Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-45)


though u didnt comment or not i hope u smiled thats enough as i made u smiled with my ff….go on..twinki n chinki are coming down towards mandap see them……

twinkle comes down n mandap was ready all guests were their…twinkle bent her head nt coz she was shy bt she had tears in her eyes…

twinkle selftalk:
oh..all are here..y am i feeling kunj s presence over here,is he here?shall i ask chinki?no no twinkle wt ru doing nw u r getting married tp othr hw can uthink of kunj,he is nt urs nw..oh..babaji…make everything happn in right way,yup i need to deviate..wt wt can i do..y am i crying..twinkle come on rise ur no..i am hving tears if any1 see i will be like dis nly..all think dat i am shying..its better as no one will notice my tears..deviate twinkle..haa lo aagaya steps…hw many steps r thr..oh nly 3..i can manage with dis dress(to deviate she is talking to herself)hamm finally i climbed without falling thnkq babji..n ya i am next to suraj..oh i cant see him as his face is covered,nw i think better i sit silently….

rituals went on…..
TWINKLE POV:oh..all rituals r being done y my heart is pampering llike dis..i think it happens fr every1..nothing is cooperating with me..even my body i am feeling tired n dizzy too haa even my life i loved sm1 agreed to sm1 n marrying sme1..wts all dis..its just like a mess….bt as i heard wn priestsaid to fill my maang…my life soul frm the top of the hill jumped at once into a deep place wr eevrything is dark..i am unable to see anything…bt finally i felt the hand onmy forehead…immediatly i had a mangalsutr in my neck..hmmm…over evrything is over…twinkle s life ended like a hell foever n ever……nw i need to take blessings all is done…chalo twinki utto……frm nw u dnt need to bare ur arroagnt father….nw dis bechara hv to bare u……

she took blessings of all….she came out..n hugged leela n chinki n cried…..
L:putar u are married nw u shuld also be a successfull DIL..
T:ji maa…
L:ur mom will always thr fr u..
T:hmm…(had tears)
C:dnt cry yaar…
C:meri maa..y ru crying we r frndss we can meet anytime no prblm y ru being soo emotional…

chinki knew y twinkle is crying its nt coz of her marriage or for leaving her family or her frnd bt fr her kunj..chinki too was helpless…
C:go go as jiju is soo eager he is already in car..(smiles)

twinkle moves towards she saw her father..wn rt came near to hug her,twinkle denied n she sat in d car without making rt his way to hug her..(u desreve it lol….)
twinkle was sitting in car number of thoughts running she is trying her best to get deviated frm kunj s thoughts bt she is nt geting rid of it…

hmmm..y dis guy is sitting simply even he is nt removing his facewrap..i think he is shy,wtever let him be soo as i am nt dying to see him…n as i looked out i am near a big house very beautifull d car stopped sm1 came enar my window n asked me to get down dnt knw who he is as i dint met suraj s family….bt as i was thinking i heard sm1 calling suraj..actually one guy is calling him to come inside showing him d way…bt d person with me took me into home…i dared to rise my head as ofcourse i was nt intrstd in looking house as i am completly exhausted…i just wanna hv a gud sleep…n yes twinkle u r doing best in removing ur kunj s thoughts… no suraj is next to me nly ….ha hell with u twinki u remembered dat kunj again stupid idiot u are….(lol)
ofcourse they saked me to do gruhapravesh i did it n entered home…i was nly able to listen sme auntie giggling n a name ofcourse suraj s name a twice or thrice…he wa nt sooo handsome as i wnated to see him so i didnt wished to c far as i can..i dnt knw y i am doing diss bt i am sure i am right…sme aunty i dint see her face my face was covered with veil..she took me to a room ya..beautifull decorated…one…she made me sit on bed…she said..i will send ur hubby soon…i thought wtever…bt as soon as i sat on bed…i fell asleep i think i am d nly stupid gurl who sleep on her first night haha..anyway i am nt intrstd in him i am hell tired let me sleep as i slept i think aftr few minutes i saw sme1 enetring room no no actually i was in deep sleep i heard d door sound…n sound of steps..i was nt willing to wake up as i am very good at sleeping bt i can feel wts going on around me..he came towards me..n thn went smewr.i dnt knw wr..i slept……

let her sleep frndss even i am also tired of doing her marriage….throw all wtever u hv as finally twinkle married suraj……..hows d twist????
i knw u dnt like it…so throw wtever u hv in ur cmnts………….

PROMO:will twinkle forget kunj…will she tell abt him to suraj..wts suraj s reaction….will suraj unite twinj…hope sooooooooo

plz comment throw wtever u hv….i will upload othr one if possible today nly bt…ned comments to withstand myself over here…..if u look it intrdting n liked d twist comment frndss…… as promo is thr no precap……..
atleast feel free to tell me on fb..

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. I think there’s a twist… Maybe He isn’t Suraj… N if he is then plz.. make twinj back together…

  2. Really wth wid u bt ws osm n sad as well m really eager to know wats d twist btw it ws jus amazing

  3. very nice epi. plzzzzzz post the nxt prt soon.i think the groom is kunj. but anyway eagerly waiting for nxt 1

  4. Yes twinj needs to be together I think the groom is kunj let it be true pls

  5. why on fb dear i will tell u here …first thng is it easy to forget a person who we luv? i donot knw d ans bt i hope i will get ans in ur nxt part…i am waiting for it nd i liked twinkel POV and donot dare to write abt twinkel and suraj romance …unite them soon as she belongs to kunj.

  6. Pls make it kunj..i dont like this suraj

  7. The groom is kunj?rite

  8. hey di . its kunj na ?? u making us fool !! very bad . anwz nice epi and sunspence .:-)

  9. Roshni i didnt expect this frm plzz…..unite twinj icant see them separated plzzzzz…

  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)


  11. awesome update dear ✌?
    u just nailed it ??
    really amazing twist

  12. The epi was good ………
    Plsssssssss unit kunj and twinkle…..

  13. Hey roshni it was awesome episode but I really want to slap you right now but I can’t help it coz you are not in from of my eyes that’s why you are saved how could you create a new siyyapa there yaaar but I still love you and your ff God bless you dear and keep it up

  14. I too feel the guy is kunj bt m confused as twinkle was listening Surajs name there….. so overall it was nice update soon to reveal the mystery

  15. Can’t wait for the next epi! Hurry write it. Hoping forms twist.

  16. The update was superb n I somehow think that the groom is kunj..

  17. Am sure its kunj only as only kunj will hav ryt to marry twinkle nd true luv always win

  18. Roshini it was interesting n I agree with everyone regarding the groom…can’t wait for next plzzz update asap☺☺

  19. Nice episode….awaiting for next episode eagerly

  20. Liked the twist
    I think she got married to kunj not suraj
    Good going

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