Love You Forever – OS on RagSan

Atsome place

“Please! Dont” He is pleading one guy who is smirking 😏 at him
“I loved her…she loved you, And ……She lost right to live” karan said
Karan played by paraschabbrra

She lost right to live" karan said Karan played by paraschabbrra

“Please bhaiyya…Chodo usse” he tried to speak collecting his all energy which he lost
“He is still speaking, This is how you beat him??” Karan warned his men
They again started beating him making him lose his consciousness
But he is adamant still holding his breathe to make sure his girl is safe and trying to stand to save her from his brother
“Leave Ragini” he stood and started beating his men
“Sanskar!” Karan called and showed Ragini
Keeping his knife at her neck.
Sanskar stood startled and ran towards her to save but one of his men beat sanskar at his head so he fell on floor , He closed his eyes tightly that hot tears made their way….
last he noticed before closing his eyes was
Karan kissing Ragini cheek saying
“Hastala Vistaa Baby” Dragging the knife from her neck cutting it and she fell on floor holding her neck😭 holding tight to stop bleeding.
After 6 Months
“Ragini, give me my kiss” Sanskar shouted from bedroom
“First get ready, you have some surprise” she said from kitchen
“I dont want surprises… i just want my kiss which u left giving me and ran from here” he said rolling on bed
She came and stood at door and watching his drama.
She smiled and went near him and kissed his cheeks and started to wake him
“Kiss on Lips” he pointed his finger keeping on her lips
“So, i will give you but on one condition”
She said
“Okay ! Dont give … i know what it is” saying this he left to washroom
She started banging the door saying sorry
“No… i will not accept it” he said
“Okay! Sorry.. im leaving bye” saying this she moved from there
He heard foot steps standing close to door ..he Ran from restroom when he didnt heard her footsteps…
“Ragini… Ragini… please comeback” he started to cry
Soon she ran to him and hugged him tightly
He started to cry
“Please dont leave me…. i cant live without you”
“Okay Sorry! I dont leave you”
“Promise??” He forwarded his  hand
“Dont you have trust on me?” She said
“Promise me!” He asked like kid
“Promise…i will never leave you sanskar”
He hugged her
“but you have to go to your family” she said
“No… They talk rubbish and they dont want you in my life ragini… so Never in my life Ragini.. please dont ask this one”
She overwhelmed for his love and captured his lips with hers to sooth his pain.
“Ragini…This is our favourite place na” he said watching the lake near by

She smiled and holded his hand and slowly layed on his shoulder "Why did you bring me here Ragu?" He asked She was about to say something Then both saw sanskar parents and sanskar bestfriend Nikhil is coming towards them

She smiled and holded his hand and slowly layed on his shoulder
“Why did you bring me here Ragu?” He asked
She was about to say something
Then both saw sanskar parents and sanskar bestfriend Nikhil is coming towards them.
Sanskar face totally turned into hate
He was looking at all of them with utmost hate
“Why!!! Why Ragu… why u called them here? You know na i hate them and This nikhil … you know he said …” he started to cry holding Ragini hands
She was about to wipe his tears
She heard a loud cry and both RagSan turned to see that its sujatha
She fell on floor crying
Sanskar ran to her and holded her shoulder
Nikhil holded sujatha and said crying
“Aunty please control yourself”
“What happened Nikhil?” Sanskar asked with fear seeing his mothers state

Nikhil stood up and dragged sanskar
” come … lets go to our home…come” wiping his tears which are continuously flowing

“Nikhil…. i had told you million times till now… i wont come leaving Ragini” saying this he jerked his hands from nikhil grip

“She is DEAD …DAMN IT…. she died sanskar…. please understand the Truth” Nikhil shouted at top of his voice crying

Sanskar holded his shirt collar
“Dare you say this again!!! I heard lot of times and i left home long back…. see my Ragini… see there she is standing and looking at me lovingly” he said pointing to Ragini

“Sanskar , Ragini Died beta” shekar said entering the scene

” Uncle, you also … Dont you feel shame to say your daughter died” sanskar stood helpless not able to make anyone understand that ragini is alive.

He went to Ragini
“Ragu… Tell them you are alive and why they saying this… they wanted me to leave you… so they are saying this i know… i dont belive them” saying this he hugged Ragini
Hot tears falling from her
“Ragini!!! Dont cry bachaa… we will go far away from here…from everyone” saying this he tried to hold her hand but he couldn’t … he felt he holded nothing till now

“Ragu… i cant feel you… please dont play with me baby” he said running here and there

“Raginiiiiiii” he fell on ground
“You promised me” wiping his tears
He turned to his family
“Maa…. shekar uncle …. Nikhil tell her to come back… i cant live without her … please tell her to come back to me… she promised me… she cant leave me like this”saying this he pleaded everyone

All stood helpless as they were trying to make him understand that she is no more from past 6months but he stayed away from his family.
They met him only once when he came to see his mother being not well as both sons left her .. karan was killed by his another son sanskar and sanskar left his own family as they were trying to make him understand that Ragini is no more.
Everyone there felt his pain but they cant do anything.

He tried to digest the truth but he isnt able to believe
Nikhil came towards him and made him to walk towards one graveyard.
There he saw
Ragini Gadodia 
Ever lives in our hearts ♥️

He fell on his knees and crying hard
Yes! He has to believe it … His Ragini left him… His soul left him forever.

After 4 years
“Ragu…..Ragu” sanskar started searching whole house
Sujatha is smiling looking at him
“Maa, have u seen her ?”
She nodded as No
“Okay…Im leaving …bye” saying this he faked going out
“Papaaa…” A little girl Ran towards him who hided till now and jumped into his arms.
“Hmmm my little angel isnt eating food…Im angry” he said faking anger
She kissed his cheeks
“I love you papa…Dont be angry on me..I’ll eat” she said cutely
” Ragya… come beta eat dinner is ready” Sujatha called
Ragya 4years old girl 
Sanskar met this baby when he completely lost himself and addicted to drugs and alocohol 4years back.
At first glance she stoled his heart by her cute looks and smile and he adopted her legally and named as Ragya 
After this girl entry in sanskar life … he changed a lot and everyone are happy with him

“Papa … when will mumma come to me?? Im i that bad she left me?” Ragya asked sanskar

” mumma loves you a lot Angel…she is with god taking care of god”

“Why? God has no mumma?”

” To take care of you … iam here , Dadi and Nikhil chachu everyone are there na… Poor god! Doesn’t have anyone so mumma went there to take care of him … she will come back soon angel” saying this he slowly tapping her back where she is hugging and sleeping on him and slowly drifed to sleep.
He made her sleep on bed and came out seeing moon he said

Love you forever Ragini
Thanks for coming to my life as Ragya

He slowly wiped his tears and left to room and slept beside Ragya kissing her forehead and slowly he slept.
I promised i will be with you sanskar…im always with you and will be” she said caressing his hair 
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