Love – a wonderful feel (episode 5)

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At the party,
Laksh:Hello Ragini.Iam Lakshya,a student of this institute
Ragini:Gud to meet u Lakshji.Waise aap CA padh rahe ho?Everyone say it’s a very tuff course.How do you manage to study and clear the exams?
Laksh(not in his senses):Jaise aap manage kar rahi ho,bilkul waise hi……
Sanskar whispers:Sambhal ke laksh,be steady….focus….
Laksh:a….ha…..i meant that if we are dedicated and sincere in our works ,then everything will become easy.I feel you are very dedicated,that’s why you are able to give your best always.By the way,dancing is not easy too. are right.(Pointing to Swara)Meet my friend Swara.She is an excellent embroider.
Laksh:Hi Swara.(Laksh calls Sanskar)He is Sanskar,an aspiring lawyer and my friend cum brother
Ragini:Hello Sanskarji.(Sanskar’s face turns pale on seeing Swara.He has mixed feelings.He still can’t believe that she is a rude girl)
Sanskar(in mind):Swara……Naam bohoth meetha hai par…….And Ragini seems to be gud and these two are friends?how come?

Just then Laksh and Ragini are called by the party Hosts
Swara:Hello Sanskar.(Swara was able to feel something which could not be named)
Swara:Your profession is full of stress and suspenses right?I like suspense and thrill very much.In fact,life will become boring if its not thrilling.
Sanskar(I understand.If you are such a short tempered and disgusting girl,then ur life will always be thrilling.
Swara:Ragini and I are pursuing bachelor’s degree in English literature in Govt college of Art nd…..(before she could complete)
Sanskar:Stop….Stop.What kind of a girl?You are telling everything about you to a stranger.
Swara:You are not a stranger Sanskar.We are friends na?And I didn’t tell you where I live nd all that
Sanskar(in a mocking tone):Friends?Are you joking?Did I tell you that we are friends?
Swara(shocked a little):No but…..i….
Sanskar:Don’t ever dare to call me your friend.(Sanskar never spoke harshly to anyone and even today he didn’t want to rrespond to her like that.But something stimulated his anger.He was able to feel the way of his response to swara).(In mind)I have to leave now.
Laksh and Ragini return
RagLak:We were called to meet the Chief guest(Because Laksh was the class topper and Ragini,the performer)
Sanskar:So shall we go Laksh?It’s getting late.
Laksh:Bhai,tum jao na.Mein thodi dher badh aatha hun.(even Ragini wanted to spend some more time with Laksh)
Swara who was very much hurt by Sanskar’s behavior compelled Ragini to leave from there.
Sanskar felt bad for his actions but he didn’t want to apologise to swara.
Swaragini and Sanlak left

At Sanskar’s house:
Laksh:Bhai,how can be so harsh to Swara?We have met today and obviously we are friends.What do have to say and decide about this?
Sanskar:I have my own set of friends and I know to make friends with whom.
Laksh:But Sanskar…..
Sanskar explained everything to Laksh about whatever he had seen at the bus stop and the shop
Laksh:Whatever we see is not the right thing always.
Sanskar:U need nt advise me lucky.I know to judge people.I have to wake up early so Good night
Laksh(in mind):What’s wrong wid u bhai?U have never been so irritated.I’ll sort out everything.
Both doze off.

At the Ashram
Swara has not stopped crying even after 2 hrs.Mataji,Ragini and other inmates are trying their best to console her but in vain
Ragini:Swara stop crying.It’s enough.Let’s go to sleep.It’s getting late
Swara(wid eyes full of tears):Nobody will understand me.
Mataji:I understand beta.I can feel your pain.But y do u worry about and waste ur energy and time for someone who is no one for u?U have many responsibilities to be fulfilled.Stop crying.I have a gud news for you.
Mataji asks her assistant to bring the sarees
“Shanthiji visited the ashram today and gave the sarees.You can start working on them
Swara(wiping her tears):Why didn’t u say this before?I wouldn’t have gone there had I known about this
Mataji:U cannot esacpe from anything shonu.Afterall,experience is the best teacher.
Swara(calmed down):Ok.i will start working from tomorrow
Mataji:That’s my girl.(Everyone leave their room)
Swara tells about Sanskar’s harsh behavior to Ragini
Ragini:So u were crying for a stranger?I thought you are an intelligent and strong girl.
Swara:Sorry Ragu.
Ragini:It’s ok.W will give it back to him sometime.Have a peaceful sleep.Good night
Swara and Ragini go to sleep.But Ragini was thinking about the lady and the sarees for a long time before sleeping.

Precap:Hurdles for Swara.She meets Sanskar again.But this time………..

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  1. Hey nice epi can u give me summary till now plz aatually because of exams i m not geeting time so sry for troubling u plz try it once if u r ok

    1. Thank you dear anu.Here’s the summary.Swara,a physically challenged and a very gud tailor and embroider.lost her parents when she was ten and grew up in an ashram.Ragini is a friend of swara and a very gud dancer.She grew up in the same ashram but has her own family.They left her because she is a girl.Lakshya,a tamilian has come to Delhi for his studies.Sanskar,a Gujarati has come for practice under a lawyer(Manohar).Laksh and Sanskar beacme friends while coming to Delhi by train.Laksh came to know that the owner of the hostel where he was staying had been arrested and the hpstel building seized.Sanskar took Laksh with him and from then on both are staying together.Swara and Ragini are UG students.A rich woman(Shanthi Raghuvanshi)asks Swara to embroider 50 sarees for her daughter’s wedding.Inspite of Ragini’s warning,Swara accepts the offer.SItuations create some misunderstandings for Sanskar about Swara(epi 3).A farewell party has been arranged by Laksh’s teachers as it was the last day of their class.Ragini performed in the party.The above epi is the continuation of their meeting.Links for the previous episodes:1.

    1. Thank you dear

  2. nice and different story…pls continue…

    1. Thank you dear pratheeksha.Will surely continue

  3. Superb dear and don’t end soon

    1. Thank u Ammu and let me try.

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