Love – a wonderful feel (Intro and episode 1)


Hai everyone,this is priya here.iam new and wish to start with a fiction story.i am really impressed by everyone’s creativity here.some of the ffs have already driven me crazy.i wanted to share mine too.hope u all like it.let’s start.
Iam a swasan-raglak admirer.therefore I have written this story around these two jodis.
As iam a tamilian,I want one among these four as a tamilian.

Swara-A 20 year old,physically handicapped but extremely talented girl from kolkata.She had lost her parents in a very deadly accident when she was around ten years old and she was left in an ashram.She is an expert in stitching and embroidery works
Ragini-A girl of the same age who grew up in the same ashram,best friend of swara.She has her own family who are not ready to accept her just because she is a girl.She is a very good dancer.
Sanskar-A famous lawyer from Gujarat.He is a straight forward person and always fought for justice.
Lakshya-An aspiring chartered accountant(like me!)from Tamilnadu.He is very studious but belongs to a financially backward family.
The scene starts in a college where swara and ragini were doing there graduation.Its lunch break
Swara:Ragi,its your turn to feed me today.Come on.iam really very hungry.
Ragini:Acha,swaru.come let’s go.

Swara and Ragini are having their lunch.Just then a women of age about 50 years approached them.
Lady:Hey ladies,who among you is swara?
Swara:Iam can I help you?
Lady:Hai Swara.Iam Shanti Raghuvanshi.MD of Raghu group of companies.I have heard a lot about your art do embroidery works right?
Shanti(The lady):So will you do me a favour?I am giving a bulk order.I’ll give you 50 sarees and u shoul get them embroidered within a month.Those are for my family members who will be attending my daughter’s wedding.Will you?
Swara.Of course.Iam very happy.Thank you so much.
Shanti:OK then.You will get the sarees tomorrow.I’ll discuss the other things with mataji(the lady who takes care of the ashram)
Swara:Ok ma’am.
Ragini who was watching all this feels something fishy.
Ragini:Swara I am suspicious about this lady.When there are lots of excellent tailors in the city,why should she approach you?
Swara:Kehna kya chahthi ho?am I not talented?
Ragini:I did not mean that.Rich people never turn towards people like us.But she has come to you?No no swara,its not too late.please don’t accept this.Patha nahi ek ajeeb sa dar lagra hai mujhe.
Swara:Chintha math karo ragi.Everything is fine and will be fine.By the way,why fear when ragi is here?

Ragini:I will be by your side always.Go ahead.
Swaragini hug.

Recap:Sanskar and Laksh Story.

Credit to: Priya

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  1. Ragsan plz

    1. Thank you for your comment.will surely write an ff on ragsan next time

    2. Thank you so much for your comment.will surely give an ff on ragsan next time

  2. Very nice dear and Thanks for raglak and swasan

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  3. Pls swasan and raglak.

    1. Yes dear madhu.its swasan and raglak.Thank you

  4. nice start..

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