Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-21)


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Epi starts…

Twinkle is still sleeping leela comes n asks her to come down….
L:come twinkle we r leaving..
T:ha..i am coming (sleepy)

Leela goes…twinkle follows hall..
R:we r leaving…wil b back aftr 1 week u told me its fr 4 days..
L:no its extended
R:be carefull beta…
L:remember wt papa told dnt play tricks in home ask chinki to come…
R:leela enough come..
L:u dnt knw abt her…
R:k ne lets leave ots late…

They leave…Twinkle comes to room she was still sleepy…lies on bed.
T:(herself)i am still sleepy its 8am still..i will sleep hw cme ma is nt thr to wakr me up m disturb my dreams….hhhaaa(she yawns) babaji gve me gud dreams…

She sleeps deeply…
Twinkle s dream sequence…
Twinkle was sleeping in bed…she see sm1 coming towards her n sits beside her n carases her hair n kisses her on her forehead.she smiles in sleep…

Dream over…its reality
She slowly opens her eyes..still blurred vision n see sm1 coming towards her.dat person came m sit beside her n carases her hair…she is trying to open her eyes bt culdnt …
T:(thinks)is it dream or real…i am nt getting oh. Twinkle come on get up..u r feeling hungry
She tries to open her eyes dus time better as b4..she culd see sm1..slowly her blurred vision bcame normal..she saw kunh thr…n smiles…

T:oh..twinkle still u r in dreams wake up na..
K:twinkle its nt dream..i an really here.

Twinkle comes into senses…n was abt to shout…
Kunj keeps hand on her mouth..she was still on bed. He sat beside her…
Sajna ve plays…in bg
K:chup!twinkle its me…
Twinkle signs…
K:y wnt u talk…oh sry..sry..
He removed his hand..
T:kunj wt ru doing here…hw u came..if any1 see means??…..
K:oh..oh..stop stop early mrng u r asking tooo many questions relax…
T:hw u came.
K:thru balcony like romeo came to see his juliet…
T:oh…ha..wt??wt u told..
Kunj came to lnw wt he told…he managed d situation..
K:ha..vo.vo..u knw romeo.n Juliet dat novel..romantic 1 written by shakespeare i think..
T:ha i knw..
T:kunj leave na if any1 see means
K:oh u r still sleeping waje up one us at home right…
T:haa…yes y u came..
K:to see u…my love.

Twinkle blushes….
K:i told u nt 2 i feel like…
He comes forward…
K:as i feel like kissing u..
T:kunj no..

Both were sitting on bed..
He holds her by her waist n dragged her towarfs him n hugged her.
T:kunj.wt ru doing..
K:u knw wt i am upto…just shut up(slowly in her ears)

Twinkle clutches d bessheet as she was vry close to him kunj slowly comes near her n kisses her on her forehead….twinkle smiles…

K:dnt wry i can understand ur feelings i wont untill u permitt…
T:hn..can u leave me..
Kunj leaves her .she goes into bathroom n blushes a lott she gets ready n come out..
Kunj was seeing her photos..

T:kunj i am ready..come lets hv food..
K:nt in home lets go out..
T:oh..i am vru hungry i cant climb down thru ladder as u knw..
Kunj cuts her..
K:i knw u cant climb down…thrs no 1 in home right come lets go thru door..

Twinkle hits her head slowly…
They come out bt saw security..
T:kunj security!!
K:dnt wry..

Hw come they cane out n left in car.

Precap:twinj at restaurant n a small knock jokh fr deciding fr trip.

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Credit to: Roshini

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