Love – a wonderful feel (episode 2)


Hello friends,thank you so much for ur comments.I humbly request ragsan and swalak fans to wait for my next ff.Let’s continue.
I’ll clear some of the loopholes in the story.All four may be from different states but they live in Delhi.Swara lost her parents while coming to delhi and was directly admitted to the ashram.(Swara’s parents had love marriage and broke up all ties with both the families).Ragini belongs to Delhi.Sanskar has come to delhi for practice under a renowned lawyer and Laksh is studying in the main CA institute.

After a week of holidays,Laksh is travelling back to Delhi by train.Sanskar joins him in the way.Both get to know about each other and has become friends within the travel time.
The train halts at the terminus.
Sanskar:Hey Laksh had a good time.let’s catch up later.bye.
Laksh:Ha sanskarji.i have given you my in touch always.
Sanskar:No sanskarji,only sanskar or whatever else you wish
Laksh:OK.Then I am not laksh…….lucky.
Sanskar:Take care lucky.feel free to call me in case of emergency
Laksh:Sure sanky.
Both leave for their respective places.
Laksh goes to the hostel where he lives and what he saw was…….
Then he gets to know about a financial scam in which the owner of the hostel is the main culprit.The government has seized all of his properties including the hostel.He also learnt that his friends have found some other means.Laksh is totally confused.He gets an idea…….

At the office of Jaichand Associates,
Manohar(One of the [email protected] associates and a very famous criminal lawyer):Welcome back Sanskar.
Sanskar:Good afternoon sir.
Manohar:I have a good news for you.The case you were dealing with for the past one month has come to an end and the judgement has been passed.We won.
Sanskar:Really sir?But how?
Manohar:Simple.The accused surrendered himself.
Sanskar:I thought to bring out the truth by myself.(makes faces)
Manohar:Don’t worry beta.See,you will get a very big and strong case soon.
Sanskar:Thank u babu……I meant…. Sir.(Sanskar and Manohar are very close to each other.Sometimes he calls his boss like this)
Manohar(smiles):Koi baat nahi.u carry on.(Just then sanskar’s mobile rings)
Sanskar:Ha Lucky.kaise ho?
Laksh:Sanskar…..i want….mathlab…..i…..(he stammers)
Sanskar:Kya hua lucky?u r safe na?what’s wrong wid u?itna pareshaan kyun ho?
Laksh narrates everything clearly to sanskar
Sanskar:Arey budhu,itna tension for such a small matter?
Laksh:Iam not joking sanskar be serious.
Sanskar:Who said that you are joking?Where are you now?

In the next 15 mins,sanskar is near laksh
Sanskar:Come let’s go
Sanskar:Do u trust me?
Laksh:Of course……but…..
Sanskar forcefully drags laksh to his car and they left.
The car stops and both get down.
Sanskar:From today u r goin to stay here…..wid me…..
Laksh:But sanskar…..
Sanskar:Are you obsessed with but?hamesha but but bolthe rahthe ho?
Laksh(still shocked):O…..K…
Sanskar:Come inside.
Start of Sanlak journey.

Precap:Swara and Sanskar at a bus stop.Suddenly a man approaches and asks something to Swara.Phhhhaaatttttt…….a big slap!

Guys apart from swasan and raglak.i will be focusing on swaragini and sanlak too……Enjoy!

Credit to: Priya

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