Love ya Fate….aur life of marriage??? (Epi-26)


Hi frnds thnks fr ur love n support n s its a ishq scene as i love dat movie a lot i took one scene frm it…..sry if it is bad bt i am also nitin fan sooo chalta hai……..’

epi starts…….

twinkle without listening to kunj goes to beach she goes fr a long beach walk n settled down near d banks.n was enjoying d cool breeze night sky lovely night..wn all of a sudden some drunkards roaming thr notices hr n comes towards her n starts talking bad abt her….

GUY1;hey beauty y u r alone need any company..
GUY2:i am also thr bro…
T:stop u idiots..
G1:oh…u look hot wn u r angry..lets party tonight…

twinkle was full of fear n runs away frm thr..they started chasing hr..n finally they caught her n draggd her to treeside…twinkle was shouting fr help bt in dat night no one was thr fr help…she tried her best to get rid of their hands bt couldnt as they were too strong..wn 1 guy came near to kiss her suddnly sm1 hit him wit a wood stick…twinkle who was crying vigoriously with closed eyes opened hr eyes n was delighted to see kunj thr….

kunj beats d guys black n blue they ran away….twinkle who was still crying ran to him n hugged him tightly….kunj also hugged her back…

sajna ve music plays in bg…

he takes her frm thr n they reach back to purab s place….

@purab s place,…
P:hey kunj wr did u go all of a sudden….come..
K:twinkle u go i will come..

twinkle went into her room silently…kunj joined his frnds n had drinks n enjoyed d party…twinkle was in room sleeping on her bed she was unable to sleep so she was just remembering wt happnd…n wt wuld hv happnd if kunj was nt on time to rescue hr…
she hears d noice as sm1 opened d door..she acts to be slept…it was kunj he came in n saw her sleeping he goes towards hr n sits nxt to her…

he looks at her smilingly…n cups her face n kisses on her forehead…twinkle opens hr eyes..
K:oh sry!!didnt u sleep…
T:no..kunj ru drunk…
K:no yaar dat purab did it…(childish way)
T:dnt act..i knw u r drunk…

still kunj was holding her face twinkle was in sleeping position nluy…they were vry close to each othr..kunj speaks softly…

K:did i tell u hw much beautiful u r???
twinkle smiles
K:do u knw y i didnt tell u dat?
T:y kunj (smilingly)
K:coz…u r nt at all beautiful….hahahah…

he was over drunk n falll back on d floor..twinkle wakes up n rushes towards him looks at him lovingly…..

nxt day mng…..rabuls marriage….

kunj woke up n see himself on floor dat to in twinkle s room…..he remembers wt happnd night he smiles n gets ready n goes to function.he searches fr twinkle bt culdnt see her…
shyam comes thr…
S:wt bro looking so fresh.wt happnd night..
S:thn wr were u…i came to ur room..
K:i was in twinkle s room
S:oh….b4 marriage u r hr in same room ha….
K:stupid!!! aisa kuch nahi hai…dnt imagine d way wrs twinkle…..
S:she is wit ria…..
S:yes in garden…

kunj rushes t garden n saw ria n twinkle sitiing togethr n talking,,he went towards hr…he saw ria putting mehendi fr twinkle they both were laughing…

R:oh kunj come come i am putting mehendi on ur name..
kunj smiles…twinkle blushes
K:twinkle ru ok?
T;ya kunj…

sm1 comes n tells dat bulbul is calling twinkle so she left nly kunj n ria r left….
K:wts dis new drama?/i told u to be far frm hr…
R:kunj u remember wt hapnd night..
Kunj thinks n says no…..

wn kunj was completely drunk ria came thr n took hm to her room….she tries to get close to him bt kunj though whon was nt in senses gave her a tight slap!!
n warns her to be far frm him n twinke…n leaves d place…

flashback ends…
R:i came to kne hw much u love i gave up my feelings fr u..sry kunj
K:dats ok..

they both hug it was a friendly hug….twinkle sa this n felt little jealous…later kunj goes to twinkle…
K:hi twinkle gud mrng..
T:gud mrng(annoyingly)
K;show me ur mehendi..
n tries to touch her hands…
T:dnt dare to touch me ok…

she leaves kunj was confused n folllows hr….kunj finallly hold hr by hr hand..
K:wait wr ru going..
T:its none of ur business go n be wit ur ria nly..
K:oh..dats y u r angry..

kunj thn narrates her wt happnd n all…twinkle felt relief

T:so u dnt remember wtu said me night..
K:actually i remember i was drunk na..sry i was kidding..
T:u were kidding!ha..
K:sry u r d most beautiful thing in my life…
he kneels down saying ths…twinkle smiles..
T:hmm..k get up nw..
K:will u show me ur hands nw..
twinkle shows it n it was too red..
K:c hw much i love u…
T:ya i knw..
K:bt u didnt tell wts in ur heart bt i can see it in ur eyes…

twinj share a beautiful eyelock..sajna ve plays…

they both smile n go to d mandap rabul marraige was happening…

precap:twinj knock-jock n a surprise fr twinkle n also fr u frndss….

sry i knw its short i am hving chemistry reexam tmrw thn i will b frr i will continue my oth ff frm tmrw…n wil upload dis ff 2 epis a day i promise as i wil be free…
plz throw ur cmnts,,,,,,n thnks fr ur support…..;love u all loads….

rupam ofcourse i madly believe in destiny n fate,,,,its product is my nxt ff SATH JANMON KA PYAAR YA RAB KA KHEL….

stay tuned n silent readers thnks fr silent support n plz cmnt>>>>>>
bye i need t study nw…
sanam all d best…fr exam..

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Osm as always u rock ur ff dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cnt wait 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update soon

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  5. Ur from Karnataka ri8!
    Got it when u said u have reexam..
    Hope it not leaks this time..
    Ad u r writing the exam for 3rd time I guess
    Best luck dear..
    N hope that
    Their ll b no strike..
    As due to it my exams ll get postponed which I litrally don’t want..

    Coming to our ff
    Its awesome..keep going..
    Lodds f love

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