Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-13)


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Epi starts
Kunj starts to narrate

Kunj POV…
S the day wn i saw twinkle fr d first time on jan 1st 2014 at 12 o clock 10 min 15 sec n 7 milisecond.
She was in black colour short maxie…playing on d highway road n was celebrating her new year bt was alone.
I was passing dat way it was a late night journey fr me bt fr her it was like a new turn fr her life on her path of lonliness bt seemed happy alone her eyes said she need some1 fr her life to make her life meaningfull…

At dat time i wanted to be dat person.

And frm dat day i started following her as my family was in abroad i studied here no one was thr to stop me bt once i was caught wit her photos by my brother at dat time i came to lnw she is my relative n all abt my past n promises done during her brth…

I wanted to be wit her so once i decided to meet her at any cost so i went to her clg dat was roseday she was looking awesome like always i back offed to talk to her i just wanted to keep pn looking at her..i was silently following her.she was jn library wit her frnd(chinki)even in library she was talking toooo much.i heard her..she was talking abt book in her hand.

C:twinki hw mad na….romeo used to climb d balcony of juliet to meet her..
T:hhaa haa…really mad love makes to do all such things…
C:i dnt think so they were just teenagers see juliet was just 13 wn all these hapnd its just infatuation
T: u will always say shit ya…romeo kitna sweet hai

C:oh…acha ab tuje wo chahiye…
T:yaa…actually no no acha leave ya n tell hw many roses u got..i got nly 15..ya
C:nly 10…who will be miss rose tday??
T:hv to wait come lats go…

At dat time i got an idea ofcourse she is beautiful dan rose bt need to do something fr her so i rushed to rose garden n broughf 500 to her n wrote name as romeo…n gave delivery on stage….she was happy her two eyes were sparkling lile stars….i loved moment i just wanted to go to her n tell everything bt she wuld think me as flirt no i shuldnt…spoil it.i left seeing her smiling face…

I felt like she is born fr me nly…
On d day of my relative i came to knw she is also coming i was on cloud nine aftr many years wn i culd see her…

On dat day of marriage.
I was standing in front of my mirror…n thought at any cost i shild talk to her n was making my plans.
Bt wn i saw her i was stopped all my blood ran wit full speed.i felt a shock throughout my body by her one look.i was held back to c her…she noticed me bt behaved like stranger i noticed in her eyes..her eyes told me she knws me…..

Bt wn my parents introduced me to her…i was dying to touch her she did namaskar…
Ho god!!!so intelligent kunj controll na….controll urself….

Precap:kunj s love story narration continues

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Credit to: Roshini

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