Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-19)


thnks every1…crazy i wuld also look forward to meet u 1 day sure….n thnks sanam..loveleen u get awesome doubts ya..i love to answer u..just wait fr epis…they wnt elope..they r going 4 date dats it..their marriage is fixed…

i am taking time to plan marriage as i dnt knw d way of marriage in northern style in south it will be simple wit reception n marriage dats i am gathering info..need time.

epi starts….

next mrng…twinkle gets same dream…
it was pleasant mrng…she wore a whitr dress she was running n bumped into sm1..d guy was un black trousers he held her in his hands..n said i love…twinkle also said d same…n she stood properly to see his face. dis tome she saw him its kunj…

she was delighted…she wakes up wn her phone rings…
k:gud mrng.
t:gud mrng..kunj..i knw it will b u nly..
k:i think u r still sleeping
k:u get ready soon i will take u out maa..
k:dnt wry…i said na frm today ur life gona change..
k:nw get ready fast..
t:k..i will..
t:ha kunj..
k:i love u..
t:hmm…(she smiles).

twinkle wakes up frm her bed…she was vry happy remembering her dream n abt kunjs talk n yesterday night.. is d most beautiful mrng in my life n its d best 1 thus is all coz of kunj..thnks fr giving him to me…

she gets ready to clg..n knocks d door sm1 opened it ..she comes to hall n see leela thr. she had breakfast n was abt 2 leave…
l:twinkle wait..wr ru going…
l:no need ur marriage us fixed..
t:bt maa..still time is thr na..
l:i said go in(shouted in anger)

twinkle cries n runs towards her room…n she locked it..kunj cls her..
k:u ready???
t:ya kunj…bt..(sobbing)
k:twinkle y ru crying…
t:maa scolede me nt 2 go out…
k:oh..who told u to come out..
t:kunj u r also supporting her u nly told 2 get ready na…
k:ya bt did i tell u to come out..
t:no bt hw can i come out..
k:ur parents left to office nw..right.
t:i dnt knw..
k:i knw come to ur balcony..
k:come na.
she comes n see kunj thr..
k:come on jump…
t:wt??ru mad..
k:u cant come by door its locked
t:hw come u kne..
k:i checked it..ur mom told security to nt let u out..
t:bt kunj i cant jump..

kunj takes a ladder near by thr…n keeps it on balcony
k:nw come down..
k:ab kya prblm.hai..
t:i knw hw to climb up d ladder bt i dnt knw hw to climb down…
t:s kunj..really

he laughs…
t:dnt laugh…
k:so..nw wt to do…
they try different ways bt un vein..
t:nw wt 2 do…
k:u jump i will catch u (funnily)
t:kunj be serious
k:k wait u trust me. .
t:nw does it matters..ofcourse i do..
k:thn climb down d ladder…

twinkle goes n gets her bag..she throws it .kunj catches it..she slowly come down by ladder..closing her eyes…

t:kunj u cant…
k:cme on ya..3 more. dats it .
as she was trembling in ladder she lost d grip n falls kunj holds her…she falls in his arms.
twinle was still closing her eyes..
k:twinke open ur eyes…
twinle slowly does ..
t:thnkq kunj…

kunj lets her down..they come outside n leaves in his car…
t:u made me jump frm my balcony today..i never dared soo
k:wt a fate??though we r getting married dat to arranged still we hv to roam like secret lovers by doing adventures…
t:u didnt do any adventures..i did it..
k:oh..i helped u na
t:ya its nly coz of u…k..wr r we going
k:a movie…..
t:which 1..?

gorgeous is jackie chans movie nice lovestory..

they reach d theatre…

t:u like jakie chans films..
k:nt all bt dis one wil be nice…dnt u like him
t:no..i like didnt see his movies as it will be full of kungfu fights na..
k:ya bt its a love story…

they watch d movie together..while coming out it was tooo crowd..twinkle got missed…kunj comes out n see she is nt wit her…here twinkle is searching kunj..
kunj was tensed..he again entrrs d theatre..n searches…he was sweating badly due to tension…thn twinkle saw kunj.n shouts…he hears her.
kunj see twinle n runs towards her…n hugs her…twinkle was confused.
k:ru ok??
t:kunj i am fine..
kunj hugs her tightly…sajna ve plays..
t:kunj lets leave all r seeing us…

kunj cmes into senses n leaves
in car..
twinkle gives tissue fr kunj..
t:ru ok??y ru sweating badly…
k:wr did u went..u knw i was tensed…as u got missed.
t:kunj i am nt a kid..
k:bt u r my responsibility..i cant lve u like dat…mreover i care fr u.
twinkle thinks…
t:(herself)no one cared me like dis b4..or even may nt be un future..he loves me a lott thnkq babaji i am blessed to hv him in ny life…
she looks at kunj lovingly n as kunj turns towards her. she hugs him.kunj stops d car suddenly..he too hugs hr. .
t:no one cared fr me like u..
twinkle had tears in eyes
k:u ok??
they compose themselves..he see her crying
k:no..if i am wit u…u shildnt cry..
t:hmm .
k:promise me u wnt cry again..untill i make u cry..cme on..
they smile.
t:i promise kunj..even u knw u wnt make me cry…

kunj looks at her eyes…they share an eyelock…sanam re plays in bg…

hope u like it….sry frnds.i promised to post othr yesterday bt i culdnt as i got exhausted aftr my bday fr sure so no precap…

according to me love is nothing bt emotions so u write my epis full of emotions if u dnt like it plzz inform i am writing epi s in my view for love…

plz do comment sry fr short one..

Credit to: Roshini

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    Currently i am nt using any social networks..soon i will inform u

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