Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-23)

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Epi starts…

Twinkle gets ready n packs her stuff…she was waiting fr kunj…her phone rings..
T:hello i am ready…
K:k..u grab a taxi n come to airport..
T:wt??wnt u pick ne..
K:sry i was late cme directly to airport..
T:bt..k..i will b thr..

Twinkle felt bad..ahe grab a cab n left to airport..on d way she cald chinki..
C:ho..hi..wr ru..
T:on d way to airport.
C:is jiju thr..can i talk to him..
T:shut up ya..i am going alone..
C:y wt happnd..
T:ge was late so asked me to cme directly
C:k..ya adjust..
T:frm nw itself i need to adjust..
C:hey he is taking u 2 goa…cant u go 2 airport alone..
T:so u r also taking his side..
C:dnt b too much yaar..y u expect him 2 pick u..did u started loving him .
T:ha..vo.vo k i will cal u latr as I reached airport bye bey…
C:(giggles)k byr hv a safe journey..bye..


Twinkle comes in n see kunj he was waiting fr her..
T:see hw he is laughing as he didnt pick me..
K: oh..angry!
T:no nt at all .y shuld i..
K:oh..sry i was late so i asked u to come..
T:i didnt ask fr explanation..

She leaves..
Kunj thinks…
K:(himself)in anger also u look vry beautiful oh nw i need to make her normal..

He follows her..he saw twinkle sitting n goes to her…she was talking wit a guy..
K:(thinks)oh..whose d hell is he??talking wit my fiancee!!.

There was a gap bw twinkle n kunj went n sat in between thm…d guy looks on..
Twinkle thinks he is jealous..kunj looks st twinkle n gives his famous one eyebrow look…guy speaks…he was gud looking

G:twinkle whose he??
T:he is my frnd..
Kunj thought …nlt frnd..i am ur to be he didnt talk…
Twinkle was talking wit guy kunj got irritated n left d place…
G:i think he is soo silent..
T:ya may be..
G:u r really beautiful..
T,:oh thnkq..
G:can i say u smething..
G:do u believe in love at first sight…
G:ya..i love u n i am ready to marry u..
Twinkle was hell shocked..
T:sry u r mistaken kunj is nt nly ny frnd brt my to be hubby we r getting married soon..
G:wt??no i think u r lieing
T:see i am saying truth wt wuld i get by lieing 2 u..
G:u r trying to get rid of me..

Wn she was abt to talk they heard announcement..twinkle left witout talking..

In aeroplane…
Twinj got seated..kunj was sitting nxt 2 was a 3 seater..twinkle nxt to him unfortunately guy also same seat he came n sat next to twinkle…she didnt knw hw to handle d situation..she kept silent..

Aftr smetime…
G:do i need to believe wt u told..
T:i told d truth..
G:bt i cant believe as u r nt looking couples .
T:wt do u mean..
G:u r nt behaving like couples..
Twinkle was at peak anger…
T:so i nees to prove it right..
She turns towarss kunj who was fast asleep n kissems his cheek..kunj woke up n was hell shocked along wit dat guy…
T:nw its ok..

Twinkle remembers wt happnd a second b4..she slowly looks at kunj. Who was flying wit aeroplane..she hits her head lightly wit her hand..

T:oh wt i did..
K:ru ok..
T:can i take window seat

Afte smetime…
T:wt happnd?wnt u sleep..
K:i am scared..
K:if u take advantage of me means..(acts like Fearing)
T:kunj!!it was ..just..
Twinkle saw him laughing n kept silent…
K:i kne ihandsome bt controll ha..
T:shut up ok..u dnt knw wt happnf.
K:wt happbd..
T:i will tel u latr..

They reached goa…
They came out of airport n got into a car..

T:whose car us dis..
K:its my frnds..we came fr his wedding..
K:tell nw wy happnf..
T:dat guy i was talking na be proposed me.
T:i kne u wuld het angry so i didnt tel u..thr
K:hm..k bt dats nt my question
K:y u kisses me..
T:oh..dat nly..he told dat we wnt look like i did it bt in anger i didnt mean to do so..
K:oh..dats ok..i dnt mind if u did it intentionally

Kunj smiles naughtier..twinkle taps him on his shoulder

K:u knw marriage s will be nice in goa..
T:hmm i heard bt first time i am seeing
K:u cane here b4..
K:thn u gonna enjoy fr sure..i promise
T:lets c..

They reach d wedding place…

Precap:twinh twinj nly twinj scenes…

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Credit to: Roshini


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