Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-39 & 40)


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epi starts numbr:39

twinkle hugs leela…
T:ma kunj is really nice hw can u doubt on his character i knw him well..
L:hw can u say dat?
leela confused twinkle tensed..

twinkle took a deep breth n she narrated everything abt their trip hw he cared her saved her in goa beach,hw much he loves her n all leela was happy to hear al….
T:he is rally nice ma…
L:(she was in tears)hmm..puttar u dnt worry all will be set soon…u shuld hv told abt uv….ne get ready soon
L:u just sit fr few minutes as luthras are on way later we will talk to ur father nw he wnt listen..

twinkle nods n gets ready in a beautiful red saree with matching gold accessories she came down…

at hall…..luthra s were thr..
A:oh..uv she is soo pretty..come sit twinkle..
R:so u like her..
A:hmm..nw no more delays lets fix the date fr marriage..
R:y nt..sure..
twinkle looks at leela,leela signs her to be silent as she will handle…
L:let d children talk to each othr..
R:no need of it as they knw each othr well..
U:no uncke once i need to talk to her..
A:let thm talk rt ji…

rt agrees…

at room twiraaj are left..
U:dekha twinki finally u r mine i can do anything fr u to get u as i love u soo much nw u r all mine,dat looser cant approach u nw..

twinkle was frustrated…thr was asilence fr few minutes..

thappppp!!!s u r right a tight slap fr uv,b4 he can guess wt happnd onbe more slap…thappp!! again..

T:stupid,hw dare u talk wrong abt my kunj..u knw i will die bt nt marry u as i am already married to kunj..
T:S..we married in kerala…no one can seperate me frm my kunj nw get lost….

she screems…uv with full attitude left d room bt while going he turned..
U:twinkle i wnt spare u…u will be paid fr it..

twinkle wa sfull of tears n she went to her room leela went to her aftr luthras left…
T:ma…wt can we do nw…i love nly kunj..
L:u dnt wry i will manage…i will talk to manohar,thrs sme prblm in business so ur dad reacted like dat..u dnt wry u r promised to kunj nly he hv right to marry u..

as they were talking rt came with a bang….
L:ji wt happnd y ru shouting on her..
R:ask her nly wt she did….wt u talked to uv,
R:stop it…they called n told dat they r nt readyfr marriage…

twinkle was shocked bt hell happy to listen…dat..

T:papa i love kunj(slowly)
R:shut up..
L:atleast listen to her..
R:no more dicussions tmrw my friend s son suraj is cming to c u..dats it..
T:bt papa…

b4 she can speak he rushed out…
twinkle hugs leela..
L:arent u tensed abt suraj/
T:ma dnt nw uv didnt agreed na..dats enough i will talk to kunj..

rt shouts frm outside leela rushes to him…
L:wt happnd?
R:nw just lock d roon ur daughter is grown up to make nonsense…lock it.

att twinkles room….
leela comes n finds twinkle nt in room as she was doing smeyhing in balcony..she goes thr..
L:twinkle wt ru doing..
T:ma i am going to meet klunj…
T:thru balcony..i called him bt its off…
L;oh..kunj hw much u changed my puttar she is doing stunts nw..
leela smiles
L:k come back soon ha…
T:k ma..

leela locked twinkle s room rt thought dat she is inside n twinkle scaped frm balcony n left to sarnas in her car…

twinkle in car was thinking..
y uv cancelled marriage he is nt such a guy who leave things so easily i think he is upto smething he wnt leave me easily i shuld be carefull…bt nw i hope all is fine at sarnas aftr my papa s raction,kunj s phone is off i nneed to hurry up..s

she drives fastly to sarnas.

epi 39 ends here……

(as its already posted iwill gve small warm up)
at sarnas kunj convinces all his family members as he married twinkle,they agree kunj was happy nwas in room twinkle came to sarnas bebe asked to go to kunj s room as twinkle headed to kunj s room he was in balcony talking on phone with hs close roommate buddy tony twinkle misunderstood n screemed on kunj her heart was broken,she slapped n left d place…bebe asked wt happnd kunj said dat he was on phone wit tony bt she misunderstood him….

precap:twinkle agrees to marry sm1 else…

Credit to: Roshini

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