Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-18)


Thnkq frndss fr ur wishes…its really a miracle i was nt prepared bt still i did well in jee thnkq again sanam akanksha panchi n rupam
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Epi starts….

Aftr dat twinki reached home..leela was waiting.
T:hi ma…

She heads towards room
L:twinkle wait!!!(angrily)
T:s ma…wy happnd??

Leela comes near n slaps twinkle.twinkle eyes were full of tears
T:ma..wt happnd?(cringly)
L:wr were u??
T:ma..i..i..waa clg.
L:dnt lie wn u learnt dis..i saw u wit kunj outside in car…i hv warned u nt to go na.
T:ma…actually kunj forced me..
L:stop it nw u r blaming him..

Leela drags twinkl to her room b warns her nt to come out n locks s door.
Twinkle cries badly…

T:baabaji…wt i did??though i didnt do any mistakr they will scold me..i dnt knw wt weong i did…god plz i beg u no othr girl shuld get such worse parents they wnt love me..they think me as thr symbol of presitige..i am a girl.i too hv feelings na..

She cries….n she was unable to console herself…so she cald chinki…it was 10pm

C:wt happnd twinki…i am already on bed.didnt u sleep.
T:chinki…vo..vo..(she was sobbing)
C:twinki u..alright!!wt happnd.

Twinkk narrates…chinki feels bad.she thought of going to twinki bt i was toooo late…she tries to console her bt twinki elt vry bad n was unable controll her pain.
C:k..nw sleep dnt wry lets talk in clg…plz sleep n relax..
C:gud nite..
T:hm.gud night.

Chinki immediately calls kunj n tells everything to him..kunj felt vry bad fr her…

K:chinki u dnt wry tmrw she wl b fine…i will take her out.
C:wt..jiju these much happnd still u r daring to do so..
K:u sleep i will take care..

Kunj thinks
K:ye kaisa log hai…hw can they treat her like dat she is soo sweet..n lovely bt kunn its all ur fault u did it so u have to rectify it.

He tries to sleep bt culdbt he wakes up n leaves out of his room.

Twinkle was crying pn her bad she culdnt sleep…she moves towards balcony..n stands thr..
Kunj comes up climbing her balcony…at d same time..he stood behind her n cald her

Twinkle turns..
She run towards him n hugs him…it was emotional n passionate one..literally first hug of them.twinkle was still crying..kunj carasses her hair.

K:u ok twinkle…
K:i am sry.
K:coz of me all these happbd na..
T:ha…hw come u knw..
K:actually vo..vo chinki told me..
K:ya..k leave it plz excuse me..
T:its k its nt ur mistake it is common one fr me..
They were still hugging..m talking all these kunj felt bad n understood her condition in ger house…

K:just sme more days twinkle i will keep u happy fr ever once u get married to me.
Twinkle was touched by his words.
As kunj breaks hug n cups her face..m sees her lovingly..
T:kunj can i hug u fr sme more time.
Kunj nods n hugs her tightly..dis time it was sooo romantic n loving hug.
Twinkle felt relaxed n her heart became lite..all her pain was washed away fr once.

K:my legs r paining as i am standing frm 25 min.
T:oh sry…sry..

They break d hug.
Twinkle moves towards her room n sits near her bed on floor…kunj comes in n sits next to her on floor he holds her..twinkle hugs him n keeps her head on shoulder…kunj carasess her hair.
The side hug while sitting(same durong rajjo track wn twinj were in jungle in night)

K:can i ask u smthing..
K:i need answer fr my question…y u like to be alone…
Twinkle remains silent.
K:dis night i am here to remove ur pain tell me.
T:no reason kunj nly circumstances that took place frm my childhood they were busy wit works n i was always left alone..i didnt get any love frm thm..n small small happiness all children wuld i grow up as i am a girl they treated me like prestige n all s.time even like bullshit..

She cries while saying dis..kunj felt bad n hugs her tight.
T:i dnt knw hw to enjoy…my life so o will be happy wit small small things like music my fashion designs, drives n all d above my chinki…she is everything to me..
K:k..nw frm nw even i am wit u..twinkle..treat me as ur frnd….
T:k…bt kunj its late nw..u betr leavve…
K:oh..ya..k bye..

As her was leaving. Twinkle calls..him
He turns..twinkle forwards her hand.
K:ya..(he shoook hand wit her){data it???
K:dis is fr ur frnd..wt fe ur hubby…

Kunj was holding her hand he pulls her towards him n hugs her…
K:twinkle can i tell u smething…
T:s kunj
K:frm nw twinkle i am wit u…n
I … u. .
Twinkle was happy to here it.kunj felt tensed ..
T:k u leave nw..
K:dnt u say anything
K:i said i love u..
T:i kne..
K:thn wts ur opinion….oh sry i kne u need time sry sry bt i will wait 2 here reply frm u
Bt frm tmrw ur life gonna change
Twinkle smiles….kunj leaves….

Precap:leela askd twinle nt to go to clg..n locks her…Twinkle jumps frm balcony n elopes…wit kunj…its all due to kunj..

Hope u liked it if soo plz drop ur views…

N thnks fr ur love n support.u all bcame a part of my life unknowingly…u guys r inseparable frm me…hope u toooo wit my story…n n…….

Nxt will be posted today itself…as i am free na…

Credit to: Roshini

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