My Love Written to You -Part 2

Hi guys…i ‘m back…Thank you for your wonderful feedbacks as i really appreciate it….
Let ‘s begin….
After they challenge each other, Karan quickly print out the contract of their agreement and hand it over to Naina.
Naina: What is this???
Karan: The agreement…just sign it
Naina: What for?
Karan: In case you forget….
Naina: FINE….

In that moment Nirmala, Karan ‘s mom came…
Nirmala: What agreement?
Karan: Nothing ma…we were just talking
Naina quickly hid the papers under the pillow…
Nirmala: Naina, Karan lets go down. Dadu wants you two to complete a wedding rasam
Karan: But ma we are very tired
Nirmala: No buts….come faster

After a few seconds Nirmala left the room…Karan hold Naina and pull her closer…
Naina: What are you doing???Let me go….
Karan: I do not want to any rasam with you but I have no choice
Naina: So…
Karan: Behave yourself and do not show your drama skills and your romance mode to everyone…understand…
Naina: Ok…fine
Nirmala called them to be fast….
Naina: Yes ma, we are coming
Naina dragged Karan out of the room
Karan: NAINA STOP….I can walk myself
Naina: Then faster walk…everyone is waiting for us

At the living room
All the family member were present. Kunal and Meghnal are sitting while waiting for Naina and Karan so that they could start their rasam too.
Kunal: How long should we wait for you???
Meghnal: Thats why…so late
Naina: Sorry Jiju and didi….
Kunal and Meghnal: That alright….
Karan and Naina sat down at their respectively places. In front of them, there was a huge bowl of milk and some rose petals…
Dadu: Kunal ,Meghnal ,Karan, Naina you may put your inside the bowl to find the ring….the first one to find it is the winner…


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  1. Renimarenju

    Awww….Interesting….Pls try 2 make updates as bit longer…..The way u writes is really beautiful it is actually a relief from my boring office work….Thanks this made my day…..

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Really awesome episode.Keep writing but next time a quite longer one please.i am in love with your ff.Update asap.Loads of love.:-)

  3. Superb episode plz update next episode as soon as possible

  4. AbrahamEzra

    It was interesting. But make it a bit longer. Post asap

  5. First of all sorry jayashree for not commenting previous part..but i read that..loved your story verymuch..and plz make chapter long..this is very short update..ok next one soon

  6. Jayshree

    Thanks…and yes i will try to make it longer…

  7. Minerva

    Marvellous episode. Karan and naina’s conversations were extremely well-depicted and composed. Their banters and the statements about the deal surely give this story a new head-start. The relations between both the couples is described pretty well and is presented wondrfully. Looking forward to some sisterly bonding between meghna and naina.

  8. Devihaa

    Hey Dr.. it was awesome…. I loved it… Pls update next part a bit longer..It’s too short yaar… Post next part asap…

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