Love – a wonderful feel (episode 7 and 8)

Sorry for the delay guys,let’s go to the next part.I have given two episodes here.
At the coffeeshop,
Laksh is trying to console Ragini who is still hurt
Ragini:Never Laksh!Swara……how could she behave like that?
Laksh:U say that u r her close friend,can’t u understand even this?
Ragini:What do u mean Laksh?
Laksh:I have seen lots of changes in bhai after the party.I think both have feelings for each other
Ragini:.There is no one important than me for Swara.if she has stood against me for someone means…..may be u r right Laksh.We will help both of them to understand each other
Laksh(with an innocent face):Then who will help us?
Ragini:Swara and Sanskar, in return(Both realize their speech and changes their topic)
Ragini:It’s getting late.I have to apologise to swara and help her in her task
Laksh:Task?What task?

Ragini explains everything and also about her fear
Laksh:U r not wrong Ragini.I too feel something bad.(Ragini gets happy on hearing Laksh’s words)
(Ragini askes Laksh to drop her at the ashram.Laksh is shocked)
Laksh:Ashram?Swara nd U are living in ashram?
Ragini:Ha Laksh(She tells Swara’s past and her history)
Laksh:Oh God!Even in 21st century,people have these kind of stupid opinions!I have seen my mother and my sister.I would say,women are the strongest and the most responsible people!ur family doesn’t deserve u!(Ragini has found out the man who is going to change her life)
Laksh:Bye Ragini.Take care both of u.(Laksh leaves)
(Ragini goes to her room and sees Swara hurt)
Ragini(tensed):Swaru,how did this happen?did u fall down?can’t u be careful?if anything had happen…….(before she completes)
Swara:My Ragi is wid me.Nothing will happen to me.
Ragini:Sorry Swaru.I shouln’t have done this to u.Thanks to Laksh.He……(realizes)Wo….actually…..
Swara:So u had gone to meet Laksh?That’s y u are late?right?
Ragini(bends down):Hmmmm.
Swara(in an eager tone):Did u see Sanskar?(On seeing Swara,Ragini understood that laksh was right)
Ragini(to test Swara):No…..(Swara becomes dull.Ragini continues)But it was Sanskar who sent Laksh to convince me to aplogise to u(wid a naughty smile)
Swara(with her eyes wide open):Really?I know Sanskar will help me.(Ragini smiles)
Ragini:Why are u worried about him Swaru?
Swara(stammers):Act….ually…..vo….ha….that day sanskar was telling me that he felt bad for his behavior.I think he wanted to apologize.

Ragini:If so,he’ll definitely come again to meet u
Swara:He’ll come na Ragu?(In an expecting tone)
Ragini:For sure Sanskar will come.
Meanwhile at Sanskar’s home
Sanskar:Did u speak to Ragini?Did u convince Ragini?She’ll apologise to Swara na?Or shall I talk to her?One minute I’ll call her.(Takes his phone)
Laksh:Bhai..bhai..Wait.Give me time to answer.Ragini is convinced and by this time she would have apologized to Swara.U didn’t even ask anything about me but so much worried about that Swara?
Sanskar(a bit angry):She is my Swara,not that Swara.I meant…ah…sh..she is my friend so……
Laksh(shouts):Yeyyyy!Thank u bhai(Now Laksh is confident that he is right about Sanskar’s feelings)
Sanskar thinks:Why is he thanking me?Any ways Swara will be happy today.I won’t let her cry!But why am I thinking about her?(shrugs his shoulder and goes)
After one month,
Inspite of her injury and her ashram responsibilities,Swara managed to complete the task along wid her studies with the help of Ragini.
Mataji has fully recovered and she is back to work.Swara hands over the sarees to Mataji.
Mataji:Please forgive me Swara.U had to suffer a lot because of me!
Swara:U r my mother.I fulfilled the responsibilities of a daughter.Mataji,maafhi maang ke mujhe paraayi math banayiye!(with teary eyed)
Mataji:Its ok Swara.By the way,I’ll give the sarees today itself.
Swara and Ragini leave for college

At the bungalow,
Shanthi ( in great shock):How could this happen?Swara completed the task within time?No…..I can’t let u win Swara!(She calls a man and hands over a suitcase to him.She gives some instructions to the man)
The man comes to ashram and gets the sarees.He gives the suitcase to Mataji and leaves.
At the ashram in the evening,
Mataji informs Swara that she had given the sarees and also had got the payment
Swara asks Mataji to save the money for ashram maintenance.
Mataji:Yes beta,Tomorrow I’ll deposit the money in the ashram bank account.
Swara and Ragini are very tired.They go to sleep after having their dinner.
At the bungalow,
Shanthi:Ur time starts now Swara.
The next day,
Manohar gets a call from Shanti.(Manohar is the personal lawyer for Shanthi and sometimes for the companies)
Manohar:Gud morning Madam.How are u?When should I come to meet you?
The voice from other side says now.

