Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-22)

Hi…frndss as promised one more epi today…

Epi stars…
Twinj are in car..
T:huff…finally we are out.
K:i dnt wts all dis…though we r getting married we still hv to do all things chup chup ke..
T:wt to do??
K:kismat…karab hai to kya kar sakta hai.
T:kunj..i am vry hungry..wr r we going.
K:ya just 10 min we will reach.
T:which restaurant?
K:my favorite hotel renaissance

They reach s restaurant@hotel renaissance..
They sat..n orders food..they started hving.
K:can i ask u smething..
K:shall we go on a holiday?
K:s u listened right..
T:no kunj i am nt interested
T:if my parents get to knw means..
K:no they wnt..they r in abroad
T:bt…if anything wrong happens means.
K:wt??dnt u trust me..
T:no no kunj i mean if my parents knws means they will kill me..
K:u trust ne right…

T:s..i trust u….
K:soo u r cming wit me..
T,:no kunj..
K:s ur coming..
T:i said no..
K:i said s..
T:no no no..
K:s .
K: ha yes we r going…
Twinkle hits her head slowly..
T:no no its cheating.
K:everything is fair in love n war

They leave…in car..
K:wt ru thinking abt holiday..
T:s. .i never went on holiday alone.
K:so nw u come wit ne..u r nt alone wn i am wit u right…
They share a eyelock..
Sanam re plays..
Twinkle breaks it..
K:so we r leaving 2 night…
K:s..get ready.

They reach home twinkle goes n kunj tells her flight timings..she nods n leaves
She does all packing n was super excited..
She calls chinki…
T:hey chinki..u xnt come tonight..
T:i am going out wit kunj..
T:s we r going to goa..
C:u r soo lucky n enjoy..

Precap:twinj fight…

Dnt panic twinj wnt be seperated sry fr short epi..lots of irration frm my mom nw…i just lost d gud mood…bye gn..

Hope u like it…sry fr no romantic scenes..
U can scold me…all r do it.

Credit to: Roshini


  1. Woooooooooooooooooow osm epi dear loved it I luv ur ff so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plzzzzzzzzz do cont soon plzzzzz..,……..

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