Love – a wonderful feel (episode 20) last


And here goes the last episode of my ff.I don’t want to drag it.So iam giving a short update.
4 days have passed.Sanskar,Ragini and Samrat are constantly in touch wid each other.Laksh is still unaware of what’s going on.Swara doesn’t ask anything to Ragini.She decides to find it out by herself.

Day 5(evening)Sanskar informs Laksh that he is going to meet Manohar to discuss about a case.
Laksh:But bhai,itni raat ko jaana zaroori hai kya?And Baba doesn’t call u after 6?
Sanskar:Vo….Lucky,It’s very important.I’ll return within 2 hrs.U continue preparing.Bye.
Laksh(in his mind):Sanskar ur behavior is weird nowadays.I know u willnot tell anything now.Let me wait for the exams to get over.Afterall,everybody are waiting for my success.I have to concentrate on it.
At the ashram,Ragini is narrating everything to Mataji and Swara overhears them.Ragini sees Swara.
Swara:Ragini,what r u doing here?How much time shld I wait for u?Come soon..I feel sleepy.
Ragini is confused as she knows Swara has heard everything.
Ragini:Ha!I’m coming Swara.(Turns to Mataji):U be calm Ma.Everything will be back on track soon.
Mataji(teary eyed):I want my children to be happy,thats it.Be careful always!(Ragini goes)

At bungalow,
Shanthi:Mano,did u think u can die so easily?No.I will punish u for ur betrayal at any cost.(She instructs some of her men what to do next.The men leave)
(Sanskar is wid Manohar.The goons sent by Shanthi notice him and inform her.Shanthi thinks that sanskar has made her work easy.She orders them to return)
On day 6,Samrat gets all evidence against Shanthi and her family.Ragini keeps on supporting Laksh and helping him so that he doesn’t miss Sanskar.Swara is doing something on her part.
On day 7,Shanthi and Sanskar face each other.Shanthi has filed a case against Manohar for breach of contract(Manohar had agreed to work until 70 but he is only 65 now) Sanskar fights for Manohar.The lawyer fighting for Shanthi informs that Manohar is missing and puts the blame on Sanskar.He shows some photographs of Sanskar wid Manohar.
Just then,Swara brings Manohar,who is unconscious in a wheel chair.Sanskar and Ragini are stunned.She plays the audio recorded by him.(Actually Swara had gone to Manohar’s house that previous night to see him.Manohar somehow guessed Shanthi’s motives and gave the recording to Swara because he thought that Sanskar will be Shanthi’s target)Shanthi who never expected this,starts threatening Swara that she will kill her parents forgetting about the surroundings.She realizes and tries to cover up but Samrat enters the scene.With the permission of the judge,he explains all atrocities of Shanthi with clear evidence.The case becomes very easy for Sanskar to win.Shanthi is awarded life time imprisonment and all her properties divided among Samrat and Ragini.Swara’s parents are traced and released.

The next day,Manohar dies in the presence of everyone.Laksh comes to know about everthing.He is devastated to see Manohar.Sanskar is speechless.Swara and Ragini are trying their best to console them.Sanskar performs the last rites of Manohar.Laksh clears out all papers and becomes the topper.It takes a long time for everyorn to get over the tragedy.
Sanskar takes over Manohar’s firm.Lakshya gets employed in a nationalized bank.Swara starts a boutique and Ragini joins as a dance teacher in a school.

After 6 months,
Sanskar-Swara and Ragini-Lakshya are married in the presence of everyone.Sanskar’s father Satyendra is overwhelmed to see his son.Lakshya’s parents and Samrat are happy for their children.Swara’s parents who are back from house arrest after nearly 15 years are depressed to see her condition but they are proud to have Sanskar as their son-in-law.Mataji blesses everyone.
Happy ending!

So friends,thank u so much for ur support.Actually I was not sure about the ending so came up wid something.I just gave a try and never did think that it will become successful.I will start another ff soon.Till then,its Priya bidding u farewell.Love u all,God bless u..

PS:Do not search for logic!!

Credit to: Priya

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Priya……why did u finish it sooooooo soooon yaar????,…i’ll miss ur ff a lot……. ty sooooooo much 4 giving us a such a wonderful story…….the end is was also gud……i have a request………can u pls write an epilogue for this ff pls???????…… ur ff…..and will miss it….love ya??❤❤❤

  2. Thank u dear Natasha.I love all my frns.I never make them miss me.Will be back soon with a different and better story.Just wanted to be one among u!there are lots of Priya here.Don’t get confused yaar!?

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