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Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-27)


dan dan dan dandakadan dan dan dakadak……
u guys r thinking wts dis music right i rocked my chemi paper so dancing……..

haha…thnks fr all of ur wishes jerly di,crazy,lama,panchi yukku.i really did well…

epi starts…….

rabul marraige got over…….all left twinj also left the place they came to airport……they checked in n were waiting fr announcement

T:i still wantd to enjoy.i hv to go back so soon ha..
K:so that was not enough…
T:avtually kunj i need to enjoy more.i dnt want to go home
T:i just dnt want to go back home i feel bry good to be outside like this dat to wit u…as i love to be wit u always..n..i..
she came to knw wt all she said…she just stops..
K:oh y u stopped! go on u look nice wn u keep on blabbering like dat..
twinkle smiles…kunj smiles seeing her

kunj makes an excuse n leaves.twinkle see sm1 sitting nxt to hr actually a guy who was smiling at her..she thn remembers wt happnd on hr last flight wn a guy proposed her…she starts trembling as d guy was gazing at her continously..she was abt to leave bt took a sigh of relief wn she saw kunj coming..she sat back wn kunj came n sat next to her she kept her head on his shoulder..

Kunj POV:
is she alright.smetimes she will be nice n smetimes she will play with me..does she really likes me or i need t give up..oh noo i love hr hw can i give up i a engaged to hr..wt all i am thinking all stupid things…i love her i cant livewithout hr..i knw twinkle u r trying to frget uv ..i knw hw u r i too knw dt u love me tooo soon u gonna tell dat i knw..

as they heard the announcement kunj came into senses..he see twinkle on his shoulders n smiles.

K:shall we go?
Twinkle nods,,,,,,n holds kunj hand n leaves……..

aftr few hours….the flight landed in kashmir….twinkle was slept kunj wokes her uo..
K:twinkle get up!! flight ha landed..
T:haa……so we r back i need to go home i dnt want to(cryingly in sleep)
K:come on wake up na..all hd left
T:kunj i dnt want to go home i am telling it soo manytimes bt u didnt asked me to stay back once also…dnt u love me..ha i knw its hard to bare me bt kunj…….
bfr she culd talk kunj places his hand om her mouth…
K:nnw just shut up ok…i love u.u knw dat i love to bare u….

twinkle smiles…
T:thn y u took me back home…my oarents will come aftr 4 days still thrs time na…
K:twinkle we r nt in amritsar..we r in kashmir..
T: ha…wt?
twinkle was full surprised…
K:s we r in kashmir…
twinkle was overhelmed n hugs kunj tightly…he too hug back…they were in same position fr few minutes….wn airhostes interrupted them…
A:sry to disturb u flight has already landed…..
twinj share sme awkard looks…
K:twinkle chalo na…
twinkle nods n they both leave……

they came out of the airpost n took a taxi…
in taxi…
T: y we came here..
K:thrs a surprise fr u…
T:wts it…
K:wait…till tonight…

they reach the hotel n checked in….

no precap as i will post ithr today nly……..

Credit to: Roshini

  1. I just can’t believe it
    Chem rockzzzzz
    Wohooooooo., oh shit missed my 100 🙁
    But still happy that I did well
    And Congo dear
    Episode was mwaah

  2. I loved the episode……

  3. Loved it awesome

  4. Woooow……Brilliant episode……Just thinking what the surprise would be….. glad to know that ur exam was good……loads of love

  5. Osm epi dear loved it so much can’t wait 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update soon

  6. Awesome ?…plz update fast the next..

  7. You r really a great one who had rocked chemistry wow well done and episod was awsome keep it up

  8. congrats roshini ….. and d epi was awesome ……

  9. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wow amazing…..loved it

  11. Anchali singhania

    Loved it yaar,waiting for the next

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