Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-25)


sry fr late..i was busy thnkq all fr ur support n waiting…big sry..

kunj takes rose frm ria n goes to twinkle n gives it to her

epi starts…

its evening tme kunj was ready he was dressed in black n white suit n was looking damn gud…he was wit purab n raj..
kunj eyes were searching fr twinkle purab looks at him

P:hey kunj whom r u searching fr? no noone…
R:dnt lie bro..u both r same ne..purab looking fr bulbul n u fr ur twinkle right..
purab n kunj blush…..
R:lo…they came..

as kunj heard dta his eyes moved faster thn a jet plane in search of twinkle…thr finally he saw her twinkle was i red lehanga wit gold work on it..she wore matching accessories..n was hot!!!
as d mooment he saw her..he was taken aback..everything was blurr fr him except twinkle his heart beat was high….
he kept his hand on his heart n thinks…kunj controll na controll urself..

purab n bulbul were on stage twinkle was standing next to bulbul..kunj goes behind her…twinkle was searching fr kunj…who was behind her, he slowly blows into his ears slowly twinkle feels it n turns towards him..
K:Looking fr me right!!
K:dnt say no
T: ha s…hw am i looking..
K:hm..actally beautiful
K;n cute..
K:n..n..n…u are..
T:wt kunj y ru struggling…
K:hmm..u r soo hot

sme 1 announces dances…kunj looks at twinkle
K:will u join me?
T:i dnt knw salsa…
K:oh..u just follow my steps n dnt leav my hand..
T:bt kunj…

b4 she culd talk he dragged her to stage n all couples were dancing as d same way twinj also…while they were dancing on melody in dark lights during changing of couples ria reaches kunj..she was getting tooo close to kunj though kunj resisted she didnt…twinkle was unaware of kunj drags ria to aside…

K:wt d hell ru doing?
R:nting kunj i just wanted u..
K;do u hv any sense i am engaged nw
R:bt stil kunj i love u..
K:WT D HELL u knw i love twinkle
R:oh..its arranged one u did nt want arrange marriage by d way wys specialin her dan me..
K:dnt compare her wit u…u wnt deserve dat…she is different..ppl like u dnt get it,nw get lost…
R:bt kunj..
K:i said get lost..(angrily)

she leaves kunj comes n searches fr twinkle she was busy talking wit bulbul purab n shyam..
kunj comes to her n makes an excuse n takes her frm thr…..they come t a garden…kunj hugs her tighly..
T:wt happnd..
K:proise dat u wnt leave me at any cost..
T:i promise bt wts wring nw..
T:U ok?
K:ya..come lets sit n talk..
T:hmm k

they both sit on a bench…
K:so u liked my frndss..
T:no kunj..
T:i didnt like thm bt i love thm…
K:did dat shyam told anything?
T:oh ya i forget i need to ask him as he told dat he will tel all ur secrects..
K:oh..he will lie..
T:acha!!kunj shall we go fr a a walk
K:oh nw..its late.. me..
K:shall we go tmrw..
T:no no kunj plzwill u come or i will go alone..
K:hey no i wil come

as they were going towards d gate..purab comes..
P:wr ru going buddy
K;twinkle wants to go to beach soo
P:hey come mann its goa special party
P:no bts come na…u wnt get it again..

purab drags kunj frm thr…twinkle was left thr
K:(shouts)twinkle dnt go alone come

bt twinkle wnt listen to him n leaves alone to beach………..

precap:some goons try to take advantage of her….

Credit to: Roshini

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