Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-46)


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RECAP:so..twinkle came to suraj s home as she is maried she had her tight sleep…….

epi 46 starts…….

twinkle is still seen on bed….
she wakes up still sleeepy makes her way towards washroo,,she finished her bath n came out n was drying her hair near window of d room…she sensed sm1 coming near her she felt tensed…arms of a guy surrounded her waist…n as d guy was coming near her face twinkle turned n saw suraj with her she pushed him with all her strength..suraj fell down…(guys remember jodha pushing akbar aka rajat in jodha akbar)suraj was full of anger..n confused…twinkle was tensed she was full sweating…..finall she woke up with a boom!!!as it was a dream…twinkle was dreaming…..

twinkle:(herself)oh..babji wts happening with i fine..y am i dreaming bt wt if i really push him he is my husband nw i cant be rude to him b4 dat i shuld talk to him abt everything n tell him wtever happnd(she turns to see him bt didnt find him)oh..wr did he go?

as she was thinking she heard a knock on d door..
T:come in..
MAID:mam….sir left early in morning for work as it was urgent so he askd to take care of u….cal me if u need anything..
T:k…bt wn will he come?
M:he will come back in noon…he told dat he will be back soon…(giggles)

twinkle freshen up she comes down as she started seeing the home….the house was very beautiful,lavish with a big drawing area..dining with servants n all..twinkel came to dining able..
T:gud mrng..
M:gud mrng madam…will u hv breakfast?
M:here madam..(serves her food)
T:u look older thn me u can call me twinkle..
T:so i cant find any1?wr r they?
M:nly sir will be here,all his family left to abroad dis mrng nly…
T:oh..i didn met thm..
M:twinkle beta..shall i ask u smething..
T:ji..tell me..
M:did u agreed to dis marriage with ur consent..
M:bt beta u r very lucky to hv him…
T:i think soo…

she finishes her food n came n sat in drawing she was going thru sme magzines,she heard a sound of bell….she went to see whosse dat…..
she finds a courier guy..with a parcel…
CB:twinkle taneja!!!
T:i am twinkle kapoor..nw..
CB:here madam thr a parcel..

twinkle signs n takes d parcel the courier boy hands her a beautiful bouquet of roses red roses…she takes it too…he leaves…
T:(herself)whose dis sending flowers to me..dat to to dis address as i too even dnt knw wr i am…let me see…may be suraj did dis..oh he is aslo smwt intrsting….hmm..

as she saw a bouquet of flowers..she noticed a letter she was shocked to see the name on th e letter….she opened it n wa read the letter she was full of shock…immediatly tears rolled down frm her eyes…she ran to her room n took her phone n came out running….she screemed…

T:(to maid)i am going out,my mom calld me i will come back soon…bye…
maid saw her leaving full tensed…twinkle came out of the house n took a car n drove fast back to taneja mansion….. she immediatly calld leela on her way…

T:ma wr ru?
L:i am in airport leaving to london..y ru tensed?
T:no no maa i am fine just calld u..
L:so hw is suraj?
T:hmm nice..i will cal u back maa…
L:k take care….

twinkle was on the way to taneja mansion…she looked tensed..
T:(herself)oh..babaji..kya ho rahi hai meri sath?hmmm….yeah i will go to home first…n ya i want to call chinki..
she calls chinki..
C:oh..y ru tensed everything fine naa….
T:u come to my home immediatly…
C:hmm ya i will be thr…

twinkle reaches taneja mansion she immediatly runs into house(as thr will be guard na he had a key)she runs into her roon n opens her cupboard which had a secret locker in it…she opened it n saw the bouquet of 500 roses which were gifted by ROMEO(s romeo aka kunj is back) on rose day…the balloon which she got at taj mahal with rose n again at gurudwar wn she went with chinki….she kept thm safely….tears were continously running thru her eyes down her she was lost smwr..chinki came running to her room…

C:twinkle wt happnd…(she came n sat nxt to her n cups her face)
she showed a letter to her which was in twinkle hand..
C:wts dis?nw..y u opened all these things..anything wrong wit u?
T:read it…once…
C:who gave u dis?
T:today mrng i received a bouquet with dis letter..

chinki opens d letter n starts reading it….

hi my dear juliet ur broken romeo here….i came to know u r married nw,bt how can u forget me, never even once u tried to find me..u dnt knw hw much i love u,i cant tell u,its impossible to measure my love,bt all i can say is untill this heart beats it beats nly for u…nly fr u..frever…i followed u everywr..even u knw ur clg,in ur trips,at taj,in temples everywr u knw dat….oh anyway u r married once i wanna meet u..nly once i want to see u….as my beloved love….plz come to beachside today evening @6 will be waiting fr u….
your broken love…….

C:wt will u do?
T:hw can i go?like dis pale roses which he sent me even my life is dead,i feel like i knw him very well….
C:listen….once u go n meet him..
C:u knw hw much he loves u..see di letter n his affection.. i am nt ready to face him…
C:just talk to him n tell him to move on in his life..orelse u will be responsible fr his….
T:no i will talk to him..i will go…
C:hurry up its 5pm…

twinkle leaves to suraj s house….maid was waiting fr her…
T:did he came? due to sme urgent work he left n will come back in night..

PRECAP:one more epi is thr dears…..go on..
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Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Awesome finally twinkle will know about kunj

  2. Twinkle ll come to know about kunj
    But I hv a question weather she married to suraj or kunj

  3. Amazing twinki will come kno abt kunj aka romeo

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