Love ya….kuch aur…Episode 1

Pune Symbiosis Boys hostel
Rudra and Omkara are watching a video on laptop. Rudra gets a phone call. He goes out receiving the call.
Rudra: Ji Uncle, How are you?
Rudra: Omkara? He is my roommate. What’s the matter? (Omkara? Ji, vo mera roommate hain…Kuch kaam tha?)
Rudra: I think you misunderstood him… he is not that kind of boy. (Acha?…aap ko koi galat fehmi huyi hai…ye aisa to nai hai… Muje lagta hain aap kisi aur ke bare me baat ker rehe ho)
Person on phone tries to convince him. Rudra is seriously listening to what uncle is talking and is kind of convinced now.

Rudra: I think you are talking about him only.. as per your description, it is him…(Aapke description se to yehi hai lag reha hai…Aap itna confirm hai toh, me puch ke dektha hun…Bataye kya kaam hain usse?)
Rudra: Okay… I will talk to him.. I will call you after getting a confirmation.. bye..
(Ji tikh hain…Main usse baat kerke, confirm kerke, aapko call kerta hun…Bye…)
Rudra comes back to the room…Omkara is still busy watching video..Rudra pulled a chair and sat in front of him. He is looking at Omkara as if he is meeting him for the first time…Omkara finds it weird and stops the video and looks at him…He makes an expression of what with his eyebrows.
Rudra: I am just wondering how people hide things.. And that to from your best friend… (Nai…Dekh reha hun…log kitne chupe rustom hote hain…Bhai bhai kehta hain, aur hum se hi baatein chupate hain…)
Omkara (puzzled): What is the matter? (Kya hua hai…batayega?)
Rudra: I will give you one more chance…Are you hiding something from me? Something important… (Chal, tuje ek aur mauka deta hun…Apni dosti ke naam…Kuch kehna hai mujse…Kuch imp… jo tere life me chal reha hain…)

Omkara: Nothing…what are you talking about? (Matlab? Aisa toh kuch bhi nahi hain…)
Rudra: I can’t believe you are still trying to hide it… We share a bond more than roommates…(Shane…mujse chupayega…Roommates hai… per bhai ke tarah rekha hain maine tuje…)
Omkara: Cut the crap…Come to the point.. (Bakega…ki dun ek….)
Rudra: So… Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi…The most eligible bachelor in college…who doesn’t believe in love or relationship….
Omkara: So what…(haan toh…)
Rudra: Bull shit….You are in a serious relationship from last 2 years… And you never thought of telling me about it…

Omkara: What? Kuch bhi…Rudra: Look…you don’t have to give me those innocent looks..Okay? I kno
w everything…(Dekh…muje sab pata chal chuka hai….toh zyada natak mat ker aur bol de.. )
Om: I don’t know..Tell me what it is…
Rudra: Fine…Then Mr. Eligible bachelor of Symbiosis, tell me who is this Gauri Sharma? (Chal phir yehi sahi.. Symbiosis ke eligible bachelor, toh yeh batau ki yeh gauri sharma kaun hai. )
Om: Who is this Gauri? (kaun gauri…)
Rudra: I can’t believe it… You are still denying??? (Ab bhi chupa reha hai…Paap lagega kaminey…)
Om: Trust me…I don’t know who she is… (Me koi Gauri ko jaanta nahi hun…)
Rudra: Acha…
Rudra: For your kind information, Gauri is the girl with whom you have an affair from last 2 years… I don’t understand why you are hiding it…(Vahi gauri jisse Tera 2 saal Se affair chal reha hai…aur tune mujse tak chupa ke rekha…)
Om: I don’t know her…Why would I hide it from you, if I had one? (Per me aise kisiko janta hi nahi hu, toh batau kya?)

Rudra still has a facial expression of doubting him and Om could clearly read it out.
Om: Who told you this nonsense? (Kuch bhi…Aur tuje ye nonsense batayi kisne?)
Rudra: Pakki source hai…
Rudra is angry on Om as he still is not disclosing anything… he was about to say something. Rudra gets a call…
Rudra: Wait a sec…(baki ka main, iss call ke baad aake deta hun…)
Rudra goes to balcony talking on phone…

Rudra: Ji uncle..I have talked to him…He is saying that he doesn’t know any Gauri Sharma… (baat toh kiya maine…per abhi bhi yehi bol reha hai ki koi gauri ko janta nahi hai…)
Rudra: Want to talk to him? Right now? Fine…We will meet you for dinner…(abhi milna hai…ji, me usse leke aata Hun…)
Rudra has stopped confronting Om as he understood that he is not going to say anything.He takes Om out for dinner to a hotel.
Om: What’s the occasion? Going out for dinner? (Kuch hua hai kya…aaj hostel ka khana chodke bahar dinner?)
Rudra: My Uncle wants to meet us..He is in army..(Mere ek uncle hai defense me…unse milna tha…)

Uncle (Shaking hands with Om): Shakti..
Om: Hello Uncle…
While having dinner, Shakti is watching Om.
Rudra: Uncle, you wanted to talk to us…That to at this time, any issues?
Shakti: Om, I am a straight forward guy and expect you to be the same…
Om: Of course, Uncle…
Shakti: I know you are in love with a girl called Gauri Sharma…She is my sir’s daughter…No need to hide it from us…Now the issue is…
Om: Wait a sec…Who told you this nonsense? I don’t know Gauri? Frankly speaking I am hearing about her for the first time…

Shakti (with a facial expression of “I knew it”): See…That’s why I started saying let’s be open…I am here to help you…Please understand and tell me everything about Gauri…
Om (bit frustrated): Sir, Why are you forcing me to admit that I am in love with a girl whom I have never ever met…What’s happening?
Shakti looks at Rudra…
Rudra: Om, you better tell everything to Uncle…whatever is cooking between you and Gauri…(Dekh…Kuch hua hain toh bolde…Uncle pe trust ker saktey hain…)
Om: Enough Rudy…I thought you were pulling my legs…Now it’s getting on my nerves….Why would I lie, If I am in love with her…
Shakti is irritated with Om’s behavior…

Shakti: Because that girl, has committed suicide attempt and right now she is in ICU?…And you are the prime suspect because you both had a fight yesterday…
Om and Rudy together: What?

[For readers, Rudra was just informed that Om had a relationship with Gauri. Nothing more than that.]

Precap: Shakti explaining the situation…

Jisha 

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