Love you. Forever – A Twinj os


Love you. Forever!

A beautiful morning had started, where birds started to chirp in there melodious tone, where sun rose to show its beauty and shine the lives. Every one started their morning with a new hope and smile on their faces.

A college is shown, where everyone are busy in their works, busy in making there memories, busy in pulling their friends leg, busy in impressing their love. In this way, everyone are in some or other thing.

A boy stood there admiring a couple, who fell in love in this college and are living happily in their relationship.

“when my girl will come into my life? When I will get chance to love a girl who is just for me? Whenever I look at those couple, I feel like, if I had a girl in my life. Where are you my love? I’m waiting for you. ”  he thought.

He is waiting for his love life as other beings on this earth. He was never into any relationships. He knows, he should keep his heart reserved for one special person, who make him do all those crazy things, which may sound crazy to world, but not to them, who are in love. He wants to love someone unconditionally and endlessly and want to feel the same. He wants one special person, to whom he can give his life without thinking for a second.

His friend called him.

“Kunj. Bro, I’m going out with Blessa. “said Cheran, referring to his girlfriend. Kunj smiled at him. Sometimes, he was left alone, as his best friend is, some what want to spend some special with his love. Yet he smiled at him and said “it’s OK. “

“OK. ” replied Kunj. Cheran left with Blessa. Kunj took his football, which is his one of the passion, and started walking towards his class. At that second, wind starred to blow in a way, such that, it want to make him meet someone. As understanding wind’s message, his football came out of his grip due to sudden force of wind and started running in the direction of wind. As Kunj noticed it, he started running after ball, he can never miss it, as he got it after so much of nagging, his dad finally got him that when he was 12. From that time, he always kept it with him, no matter what.

Football halted near the garden, which is inside college. He sighed and took ball in his hands. When he looked around, he was awestruck by the beauty. It is filled with greenery, with beautiful flowers. No one came in this way or to say no one noticed it. He admired nature’s beauty but what got his attention was?  A girl. A girl, who is sitting under tree shadow and is busy in reading some book.

Kunj looked at her keenly. He noticed her eyes which were behind those specs yet not left a chance to grab his attention. Those lips which twitched up into a small smile, probably whose reason must be that book, which she is reading. Those hair strands, which are playing with wind, are teasing her cheeks. She so cutely, tucking them behind her ears. She was so busy in her book that she failed to notice, a person’s presence who is lost in her completely. His trance got broke by bell and he looked at source of sound which broke his beautiful moment and again looked back to find that girl, who had gone now. He furrowed his brows as he can’t see her at that place anymore.

He stood at that place, where that girl, sat before. He smiled remembering her. He wondered that how he had not noticed such beauty till now? Who is she? Why she sat all alone here? Firstly, do she have any boyfriend? This thoughts entered in his mind, and last one almost make him hurt. Keeping all those questions aside, he kept his hand on his heart and smiled.

He went to his classroom lost in his thoughts. He went and sat on his bench. He looked aside and was dumbfound to look at the same girl in his class. Surely, he not knows everyone in his class, as it contains more than 100 people. Whenever he was in class, either he got busy with Cheran or with some other friends. Maybe, that’s the reason he had not noticed her. After all, it’s only been a year of their college, still his heart cursed him. He looked at her who is busy in writing something. He wondered why she always been alone. His thoughts got to brake when one of his classmate, Karan came and sit beside him. He smiled at him. He wanted to know about that girl and looking at her anyone can say, she is studious type.

“do you know, what is her name? ” asked Kunj to Karan, referring to the same girl who stole his heart away, a few moments ago.

“oh. She is Twinkle. ” replied Karan and got busy into his writing work.

“Twinkle. ” his heart repeated. He smiled that how perfectly it suits her Twinkling eyes. Rest of the class went by stealing glances of her.

In this way he always followed her, without her notice for three days. He tried to talk to her, but his anxiety killed his spirt. He observed that, she is not a social person and shows least interest in mobile life too. It kind of shocked him. In this century, nearly everyone are addicted to movies or TV or having fun but here, this angel is always busy in reading books under the tree shadow. He found her unique and attractive.

Finally, with courage into himself and went to her who sat in class doing nothing but just simply sitting. He sat beside her maintaining distance. This caught her attention and she looked at him.

“hey Twinkle. ” he initiated.

