Love – a wonderful feel (episode 6)


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So guys,the next part of the story……
At the ashram
Swara starts her work the very next day.Ragini is still trying to stop her
Ragini:Swara.please rethink about your decision.I don’t find this right.
Swara:Ragini,not all rich people are evil.There are exceptions to every rule.
Ragini:But I don’t think she is an exception
Swara:So my sweety,are u going to keep on arguing wid me or will help me?
Ragini:You do whatever u feel is right.I will always be there for u swara.
Swara:So why fear?even if this goes wrong.we will fight for it together.(They join hands and start to work.After sometime,they get ready and leave for college)
It’s a big bungalow named Raghu Castle.A woman is speaking to someone who appears like a hooligan(gunday).The woman is none other than Shanthi Raghuvanshi.

Shanti(to the gunday):Don’t forget anything.Everything should go on as I said.Understand?
Gunday:Ji.We’ll meet you after completing the task.
(They leave)
Shanthi:So my favourite girl Swara,let me see how do you complete the task.After all,u have to know who am i.People will get to know what will happen to them if they oppose Raghuvanshi Parivaar through YOU.(laughs like a monster)

At Sanskar’s house,
Laksh is not behaving well wid Sanskar after the party.He just answers his questions and informs important matters,if any
Sanskar:Lucky.You said you want to meet your teacher na?Come I’ll drop you
Laksh:No thanks.I know what and when to do a work.Don’t think that you are the only person capable of doing everything(gets irritated)
Sanskar:Stop it Laksh.What are you up to?Why are u behaving like this?What’s wrong wid u?
Laksh:I have to ask this question bhai.U get what u give to others.It’s getting late.Bye
Sanskar(in mind): atleast for this pagal’s sake,I have to apologise to swara.I can’t bear Lucky’s hatred anymore.
Laksh(thinks while going out):Bhai.iam not happy for u and for myself.please do understand and try to correct urself.

Sanksar doesn’t know where Swara lives.He then remembers her saying about the college where she is studying.He decides to apologise to Swara that day itself

In the evening,
Sanskar is waiting for Swara at the college entrance.Swaragini are surprised to see him,but Ragini fears for Swara,who is happy to see Sanskar there but doesn’t show off
Sanskar:Hai Ragini.Do u remember me?
Ragini:How can I forget u?U made me see what I never wanted to see in my life(saying this,she looks at swara and goes from there)Sanskar,on seeing Swara’s face understands what would have happened the last night.
Sanskar continues:Actually,I was a little tensed owing to my busy schedule.I shouldn’t have spoken harshly.Swara iam really ver……..Just then,he sees a Jeep charging towards Swara.He understood that the vehicle is not in control.He pulled Swara to his side and both fell down on the road.Swara and Sanskar were lying beside each other.Ragini comes running towards them.
Ragini:Swara.Are u Ok?whenever we meet you something goes wrong,Sanskar

Swara(shouts):Stop this nonsense Ragini.How can u say this to Sanskar?He has saved me today.Otherwise I would have gone to Mom and Dad by this time.She realized her tone and calmed down herself.
Ragini:Swaraaaa….u are taunting me?that too for a stranger who refused to be ur friend?Saying this she started going from there.Swara calls Ragini and goes behind her
Sanskar thinks:I would have gone to Mom and Dad means?Is Swara an orphan?(He too leaves)

After the incident,Ragini and Swara remained separated.Mataji tried a lot but even she wasn’t able to make things right.Swara felt very weak without Ragini.She couldn’t concentrate on anything.
Time is passing by but Swara was so much disturbed by Ragini’s anger that she even forgot about the task.
At the Bungalow,
(Shanthi is shouting at the gunday):What did I ask u to do and what have u done?Idiots.Just get lost and never ever should I see you people in Delhi.If not,u know what will happen(The men have gone)

Shanti gets a call and a wicked smile appears on her face.She says to herself:So Swara,u are dead(because of Ragini even after getting saved by someone(Sanskar).My plan may have failed but this is what I want.I will never let u succeed.Wait nd watch(a wicked smile)

At Sanskar’s house,
Sanskar narrates everything to Laksh
Laksh:Very gud bhai.Iam happy for u.Don’t worry.we will sort out the difference between Swaragini.(Laksh is happy that he will get a chance to meet Ragini again and get to know more about her.Meanwhile,Ragini is badly in need of Laksh)

One week has passed and Swara managed to complete around 10-15 sarees.Suddenly,Mataji falls ill and the responsibility of the ashram is given to Swaragini temporarily.

Sanlak come to meet Swaragini but Swara had taken leave that day.Laksh talks to Ragini and consoles her.Laksh:Iam here for u Ragini.I will be ur side nd help u always.Come let’s go out for sometime.
Ragini(lost in Laksh):Really Laksh?Will u be wid me always?
Laksh:Yes.I promise upon myself that I’ll never leave u alone.Come with me.
(He holds Ragini and walks.Ragini feels comfortable and safe in his hands)
Laksh tells Sanskar to go home and he will come after some time but there is no response from the other side.Laksh shouts:Bhaaaiiiii…..

Sanskar(coming out of his dream world):Y are you shouting like this?Iam here and I can hear u.
Laksh:U are here.But ur mind is not here(He laughs mischievously)Don’t worry bro.u will also get a chance very soon(winks)(Laksh understood what Sankar was thinking about.He was missing Swara very badly)Sanskar:Ok.come home soon.Take care Laksh and Ragini.(He calls Laksh to his side and asks him to drop Ragini so that they can know where Swaragini live)
Laksh:U have proved that u r my bro.(Laksh was also planning the same)
Sanksar(smiles).Have a gud time and return home soon.Bye

Laksh goes with Ragini to a coffee shop and Sanskar goes home.

At the ashram
Swara,who had taken leave for college that day to complete her task felt herself lost in something else.
She is walking in the garden.She steps on a stone and falls down!

Precap:Swara completes her task successfully.Sanskar stands against Swara.Swara sentenced to imprisonment.

Credit to: Priya

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