Love – a wonderful feel (episode 9 and 10)


Hello everyone,let’s continue,two episodes again!
Ragini is alone in her room in the ashram,while she hears someone knocking the door.
She shouts who is that,but there is no response.She takes a wooden stick and goes to open the door.
Ragini(opens the door and raises her hand but stops):Lakshji?Aap?
Laksh:S.I know u are not……..(ragini drags laksh inside and closes the door)
Ragini:What is this Laksh?If anyone sees u here,what will happen?
Laksh:I know Ragini.But I wanted to meet u because u r alone and u need someone
Ragini:Not someone Laksh.I need Swara and my Mataji.
Laksh:I know Ragu.that’s why I have come here to help u.
Ragini feels better on hearing Laksh say Ragu.She lies on his shoulders and cries badly.
Laksh:Rag…….Stop this.I can’t see u crying(He holds her)
Ragini:Why Laksh?why did ur so called friend cum bhai did this?What crime did Swara and Mataji commit?He knows they are innocent but even then…..(she starts crying again)
Laksh lifts Ragini’s face and wipes her tears:Dekho,I apologize to u on behalf of sanskar.I don’t know why he did this.But he is pure at heart Ragini.
Ragini(in a frustrated tone):Pure?U r still supporting him?(Tries to move away from him)
Laksh:Ragini,please give me a chance.I’ll try o find the reason behind this.Pehle,Swara aur Mataji ko jail se bahar nikalana hai.I have an idea.
Ragini:What Laksh?

Laksh:We will take Swara and Mataji out on bail.I have the papers.
Ragini reads the papers:But Laksh,how did u manage to get money?
Laksh:I had saved money out of my scholarship.As iam staying with Sanskar,I need not pay room rent now.I paid the money out of these sources.
Ragini:Why are u doing all these Laksh?For whom?
Laksh:For you Ragini.I can’t see u in pain even for a second.I will do anything to keep u happy.Even if there is a need to sacrifice my……(Ragini closes his mouth)
Ragini:Then who will take care of me and keep me happy?Don’t ever think of doing something stupid.
(They both smile)Laksh:Ragini,I want to see this smile on ur face always.
Ragini:U r the reason for my smile,Laksh.I will b happy always when u are there.
(both hear the sound of footsteps and Laksh escapes from there)

At Manohar’s office,Sanskar hasn’t stopped crying till then
Manohar shouting at Sanskar:Stop crying Sanskar.Are u mad?Why did u do this?
Sanskar:What did I do sir?What has gone wrong?By the way.u told me to take up the case even after knowing that swar…..(before he completes)
Manohar:I gave u this case even after knowing everything because I thought that u will back off after seeing swara.
Sanskar(gets up):Back off?But why should I back off when swara has done a mistake?
Manohar:So u have such kind of thoughts about swara?Do u really think that swara would have done this?(Sanskar is confused)
Sanskar:Sir,please make it clear.Why did u expect u to back off?
Manohar:Becausei thought ur feelings of swara would make u realize and save swara.
Sanskar(in a tensed voice):Realize what?
Manohar(in a very raised voice):THAT SWARA AND MATAJI ARE INNOCENT!!!It was the plan of that Shanthi.iam captured,that’s why I wanted to deal the case so u will save swara but……(Manohar becomes teary eyed)
(Sanskar feels like the roof above him has fallen on him.He feels pain all over his body.He is not able to see, hear or speak anything.He starts leaving)
Sanskar:My shone,my shona……… u r innocent.iam the criminal,iam responsible for everything….(saying he goes out.It starts raining heavily)
Manohar shouts:Sanskar!beta ruko!we can correct everything.we can save ur shona.sanskar….sanskaaaar……….(by that time sanskar has gone very far)
Manohar(starts lamenting):No!My Sanskar….!I shouldn’t have done this,even after knowing that u believes me to be right always.(He searches for Laksh’s number)
At Sanskar’s house,
Laksh,after returning from ashram,searches for Sanskar everywhere,but doesn’t find him.He tries to call Sanskar but he is unavailable.Just then,he receives the call from Manohar.Laksh attends the call)

Manohar(in a weak tone):Laksh beta!where are u?where is sanskar?
Laksh:Uncle!i thought to call u to ask about sanskar.He is not at home.
(Manohar explains the incident that happened just then)
Laksh(shocked and starts to shout):What r u saying uncle?Swara is innocent?My brother has always fought for justice.He is in this situation only because of u!if anything happens to my bhai,then no one will be worse than me!(Laksh cuts the call and leaves to search Sanskar)
(Manohar starts crying badly and sits down there holding his chest.An attendant comes there and takes him to the hospital)
(Laksh searches for Sanskar in every possible place where he goes often.But he doesn’t find him anywhere.Laksh starts to cry and shouts Bhai…..Bhai……Where are u?Why did u leave me?)
( Where is Sanskar?will reveal it in the next epi.Ha Ha…..!)
(Laksh returns home and calls Ragini)
Laksh:Ragini!Sanskar has gone somewhere he is missing!
Ragini(shocked but gets normal):Oh!so he has escaped after doing everything!
Laksh:No Ragini!He has come to know the truth that swara is innocent.So…..
Ragini:So ur mahaan Brother has disappeared, out of guilt!he has no guts to face us na?
Laksh:Stop ur nonsense Ragini!Tomorrow I will give u the money required to take Swara out on bail.U complete the required formalities.I have to search bhai.
Ragini:Ok.I’ll go straight to the court.u come there with the money.I’ll take care of other matters.
(Laksh goes to sleep.But he is very much worried about Sanskar.He thinks:its raining very heavily!Don’t know where bhai is stuck.He feels like crying out loudly.He stays awake the whole night waiting desperately for the sun to rise)