“yes Kunj. ” she replied. He felt a kind of happiness when she took his name. He felt happy that she knows him. With a smile he asked her.

“can you lend me your books? I.. I mean my notes are incomplete. ” it was a pure lie. He was never into books. He always studied with the help of only text books giving less attention to notes.

“sure. ” she replied. In this way, their friendship started. Twinkle, till now, never had any male friends because of her nerd look and Kunj is the first one. They started to spend time with each other. It started with study. First, they used to talk only about studies. Later they became close to a point that they started sharing memories. Kunj started to praise her from his heart and it always made Twinkle to feel special. It’s not that, no one praised her. Many had but his praises seems to be different. They are growing closer. They always gets to know some or other thing on others. Twinkle never had a best friend in college and he became one. He made her to come out of her shell and enjoy this life. She done things which she never had done before, about which she only dreamt. She was changing,  changing for better. She started to enjoy her life and with Kunj, it became more lovely. Kunj was astonished to see her new sides and was glad that he is the first one to see them. He was falling for her, more and more and same with Twinkle, she also started falling for him, for a person who brought best out of her, a person who never let her down.

Finally, the day came, when Kunj decided to propose her and express his feelings to her. He reached college and was waiting for Twinkle at the same spot where he saw her first time. He sat there fidgeting with his fingers. He was anxious. He was scared that if she rejects him. He was never got this anxiety before.

Twinkle reached the place and was quite surprised to see Kunj tensed. She walked up-to him. As soon as she neared, he got up from his place and in that process they collided and Twinkle was about to fall, when Kunj held her in his arms. Today Twinkle hat not wore her specs. He was lost in her beautiful eyes. When ever she met her, she always wore specs. He felt that her eyes are more beautiful without specs and he can live all his life by looking deep into them. After what felt like eternity, he made her stand. His hands were still on her waist and this brought blush on her face. Kunj was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to notice it.

“Kunj. ” she snapped him back bringing to reality. He left her. He is still fighting with his inner turmoil. One part of him wants to express his feelings while other is scared to loose her. Gathering courage he finally spoke.

“Twinkle. I always wanted to love a person like no one did ever. I always waited for that special person in my life. Whenever I used to see lovers, a wish always takes birth in my heart. But I never find none. Now, I got to know why. You know why? ” he paused. Twinkle stood there in shock yet, she nodded her head in no.

“because that special person is you Twinkle. I have fallen for you at the very first sight. I know it sounds creepy. Trust me! When I saw you, my heart missed a beat. It said that you are the one for whom I’m waiting from ages and for whom I preserved my heart. I love you Twinkle. I love you with all my life. ” he confessed while Twinkle looked on. She felt that, even Kunj had feelings for her. But, she had not expected that he will propose her, so soon. She stood numb while Kunj took it another way.

“it’s OK Twinkle. It’s not necessary that you should also have some feelings, if I have for you. I expressed my feelings because I don’t want to regret in future. No matter what, you will be always remain my first love and how badly I wish that you will be my last love too. ” he said and bowed his head to hide his sadness. On the other hand, Twinkle is on cloud nine. It was her dream come true. Twinkle began to tell her feelings for very first time in her life without any hesitation, with full confidence.

“Kunj. Even I secured my heart only for my Prince Charming. And I know that it is you. I love you too Kunj. You are my first love and I would love to become your first and last love.” she said with a wide smile on her face, with tears of happiness in her eyes. He looked at her and blinked his eyes, to make sure it was not a dream. As he understood it was on a dream,  a big smile broke on his lips. He felt like, he is the most happiest person on this earth. He just can’t believe that his love is not one sided. To confirm again that it is not a dream, he pinched his arm and yelped in pain. Twinkle laughed at his antics. She came a bit closer and stood on her toes and gave a peck on his cheek. It was a another shock to Kunj. He looked at her with his mouth hanging open. Twinkle blushed really hard. As she can’t take it anymore, she hugged him tightly and hid her face in his chest, so that he can’t see her flushed cheeks. Kunj came out of his shock mode and hugged her back as his life depends on her. They both stood like that for minutes. He broke hug and tucked her hair strands back which are disturbing his view. He cupped her face and placed a lovely kiss on her forehead. They both closed their eyes savouring the moment.

Days went and they both graduated from their college. Kunj took his family business. As got settled, he went with his parents to Twinkle ‘s house to ask her hand. Elders liked Twinkle and Kunj.

