Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-43)


twinkle s room……..twinkle was sleeping

C:twinkle…wake up..
T:ph chinki(she was nt sleeping)
C:u destroyed every1 s sleep n sleeping peacefully…
T:oh..baba wt happnd?
C:u knw jiju loves u..
T:oh..u came to knw everything na..i wanted 2 tell u..
C:wts dis stupid decision nw..
T:its fine na..i hv to move on na..
C:stop it stupid..u knw kunj jiju cant do this u dnt knw wt happnd really…just listen wt happnd..

as chinki was abt to say wt happnd our villain came..
R:chinki…u r her frnd dnt destroy her life
C:uncle..she loves kunj..
R:no..she never did it…
C:uncle i knw her..
R:she is my daughter wt knw,u knw nting…
C:(THINKS)bevakoof..wt u knw u knw nitng…(loudly)uncle she cant marry othr thn kunj as she is..
T:shut up chinki…nw just leave me alone..
R:chinki..nw just leave i said(he screems)

chinki was she hd nting to talk as her frnd scolded her while leaving she spoke..
C:uncle u dnt knw anythign abt her u gonna ruin ur own daughter s life atleast nw talk to her like a father,stop harassing her,u never been a gud father atleast nw tryto be it…

rt fumes as chinki leaves…
she calls kunj who was waiting fr her call
K:chnki wt happnd?
C:i am sry jiju..even twinki didnt listen to me…smething is wrong…
K:i knw wt to do…u just help me..
C:sure jiju….

kunj gets a smile a he was fully frustrated….

rt calls suraj s father
R:hello mr.kapoor.. son came n told everything tmrw mrng u come home na as children agreed we shall fix d dates…
R:no actually due to sme prblms..i hv fixed d date its aftr 3 days wt u say…
KA:bt arrangements..
R:dnt wry we can manage…u are ready na..
KA:ya we r waiting fr dis proposal no matter we will manage too make it soom

rt comes to twinkle room wr leela followed him…he tells her abt it…twinkle agrees simply… leela had nting to do….

scene 5:at sarnas…

kunj was sitting on his table with full of office files…going thru it…manohar,usha n bebe comes thr…

k:ma will u get me coffee?
U:k beta…
M:bt kunj wt happnd?
K:papa..i am going thru business deals as thrs a prblm wit taneja s na..
M:bt i told we can withdraw it..
K:no papa y shuld we ,,i will clear it…we dnt need any loss…
B:puttar..wt happnd u went to meet twinkle na?
U:(comes with coffee)haa u didnt tell anything..wt happnd?
K:ma..just leave it na she is geting married to othr..
B:didnt u talked to her?
K:ya…she wa stalking to him wn i went thr.
M:this is too much… u dnt worry i hv life to enjoy na..i will be happy dnt wry let me sort this out first..u go n sleep as its late..
K:gud nite maa…

nting to do all d family memebers left………

precap:twinkle s marriage…….

hope u like it..wit fr suspense with whom she gonna married plz comment……….will be waiting…

Credit to: Roshini

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