Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-44)

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epi starts…..

aftr 3 days….twinkle s mariage ceremony(i am nt gud at north indian style as far as i knw i write abt indian marriage style ie both north n south styles mixed,excuse me)

at first d day of haldi function at taneja mansion twinkle was ready in yellow colour dress she came down all ladieswere thr all looked happy bt leela was also looking happy
T:ma wrs chinki?
L:hw will she come as u remember wt u did wit her..
T:i need to ask sry….ma ru angry on me like her..
L:no beta mothers wont get angry on their children….
VOICE:haa…aunty even frnds also dnt get anger on loved ones..]
T:(turns to c)chinki!!!
L:lo..aagaya..ur frnd..
C:hw can i miss my darlings marriage…never..
twinkle hugs her….
T:sry yaar n thnks fr cming..
C:wt ru saying this fr me….no..dnt forget rules pf frndship haa…

twinkle s haldi function is done….twinkle goes into her room…chini follows her,twinkle freshen up n comes she was feeling bit weird to handle chinki…
C:soo..dnt u show me ur wedding dress…
T:ha i will….(felt surprised as chinki didnt askd abt kunj n dis marriage)
C:hey wts dis who selescted it?its bad yaar…very dull is dis a way to buy fr bride…
T:u didnt like it
T:nw wt to do?
C:wn chinki is here y i brought a dress fr u…

chinki gives a beautifully designed red clour lehenga fr twinkle with matching ornaments and all…..n hugs her,
T:oh..thnks yaar….
T:oh…i am..sorr,,oh no no…k..its nice…infact vry beautiful..
C:thats like my twinki..
T:(unable to hold she askd)chinki,y ru not asking abt this marriage
C:y?u r doing it wit ur happiness n ur will na..
T:hmm ya..
C:thn y questions??nw come lets go down for mhendi..

thy both come down n sat fr mehendi function…chinki also…they were talking..
C:so..wt abt ur guy?
C:ha…u didnt tell me anything…
T:ha he is nice i think so…
C:wts his full name..
T:suraj kapoor…
C:k..thn u talked to him..
T:ya he called me once aftr i met him…didnt talked much..yhn till nw he didnt cxald me hope busy…

as they were talking a girl who was applying mehendi askd fr her partners name to be written…chinki tells letter S bt aftr dat she told her K to be written on twinkle s hand….

mehendi function aslo got over……..

next day….marriage……
twinkle was dresssd in red colour lehenga with her hair tied n matching ornaments she looked damn pretty n beautiful she didnt wore her veil,as she was getting rady she saw her ring again..

twinkle s POV:kunj….no no i shuld nt remember him i am getting married to othr one,bt i am thinking of him….no babaji i shuld forget him,am i doing he deserves it…no i am nt wrong..twinkle once think in first u loved uv n wn kunj came to u, u took time to forget uv as u never wanted to cheat him bt nw u still love kunj bt getting married to i cheating suraj…no no am i cheating myself..shall i call off dis marriage…oh,y soo much thoughts n confusions…

just thn chinki comes n asks her to come…
C:twinkle y u didnt put ur dupatta?wear it
(she takes it n put it on twinkle)she saw tears in her eyes..
C:twinki..wt happnd?
T:am i doing wrong??
C:y ru thinking like dat?
T:i still love kunj bt getting ready to marry othr guy…i dnt want to cheat him..
C:ru feeling gulity?
T:no i am thinking..
C:dnt think a lott its nt time..all will be well come…

she wipes her tears n hugs her……

precap:one more epi is posted…….

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Credit to: Roshini


  1. nisi

    Hi roshni n sry 2 comment i am a silent reader though i dont comment i read each n every epi of urs n enjoy them i just want 2 thank u fr such wonderful description of love trust especially frendship keep going

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