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Raman and ishita in chorus. : what…

The story begins..

Fb continues…

Sanskar : she loves arnav..

Ishita: what

Raman: ya ishu I saw them roaming together in clg.

Ishita: Raman…in an angry tone..

Raman: sorry yaar.
Sanskar what did you decide…

Sanskar: I’m in love with swara..

Raman: who is this swara..

Ishita: laughs..
Arnav’s sister..

Raman: did u propose her

Sanskar: today evening

Ishita: great

Raman: where is kushi

Sanky: she is with arnav..

Raman: superb sanky…

Ishita laughs..

Arnav drops kushi at home..

Raman: namaste kushiji..

Kushi: Raman Bhai

Ishita: kushi

Kushi: ishu

Kushi: what a sudden visit..

Raman: planning to get u married..

Kushi: kya

Ishita: Arey how is arnav..

Kushi: he is awesome ishu…

Realising what she said kushi tries to run but Raman catches her..

Everyone laughs..

Raman: kushi vo..sanky.

Kushi: Bhai loves swara…

Ishita: u r a genius kushi..

Raman: pagal family..

Kushi,Raman,ishita help sanskar to propose swara

Sanskar: I love you swara.

Swara: it took one month ah to tell this and she hugs him..

O re piya plays..

Everything went on well.

After one year..

Arnav : guys can we have some ice cream…

Kushi : OK .. I will go buy and come..

Kushi is about to leave..

Swara: kushi I will also come.

Arnav: kushi..

Kushi: I will be careful OK VA..

Kushi and swara leaves..

After sometime,

Sanskar gets a phone call that kushi and swara met with an accident.

Arnav starts the car and everyone jumps in..

At the hospital,

Kushi: arnav

Arnav slaps kushi hard.

Everyone is shocked..

Arnav: can’t you drive a two wheeler properly..kushi you are…

Sanskar: stop it arnav.. It’s enough..
You go and take care of swara..

Kushi cries hardly..

Ishita and arnav leave to see swara.

Raman : kushi …
Be careful na..

Blood starts gushing from kushi’s head..

Raman lifts kushi..

The chair in which kushi was sitting is full of blood.

Raman takes her to the doctor.

Doctor : sry Mr.Raman she has a severe injury on her hand as well as on her head..
Her leg is also sprained..shift her to an orthopedic hospital..

Raman takes her in an ambulance to the ortho hospital.

sanskar pays the hospital bills..

At the same time…

Swara: ishu

Arnav: swara be careful na.

Swara: actually Bhai..I was driving the scooty.

Arnav is shocked..

Swara: I have hurt only my hand..

Ishita: swara…then kushi..

Swara: vo…

Sanskar: she has been transferred to the ortho hospital.

Arnav: sanskar ..

Sanskar: please stop ..
Just get out of our lives.
Kushi saved swara…

Aranv: I’m sry…

Sanskar: please don’t try to meet kushi..

Swara: sanky vo…

Sanskar: I’m sry swara let’s break up..
Swara cries.

Sanskar leaves .

Po nee po plays…..

Ishita phones Raman

From that day…arnav kushi swara sanskar got separated..

It took a year for kushi to become normal.

Raman ,ishita ,kunj and twinkle..try their best to unite them.. But everything is in vain…
Fb ends..
At present,

Kunj: twinkle we have to help them.
Twinkle: but how..
Kunj hugs her..

Twinkle: stupid ..

Kunj: of course because you are there na with me…

Twinkle hits him..
Sajna ve plays.
Sanskar: raman i can’t afford to lose my sister..
Twinkle: kushi is all right..
Ishita: sanky relax..

Sanskar: I have decided kushi is going to US..

Ishita ,kunj,twinkle and raman: (in chorus) what…

Will this stop arnav from loving kushi…

Do you think this is an end of their love??


That’s it for today..

I hope u guys like it..

I will try my best to upload as soon as possible..

To All silent readers..

Love u guys loads…

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Credit to: ammu

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  1. wow superb episode yaar. really it is fantastic. waiting for ur next episode and plaease do post it daily

    1. Sure akshaya.
      Due to sem practicals I had to help my frnds also.
      That’s y could not update.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Interesting episode…. please update ur ff regularly….

    1. Thanks Jo

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……

    1. Thanks reshma

  4. I don’t know why my comments got deleted everytime.. Oh!!!

    I am trying again for commenting
    The episode was Awesome
    I loved it very much.. Wating for the next episode 🙂

  5. awesome episode waiting for ur next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    update as soon as possible……………..

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