Within days their marriage got fixed. It took place with all rituals, elders blessings and god’s blessings too. They started to live their life happily.

Two years later.

It’s been two years of Twinj marriage. In these days, she was feeling sick. So, today morning she decided to go to hospital, to get her reports, where she will get her life’s biggest shock. She is getting ready when she got a call from Kunj’s phone.

“madam,  owner of this phone met with an accident. We are taking him to hospital. ” she stood there numb. Tears are flowing from her eyes. Yet, she controlled them and said this to other family members and left to hospital with them. Every person along with Twinkle are praying for Kunj ‘s health. They reached hospital and Twinkle ran inside. She enquired from receptionist and ran to room where Kunj is getting treated. All others also reached there. Everyone were waiting for doctor to come out and give good news.

After few minutes doctor came out. Twinkle ran to him.

“how is my Kunj? He is OK right? Nothing had happened to him right? I know he will be OK. Why don’t you say something? ” she yelled. Doctor gave her a sad look.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Sarna. Mr. Sarna got injured really badly. He had lost of blood and his some of the bones got smashed. I’m sorry to say, we can’t save him. He had very little time. Go and meet him. He wants to meet his family members. ” as this words left from doctor’s mouth Twinkle took a step back. No one are in a position to understand anything. They felt like, ground beneath them just moved with all it’s strength. Kunj’s parents can’t take it anymore. So, they ran into his room to meet their son. Alas! For last time. Twinkle sat on her knees not moving an inch.

Her mother came to her and said.

“Twinkle come, let’s meet Kunj for last time.”

“Nooo. Kunj is not going anywhere. I won’t allow him to go. You get that. I won’t..” she yelled forgetting the fact with whom she is talking. Her mother not said a word. She knows under what state her daughter is going. In order to console her, she hugged her. In few minutes Twinkle with her mom entered room with great difficulty, hiding her tears.

There lied her hubby, her life, her Kunj. Covered in bandages, connected to many machines, looking so pale. Yet, he carried his smile, which always flutters Twinkle’s heart. Tears are threatening to come out of her face but she held on it. She fighted back to not to show a tear.

She looked at her family members, who stood aside and crying for Kunj.
She ignored them and with baby steps, she dragged herself towards Kunj. He tried to sit and Twinkle helped him to. When he sat, she was about to take a step back. But, Kunj help her wrist in time and dragged her into a hug. It was needed for her, for him, for both. Both are tired of their fake facade of being strong, yet they are not going to give up soon. At least for each other. They needed each other right now. Kunj has a very little time. Kunj knows it and it is tearing away Twinkle so badly. He pulled her in a tight hug, which was needed at that moment for both of them. Twinkle cried in his arms while he too shed few tears in crook of her neck. Within moments Kunj composed himself. He broke the hug when Twinkle was not ready yet. He forced her. She was looking anywhere but not his eyes. It’s getting worst. He made her to see in his eyes. Both looked at each other, their eyes are conveying all those untold emotions love, pain, care, adoration and pain lead the topmost. Finally gathering strength Kunj spoke.

“Twinkle. ” he whispered.

“please Kunj. Don’t go. Don’t leave me. ” she begged.

“I wish I can Twinkle. ” he mumbled enough for Twinkle to hear. He composed himself. It’s not the time to say those words, which will never come true and will give you only false hope.

“Twinkle. I have very little time. “

“Kunj please. ” before Twinkle can, he shut her off.

“shhh. Let me Twinkle. ” she nodded.

“I want you to move on in your life after my death. I want you to be as you are now. ” he said.

“how can you expect me to happy when you leave me here? ” she questioned him. His every word is breaking her and it’s no less for Kunj.

“Twinkle. I’ll be never leaving you. Even, death can’t part us. I’ll be always there for you, in your heart, in your memories. Whenever you feel like, just close your eyes and remember me. You will find me in your heart. But, I want you to be happy even after my departure. Because whenever a tear comes into your eyes then trust me, wherever I will be, I can’t stay peaceful. I want you to be happy and if you can please marry again. ” he said. She can’t take it anymore. She closed his mouth.

“stop it Kunj. ” she protested.

“Twinkle I want you to be happy. “

“I can be happy only with you and with your memories and things related to you.” she said. He sighed. His wife is one of those stubborn ladies.

” I want you to be happy. ” he said.

