Love – a wonderful feel (episode 4)


Hi friends let me continue the story with the next part
After a week,Shanti Raghuvanshi visits the ashram and gives the sarees to mataji.
Mataji:Namaste ji.Shonu informed me everything about the deal.Thank u very much.uss bacchi bohoth talented hai.this will definitely encourage her.
Shanti:I know very well about her(smiles wickedly).That’s why I have come to her.Here are the sarees.Give it to her and I need them exactly after one month
Mataji:Sure.I will give the sarees to her.Thank you

(Shanti leaves)
Mataji chants Jai Sri Ram and goes inside the ashram
Shanti (while travelling in her car thinks in her mind):Bechari swara.She is very innocent.She cannot even think of what is going to happen to her..She is going to bear the penalty for her parents’ mistake.Let me see how she succeeds this time.(The car reaches a big bungalow and she goes inside)
At Sanskar’s house:
Laksh:Sanky,today is the last day of my class.Our teacher has arranged a farewell party in the evng.If u are free will u accompany me?
Sanskar:Ok.I’ll come wid u.I will return from office earlier.
Laksh:Thank u bhai!(Sanskar and laksh have become very close that they consider themselves as brothers)
Sanskar:Paagal,bhai se koi thank u bolthe hai kya?
Sanskar:Dekh.Phir se?
Laksh:Leave it.Its getting late.Let’s go.(Both leave for their respective places)
In the evening,
Swara and Ragini are getting ready to attend the farewell party about which laksh was talking about
Swara:Ragi,you are going to be the centre of attraction today
Ragini:Yes swara.But today iam going to give my best as iam feeling that a very important person will be coming.
Swara:Important means?

Ragini:One who is going to show me the other part of the world
Swara:Ragu?Par?Kon?I can’t underssta…..
Ragini:You will understand everything sooner or later.By the way,my instinct doesn’t go wrong.Chalo
(Swara and Ragini leave for the party)
At the party
Sanskar:These many students?All future CAs!
Laksh:Ha Sanskar.But only a very few students study seriously.Others are coming here for time pass.
Sanskar:Kya mera bhai uss few mein ek hai ya……?

Laksh:Tumhe kya lagtha hai?
Sanskar:Chill down.I know about you my dear brother.I was just joking.
Laksh(with fake anger):Don’t ask me such qns hereafter
Sanskar:Ji sir.(Both laugh out)
Just then, the host announces about the start of the party with a dance(to be performed by ragini)
Ragini comes on the stage,greets everyone and starts performing.Swara managed to find a place where Ragini could see her easily and she cheered up.
Within a few minutes,Laksh lost himself in Ragini’s performance.He couldn’t recognize what attracted him towards her but for sure, Laksh will never ever recover from this trauma.
Sanskar who was seeing Laksh’s face understood everything.
Sanskar:All the best bro.I will help you.
Laksh(a little confused):What sanskar?
By the time,Ragini’s performance got over and she,along wid swara got ready to leave.
Sanskar:Come fast Laksh.We have to meet her.What’s her name…..?Ha..Ragini!
Laksh:But why Sanskar?
Sanskar:I know what you want now.Just go and meet her.No other questions(with a strict voice)
Laksh:Bhai,how could you……I mean……
Sanskar:We’ll talk later.Dheko she is going.
Laksh runs behind Ragini calling out her name.Ragini and Swara turn back.
On seeing Laksh,Ragini feels that she was right about her instinct.Laksh was standing still not having an idea of how to start.

Precap:Raglak-Swasan convo

Guys,this fiction is partly based on destiny and its effects.Even Swasan and Raglak relation is to be created by destiny.Stay tuned to know more……..

Credit to: Priya

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