Manohar goes to the bungalow and is welcomed by Shanthi
Shanthi gives the photos of Swara and Mataji and says that a case has to be filed against them.
Manohar is into a great shock as he knows very well about Mataji.
Manohar:Madam,are u serious?a case against Mataji? But why?
Shanthi:Because I want to see them suffer.I know they are innocent.But they are going to be made into criminals,BY ME.And u r going to prove me right.(smiles wickedly).Mano,u know what will happen if u don’t accept to do this.I know u r very intelligent.Take ur own decision.
Manohar(helplessly):O..k..kkkk .I will do this
Shanthi:And one more thing,this case should be handled by Sanskar!Not anyone else,even you
Manohar gets up and shouts:U want to win the case.That’s it.I know what to do next.
Shanthi:Calm down,Mano.Why?Don’t u believe Sanskar?
Manohar:I believe him.But……
Shanthi:No more explanations and excuses.Do what I say or else u will not see Sanskar alive!(She goes)
Manohar(in mind):U need not kill him.I know what will happen if he gets to know about this(He leaves)
(Manohar is the only person with whom Sanskar shares his personal views.Manohar is aware of Sanskar’s feelings for Swara.That was why he hesitated to bring Sanskar into this case)
(Shanthi had arranged for a spy who always keep an eye on SwaRagini.She(the spy)kept on updating Shanthi about the movements of Swaragini.Shanthi knows very well about Swara and Sanskar.She is planning everything to break Swara forever)
Manohar goes to office and explains the case to Sanskar.He tells only about Mataji.
Sanskar:But Sir,why will Mataji do this?Afterall,she is an ashram owner and……
Manohar(losing his temper):No more questions Sanskar.Iam ur employer.Just do what I say.Prepare a notice with the details about the case.
Sanskar has never seen his boss in this state.he is stunned and says yes
At the ashram,
Police arrests Mataji.Swaragini were informed earlier and they are going straight to the court.Other officials at the ashram are conversing with some lawyers.
At the courtroom,
Mataji is questioned by Sanskar.Mataji tells everything about the man who came to get the sarees.
Shanthi(on the other side):Yes Mr.Sanskar.I had sent the man to get the sarees.
Mataji:The man gave me a suitcase but…..

Shanthi:So u got the money too.This is a new way to cheat people.Looking like a saint and doing….
Just then Swaragini enter and asks her to stop speaking against Mataji.
Shanthi:Welcome Miss Swara.Now u have to answer me.
(Swara replaces Mataji and is shocked to see Sanskar there.Sanskar is feeling like someone is hitting him with a heated rod)
Shanthi:I gave u 50 sarees and this is the way u work on them?(The sarees are brought and shown.All colors have faded away and there are holes in the sarees.Swaragini and Mataji are stunned)
Shanthi:These sarees were packed by u and opening it now in front of everyone.What is this Swara?
Sanskar screams inside:No Swara couldn’t have done this.But he doubts Swara because he knows that she is a short tempered girl.
Swara tries to prove her innocence while Sanskar is watching her helplessly.
The court postpones the case to the next day.
(Actually,the sarees were not packed when the man came to ashram because Mataji wanted to count them in front of him.When she had gone inside,the man sprayed some chemical on the sarees.He lit a match stick and shooked it on the top of the sarees( some of u would have had such an experience,I have had one,a kind of fire drop will burn from matchsticks,agarbathis will burn ur dress and there appears a hole.Mataji,unaware of all this packed the sarees and gave it to him and also got the suitcase but……………………………………there was no money inside)
At Sanskar’s house,
Sanskar and Laksh are not normal.Both are not in their senses and they didn’t have their dinner too.
Laksh:Bhai.I believe Swaragini.Ragini told me about the task and about her opinion.
Sanskar:What opinion?
Laksh:That she has doubt on that rich lady.
Sanskar:But I doubt Swara.May she couldn’t have done this intentionally,but by mistake
Laksh(shocked):Sanskar,r u serious?How can u say this about Swara?
Sanskar:Because I have seen her being selfish and getting angry.
Laksh(turns to the other side):I told u that whatever we see are not always the right thing.Iam sure that lady is plotting against them.Do something to stop…Bhai….bhai(turns back.Sanskar has already slept)
Laksh feels very bad for Swaragini and he is angry on sanskar.
The next day at court,

Mataji and Swara are asked to return the money back.But where do they have money?
Sanskar points out Mataji’s statement of getting the suitcase from the man.But Mataji couldn’t prove that there was no money inside.Swara and Mataji are sentenced to 1 month of imprisonment and a penalty of Rs.25000.Sanskar is shattered from inside,but he thinks that he is right.He looks on, as Swara and Mataji are taken to jail.Swara is not able to realize what’s actually happening around her.
Ragini who is standing with Laksh outside sees Swara and Mataji.She runs to them but is not allowed to meet them.
Ragini shouts:Swaraa….Mataji….Don’t worry.I will bring u out.(Suddenly,she faints and falls down)
Laksh and Sanskar help Ragini and she wakes up.
Ragini:Why did u do this Sanskar?U know very well that my swaru and Mataji are innocent.I swear upon myself,I will prove u wrong very soon.Only then will I meet u(She turns to Laksh and waves him bye)

Precap:Laksh offers to help Ragini.Sanskar gets to know the truth from Manohar.Laksh searches for Sanskar

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