The next day morning,
Laksh draws money from his account and goes to court.He meets Ragini there.
Laksh:Take this Ragini.I’m going to search bhai.u take care of everything here.Call me in case of emergency.
Ragini:Laksh.Leave him.He is responsible for this situation.Let him……(Laksh raises his hand but stops)
Laksh:Not a word about my bhai!how dare u speak against him to me?Iam alive today because of him.I understand that he has done a mistake.Afterall,he is also a normal person.And on top of everything,he didn’t do anything intentionally.I know how much he feels for swara.So just shut up and get ur so called sister and mother out!(He goes from there angrily)
(Ragini feels hurt.She goes to meet Swara)

At the jail room,
(Ragini talks to lawyers and asks them to complete the formalities for bail.She gets permission and goes inside.She sees Swara sleeping in the lap of mataji.Ragini runs to her calling her name)
Mataji(recognizes Ragini):Ragu beta!Tum yahan?Are u fine?
Ragini:S mataji.Iam here to take u both on bail(Swara hears their conversation and getsup)
Swara:Rag…Ragin…i…..U?(She slowly goes to her side)
Ragini:Ha Swara!Be careful!
Swara:Where is Sanskar?Has he come to see me Ragini?
(Ragini feels like slapping swara hard till she faints)
Ragini(starts screaming):Swaraaaaaa…….Are you mad?U are here,in this jail because of Sanskar!And u are asking about him?How will he come and why should he come to meet u?
Swara:Because he is not behind this Ragu!He was dragged into this!
Ragini:Swara!Impossible!How can u even think like this about him?
Swara:I’m sure Ragini.When I saw him inside the court,his eyes!…………….Those eyes reflected his shock.I understood that he doesn’t know that iam involved in this case.
(Ragini remembers Laksh’s words and wonders how swara came to know about this)
Ragini:Ha….ha….Swara.i too know that.But if so,he could have saved u na?
Swara:He was trapped Ragini.Try to understand.
(The lawyers come with the papers and asks the constable to release them.Swara and Mataji come out)
Mataji:By the way,how did u manage to arrange for the money, beta?
Ragini:Actually Mataji,my friend Laksh gave the money out of his savings.
Mataji:Jai Shree Ram!Let all his wishes come true!
Swara:Ragu,do u know where is sanskar?I want to meet him.Call Laksh now.
(Ragini doesn’t answer.She remains silent)
Swara:Ragini(in a little raised tone)Can’t u hear me?I told u to call Laksh.i want to meet Sanskar.
Ragini(stammers):Wo….Swaru….The matter is …..That….Sans…..kar…..
Swara(tensed):Sanskar?Sanskar ko kya hua?he is fine na?What happened?Tell me clearly……Ragini open u mouth and speak or else……
Ragini:Wait Swara,I’ll tell u.Let’s go to ashram first
Swara:What the hell Ragini?Tell me now.I won’t leave this place,if u don’t.
Ragini:Why r u so stubborn Swara?teh day Sanskar came into our lives,u have started behaving strange.
Swara:Ha.Because I’ve seen something strange in him.Now, are u going to tell me?
Ragini(in a reluctant tone):Sanskar is missing from last night.
(Swara feels that the world has stopped.She looses her balance and about to fall.Mataji and Ragini helps her)
Swara(in a weak tone):Where did u go sanskar?why did u leave me?i need u now.I can feel ur pain Sanskar.Please come back!(she gets teary eyed)
(Sanskar feels Swara’s pain)(Location will be known in the next episode)
Ragini:Swara.Iam here for u.Then how can u be alone?
Swara:But u cannot become my sanskar na ragi?
(Ragini has no words to speak.Mataji signs Ragini to leave Swara alone.She takes Swara to their room,asks her to rest and goes out)
Ragini(in her mind):U have snatched my sister from me Sanskar.U have to pay for this.
(Its 1 pm.Laksh is roaming around the city searching for sanskar.His mobile rings.Laksh attends the call)
Laksh:Hello.Who is this?

The voice from the other side is very angry.
Voice:Iam Raj,assistant to Manohar sir.I have been calling u from last night.Can’t u call me back by seeing the missed calls?
(Laksh sees his shows 20 missed calls)
Laksh:Sorry yaar!Iam searching for Sanskar that’s why I didn’t notice them.Why did u call me,Raj?
Raj:Manohar sir is in MS hospital.He had a mild cardiac arrest.He’s safe now.I wanted to inform u.He is taking Sanskar’s name even in unconscious state.Please bring Sanskar as soon as possible.Sir’s health will improve only on seeing Sanskar.
Laksh(shocked and thinks):I shouldn’t have been harsh to him.Shit!!!!Ok Raj.Take care of Sir.I’ll find bhai as soon as possible.(He cuts the call)Dekha bhai!How many people are waiting for you here and u have gone somewhere leaving us alone.(He goes to a hotel to have lunch)I’ll rest only after finding u bhai!

Precap:Laksh finds Sanskar.He confronts Manohar.Manohar’s past is revealed.

Credit to: Priya

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