Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-31)


Aftr a long drive in boat twinj reached an island it was a perfect date spot as kunj did all the arrangements thr fr them he saw twinkle sleeping on his shoulders he smiles n slightly taps on her head to wake her up…….
she slowly opens her eyes n see kunj…he points his hand towards island by sighing her to look thr,she looks thr n was surprised to see dat, he made a perfect date set up thr….fr her..twinkle cheers in happiness…] T:oh kunj..i cant believe dis…oh it s soooo beautiful wow!!!!!!
In excitement she kisses his cheek kunj smile at hr,aftr a while twinkle realises wt she did…she shyingly looks at kunj who was still smilingly….

T:sry…i didnt mean it..
K:its k..though u didnt mean it i like it..actuallu i love it…i dnt mind if u do it again..
K:kk…come lets go..

they came out of the boat carefully…twinkle sees the arrangement n was very happy
it was a beautiful island,dark night cool breeze a beautiful table in middle covered by decoration of red n white screen n red colour hearts were hanging….they came near it..
T:its really awesome kunj…i didnt thought of it..
K:here take it..
kunj guves hr a gift packet…
T:oh y dis…
kunj thinks dat in happiness she forget dat its her bday as its 12.00am its her bday…
K:bass..return gift fr u…

T:oh thnkq..can i open it..
K:ya..u shuld wear it..
T:oh…its dress inside let me open it…
as she was opening it..she gets a doubbt..
T:bt kunj wr i shuld change…
K:here itself
K:ha its ok i will close my eyes…
K:no prblm yaar…we r getrting married soon so chalta hai..
T:ha ha nt still married remember dat..

she gives a death glare to him kunj smiles…
K:thr u go thr a cottage over thr..u can change thr..
T:ha thats better…bt..
K:dnt worry i took all this island fr nly both of one is here..

she leaves to cottage…n takes out n saw a beautiful ethnic gown black in colour netted one…n matching accesseroies with it…

twinkles pov:oh black one he knws dat i love black colour…
kunj its a perfevt time to tell my words fr u…i cant keeep it in my heart so far,i willl tell u dat hw much i love u n hw much u and ur love mean in my life…
today i am d happiest under d sky on dis earth,i never thought it all wuld happn i never dreamt of it,its all like dream fr me,bt u r thr one who i need madly in my life..i love u kunj love u lottt..

twinkle got ready n came out kunj was mesmerized seeing her..

kunj pov:
kitni beautifull hey yaar tu..i cant controll myself i am waiting just to hear wts in ur heat atlast i wish u wuld tell dat today at this moment n i promise to kep u happy till d end of my life..

twinkle comes thr n see kunj dressed in white suit n was gud looking..
he opens his arms twinkle hugs him..its a hug full of love…nting else…nly full of love.

K:u knw its special day fr me..
T:me too..
T:its ur bday na..
K:no nw its ur turn…its ur bday..
he shows d twinkle his watch which was given by twinkle fr him fr his bday..
T:oh its…12.05am
K:s…happy bday…many many more happy returns of this day…
T:thnkq kunj bt nting is happiness fr me bfre u…
K:come lets celebrate..

TWINJ come near d table thr was a cake written as happy bday my love twinkle was happy to see dat..

PRECAP: twinkles emotional talk…..

n sry fr making u wait…i think u liked d surprise fr twinkle surely i will reveal my surprise fr u in my next epi whicj u will love…bt ineed comments to make it out super..can i expect it,,,,,,,,,,,,,
do comment……it means a lott

Credit to: Roshini

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  10. ya u can expect comments from eveyone……bcauz after such a nic epi everyone would like to comment …….i luved kunj and twinkel pov …. wow i can’t imagine kunj situation ….he is dying to hear those 3 magical words…very nice dear ….waiting for d nxt

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