“I’ll try my best but I can’t promise, especially last part. ” she said referring to remarry. He was about to say something but before he can she hugged him as tight as she can.

“I love you. ” she confessed.

“I love you too. ” he replied. He was feeling uneasy. He knows, his time has came, to leave this world, to leave his Twinkle, to leave his parents, family. With that he took his final breath and landed into deep sleep where he can never wake up again. After sensing no moment from Kunj. She broke hug only to get hit by harsh reality. Her Kunj is no more. She nudged him a little, in a hope she will get some response. Alas! It had not happened. She held him and called for him, yet he had not bulged. She cried like never before. She felt so vulnerable. Not only her, his family members. All were shattered. All started crying for this precious pearl. Within seconds Twinkle fell unconscious.

Days went on and Twinkle fell into depression. How hard she may try, she can’t help herself. It became hard for her. It became hard for her family to see her in such condition. It’s been a week for Kunj’s death. Twinkle is living her life like a corpse, showing least emotions. Days are becoming hard. She is counting her days to end.
When she reached hall, she felt dizziness and went unconscious.

When she opened her eyes, she is on her room laying on bed. She looked at her family who are having a smile on their face.

“beta. Thank you so much for giving my Kunj back. ” her mother in law said. She looked at her confused.

“thank you beta for making me grand mother. ” said Leela kissing her forehead. Then it striked Twinkle. She is carrying a life inside her. She kept her hand on her stomach.

“I’m pregnant. ” she mumbled. All nodded and congragulated her. They left her to take some rest. She took Kunj’s photo from bedside.

“Kunj. You heard it. I’m pregnant. Symbol of our love is growing in my womb. You are going to become dad and me mom. ” she said.

“why Kunj? Why you left me, when I needed you most? ” she said and a sob escaped from her mouth. She closed her eyes and let her tears flow down freely.

“you know what Kunj?  You were like a hurricane in my life. You came, made me learnt a new meaning of life, make me feel to cherish it! And left when I wanted you beside me, forever to cherish this beautiful gift of life along me. ” she mumbled keeping her hand on her stomach. She felt a warm feeling in her chest, when she done that gesture.

“I decided Kunj. I’ll live my life again, for my kid, for you. I’ll give all the happiness which he/she deserve. I know I can’t fulfil your place. But, I’ll try my best. And I know, I’m not alone. My Kunj will be always with me. Right Kunj?” she said and a cold breeze hit her face making her smile. She kissed Kunj photo and hugged it to her chest.

Indeed life always gives you a new hope when you are left with none. Don’t loose your hope.

7 years later.

It’s been seven years of Kunj’s death. In this period, many things changed. Twinkle is now a business woman who is topping in her business. She is taking care of both house and business. In this, her family always supported her and will support her. She came to her room after a tiring day.

“I thought they will reach by now. ” she mumbled.

“mama. ” shouted her kids.

“Tanu and Kush” said Twinkle and they both ran into her arms. Twinkle gave birth to twins. Pregnancy time was tough but after seeing her kids, she knows, it was worth. She broke hug.

“how does my babies trip went? ” she asked her. They both went on a trip with their school.

“awesome. ” they both explained.

“mama. I got first price in foot ball. ” said Kush.

“and I got first in writing!” exclaimed Tanu. She looked at them smiling and again pulled then into hug.

“I’m so proud of you both. ” she mumbled.

“let’s go and celebrate this. Before that, you both go and get freshen up. ” she said and both kids went to freshen up. She went toward wall where Kunj’s photo is hanging with a garland.

“see Kunj. Our son went on you. He just love football like you. He even won a prize. And our daughter, she is so good in writing stories. My daughter went on me. I’m so happy. So you do na Kunj? ” she asked and a flower fell from his photo.

“I miss you Kunj. ” she said as a tear escaped. Cool breeze hit her asking her not to cry. She wiped her tears.

“I love you Kunj. Love you. Forever! “


This one I wrote for tardsams challenge on watt pad where it got place of 1st runner up. I never posted it till now because, I didn’t got any special occasion. 

this so my 100th article. So I want to post something special. So thought to post an os. Don’t forget to share your views. 

Riya I’m not getting your profile on wattpad so can you please dm me.

And my dear sia. I always do reply before posting my next article unless I’m hell busy. You are not registered no dear so it’s not giving you notifications of my reply.

Do share your views.

And about my ff. I’m working on it.

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