Love – a wonderful feel (episode 3)


Hello,Iam back with the next part.And one more point,swara lost one of her legs in the accident and had started to walk using the artificial leg.Nobody who sees her will say that she walks with the help of artificial leg.She walks perfectly with it.Now the story…..
Swara reaches the bus stop @ around 8 in the morning.Ragini is not well so she has taken leave.Sanskar comes there running because it has become late.
Sanskar(running towards the bus stop):Oh god!its 8.15.The bus would have gone.
He accidently steps on a stone and falls down(very near to swara but she doesn’t notice him as she is lost in some other thoughts)
Sanskar(in his mind):What kind of a girl?Selfish and cruel people……….(he gets up and takes the file)

Swara feels somebody speaking to her and she turns
Swara:Excuse me.Did u call me?I felt like someone calling me.
Sanskar (lost himself.Neither he had seen such a beautiful face nor had heard such a sweet voice before):N..n..o..o.I mean I didn’t call you.
Swara(smiles seeing him struggling to answer):That’s ok(she felt like he is going to change her life but didn’t know how and why)
Just then a man comes towards swara and shows her a paper and asks her something(by showing hands).The next second everyone standing there became still.Swara had slapped the man hard.
Man1:What happened beta?
Swara:Uncle,he is talking all nonsense to me(The people there starts attacking him)
A woman comes running towards them,shouting”Stop.. stop…please…..don’t beat him”
She says that he is her husband and they are searching for a person’s home.
Swara starts fighting with the man and the lady shouts at swara and warns her to mind her words
Lady:My husband loves me and he respects women.Stop speaking rubbish!
The man says that he asked about the address and she slapped him(actually he asked her something unethical but people don’t believe her because his wife also says the same thing)
Everyone advise Swara who is literally shocked.The bus she was waiting for comes and she leaves.
Sanskar who was watching all this is confused.In mind”too much of intolerance”.He leaves
In the evening,

Swara returns from college and pours out everything to ragini.Ragini consoles swara.
Ragini:It happens swara.If not today,he will be punished for this some day.Ye sab chodo.Khana khao phir aaram se so jao.
Swara and ragini have their dinner and they go to sleep.
Next day Swara goes to a grocery shop and there starts an argument wid the shopkeeper.
Swara:You asked me Rs.100 and I gave you.(Swara had given 10 notes of Rs.10)
Shopkeeper:No madam.You have given only Rs.80.
Swara(not wanting to argue more):Give the money back.Wait and see what’s going to happen
Shopkeeper:Madam.Iam not lying.(After she leaves)Let me see what will happen(with a wicked smile)
Sanskar,who was standing near by started to feel bad about swara.”She is disgusting.Always fighting with someone”.He didn’t notice the person wid whom she was fighting but couln’t come to a conclusion

Precap:Shanti gives the sarees and swara starts working on them.But destiny has something else written for her.

Friends,iam not going to separate swasan for long and in the next episode raglak fans can rejoice.

Credit to: Priya

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