiss was so hot that Laksh cannot forget that comfort of a young girl in hug any time. The great feel of happiness in a hot kiss and in a hottest hug never vanishes in memories.

After half an hour, Rags is out of the love syndrome or concurrence and she asked pardon from Laksh for her unexpected behavior. Rags said that she was not abnormal in deep love; there is solid reason for that.

“Thank you Mr. Laksh. The Goons are after me. I pretended as your girl friend for some time to mislead and avoid them that are following me. They are gone now, thinking that I am not the woman they are looking for. You may be in surprise thinking how I know your name. I saw your application for job in our company. I am working there as the financial advisor. I took your help to escape from them. Anyhow, I think that this lovely moment with you will be a sweet memory for me. I thank you for your help in this unexpected situation.” Ragini said.

 This is a shock for Laksh. He looked for any Goons around, but there is none as Ragini has said, they might have gone. He could not digest the incident as it looked as a sudden storm of love and all of a sudden it disappeared as a false rain. At last, Laksh became normal and he saw her with a feverish love. Ragini is like the angel of love and he is just like a beggar for love and remained as a dreamer.

“If you don’t mind, may I know the name of the company you are working?” Laksh asked her.

“Sure! No problem to tell the name and even to give my mobile number to you if you promise me not to follow me with love fever!” Ragini said this as if she is teasing him.

“My goddess! I will definitely not!” he said

“What goddess?”

“Sorry, a goddess is a female deity with supernatural powers in polytheistic religions. I mean her, just my God!”

“Nice” she smiled and gave her number and the company’s address to him.

“Now I say what my heart says Ragini, if you love me I definitely leave you not.” he said.

ragini smiled as if enjoyed this as a repartee.

“If you need my help for anything in life, you can call me. I will be a real help for you.” Ragini said.

After this meeting, laksh did not see Ragini. He had not called her. A month or more than that has passed away. But he did not forget her. He remembered her every night before he goes to bed.

he wanted to see her, but he strongly resisted his inner urge for no reason. He may be dreaming to be called a gentle man. But he is no more a gentleman. He is longing for her kiss. He is mad after that kiss and his wish is burning him day and night.

The name of the company is RG Technologies & Solutions. He wants to go to the company to see Ragini.

All of a sudden, he remembered that he has attended for a job in that company. He has applied for software developer. The woman who interviewed him asked about the salary he is expecting. He quoted a salary that is equivalent to highest one in USA.

“We have to appoint you as the manager in the company to give you that salary, not as the software developer.” She said with sarcastic smile.

He lost hope of job there and he forgot the name of the company also which is suggested by his friend. Now, he remembered that the lady who has interviewed him is none but Ragini.

Now it is another dilemma that how far it is good to go there to see the highest position official in that company. On the same day, he got the appointment letter from the same company. To his surprise, he is appointed with the same salary he has quoted, but as the assistant manager.

When he reached the office to join there, an old man took his joining report and asked him to take care of the reputed company well. He is the CEO of the company RG Technologies & Solutions. He worked for few months there, but he cannot see her.

One day, he dared to ask the manager of the company about her.

“I saw a woman who has interviewed me, I don’t know her name. Why she is not here?”

The manager is around thirty-thirty five. He is Ajit. He smiled and revealed the truth.

“Oh, you are talking about Miss Ragini. I thought you know her. She played a key role in getting you appointed. Her father and our CEO Rohit told us to put your application on hold. She made her father accepted for the salary you have asked and she has suggested that you be appointed as the assistant manager. So you are appointed as assistant manager instead of software developer.”

“Oh, I really don’t know all this. Why she is not coming to office?”

“If she is here, she cannot stop coming to the company. Now she is in USA. We have our branch there and she is looking after the business there. She may come back next week.” Ajit said.

All this made Laksh very surprising. His wish to see her is growing and he is waiting to see her.

After one week, Ragini’s number flashed in Lucky’s phone.

“Hi how are you?”

He recognized her voice.

“Thank you for the job.” He said.

“Just that… No more?” Ragini’s voice is teasing.

He is really getting burnt in her thoughts.

“I want to see you at once.”

He said like a boy who is putting his demand for a chocolate.

“Why late? Come to the same spot in beech. You know where we met last time!”

He reached there in no time. she is before him. She is very fresh like a flower with spring charm.
“Don’t you thank me for the job with your dream salary?” she smiled.

“You have opened a new chapter long back when we met last time. I am mad at the new taste of a kiss with a hug. I want to own it forever.” Lucky said.

“Why late?” She smiled as if she is inviting him for that.

He could not resist his feel to kiss her. He took her in his tight arms and kissed her as if he is hungry for that for a life time.

“I thank you for everything you gave me. If I knew I would be falling in love with an angel, I would have searched for you harder and found you sooner.” He said with poetic touch.

“Wait, it was not you, me who found you. You won my heart in the interview on that day. You forgot me, but I could not.” Ragini said with a teasing smile.

“I accept. You are my angel of love” He said keeping the warmth of Ragini in his hug.

“Other men, it is said, have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. You may be one person to the world, but to one person you are the world! It’s me my lovely Lakshya.”

Laksh invited his lips to her and He forgot everything in her warm hug. Four lips lost in love and time is stopped for LAKSH and RAGINI.

After that they became one as “RAGLAK”


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