Love – a wonderful feel (episode 19)


Sanskar goes near Manohar.He is very weak and is unable to speak.
Sanskar:Baba!What’s this?u couls have informed me….
Manohar(in a struggling voice):Sanskar!Get me my tape recorder
Sanskar:Papa!ye aap….first we’ll go to the hosp….
Manohar:San.nns….kk.aar! please..
Sanskar,who is left with no option gets the tap recorder.Manohar turns it on.

Sanskar is unable to believe what he is hearing.The recording says,
“Sanskar!My son.U are the only reason for my survival.I lost my everything and even myself working for that witch.I was responsible for breaking u by asking u to stand against Swara.I cannot live with this guilt anymore.I want freedom!freedom from that monster!the only way is to free myself from this human birth!Iam going back,my dear son.I don’t want to get killed by her or her men.I have consumed drugs which r slowly killing me.I’ll leave u all and go within a day or two.I knew u will come in search of me.Shanthi would have planned something against u by this time.Be careful and keep this recording safely.The only person who can confront and oppose Shanthi is Samrat Raghuvanshi,her husband and Ragini’s father.He had settled in US before 22 years wid his son Roshan.He says that he loves Ragini so much that he left everything here nd went to US,unable to accept Shanthi’s decision of abandoning Ragini and he started his own business there.Now he is very well established in US.I have informed everything to him.He’ll be meeting Ragini at 5pm today.He has something for u too.Just go,meet him and then come to me.I will be waiting for u,holding my breath!Just go now.Don’t inform Laksh about this.Let him complete his exams peacefully!Go!(Manohar pushes Sanskar)
Sanskar is not able to realize his environment.He goes on his own way and reaches a church.Sanskar goes inside and keeps staring at the statue of Lord Jesus.He kneels down and starts to vent out his pain.People there are shocked but nobody dares to go near him.He prays”I don’t know how u will help me.I can’t see my baba like dis.He gave me a chance to live.Why r u doing this to me?Why me….?”I will destroy her forever.She has snatched my happiness,my life,my peace and above all my BABA.How will I live widout him?He is doing dis to save us.But iam helpless now”He sits there without realizing the time passing away.Exactly @12 the church bell rings.Sanskar comes back to reality”Its 12.I’ve to go”
Laksh is getting ready for the exam.He wonders why Ragini didn’t contact him.Just then,Sanskar enters.
Laksh:Hv u come bro?i was searching for u bcos u were never late.i just..(he sees Sanskar staring at him)Bhai..bhai..

(Sanskar comes back to senses)
Sanskar:Ha..ha..lucky.kya bol raha that um?hv u had ur lunch?(Laksh looks puzzled)
Laksh:What’s wrong wid u Sanskar?Had I ever ate without u?(He turns Sanskar’s face and sees his red eyes)Sanskkaaarrr….Bhaaii…Kya hua?Did u cry?tell me what’s wrong….
Sanskar:Nothing.I was not crying.Just some dust..Hey!its getting late.We’ll go.
Laksh:So u hv started lying to me….Its ok….Let’s go.(Laksh goes out angrily taking his things)
Sanskar:Iam very sorry Lucky.I can’t reveal anything to u.(He follows Laksh)
(Both have their lunch and proceed towards the exam centre.The whole time,both Laksh and Sanskar remain silent.They reach the centre)

Sanskar:All the best Lucky.Don’t worry.U will be able to giv ur best.Be confident
Laksh:Thank u Mr.Sanskar.(He goes away.Sanskar is hurt by his gesture but doesn’t show it off.He decides to wait for Laksh there till 5pm)
At around 4,Sanskar sees someone walking towards him.Its Ragini!
Ragini:Sanskar!I hv to tell u something.I need ur help.I just came here to wait for Laksh.But as I saw u,I….
Sanskar:U r going to meet someone right?
Ragini is startled to hear this:But Sanskar how do ….Ek minute,why r u lukin so dull today?Everything is alright na?R u feeling unhealthy or what? please don’t reveal to Laksh about this meeting.I’ll accompany u.And Mano..Manohar s.sii..rrr told me about dis.(Ragini senses something wrong wid Sanskar)
Ragini:Ok.Let him complete all the exams.Shall we leave now?We have to be there at 5pm.
(Sanskar drops a message to Laksh and takes Ragini to the airport)
At the airport,Sanskar and Ragini r waiting outside

A flight from US has just landed.Passengers r coming out.A man of middle age,with a majestic look gets down.As he comes towards the entrance of airport,Ragini feels something strange.She turns back and sees the man”Why do I feel that he is my everything?”
Coincidentally,the man notices something in Ragini and comes towards her.”Ragini nd Sanskar right”?
(Actually Ragini has a scar in her forehead which Samrat also has)
Both r speechless.The man continues.”Hello Sanskar!Iam….
Sanskar:Samrat sir?….I mean..Samrat Raghuvanshi?
Ragini looks at Sanskar and then at the man:(slowly)
Samrat:Exactly Ragu.Iam ur dad(Tears get welled up in everyone’s eyes).I’ll make everything clear.
Samrat explains to Ragini and Sanskar how he was against Shanthi’s decision of disowning Ragini.He says that he left India becos of this decision.He also says about his talk wid Manohar.
Sanskar:Sir,Baba is….(Ragini interrupts)What happened to Mano sir?U r hiding something from me Sanskar.Tell me.
Samrat:Manohar is in his death bed!
Ragini:Kyaa….?Sanskar..u..didn’t tell me….Oh!I hv always been ur enemy right?Why would u tell me then?(Sanskar apologises to her)
Samrat:Will u pls stop ur childish fights now?I got to know about ur marriage Ragini.I have hired a detective agency here.They will collect all details about ur uncle(Shanthi’s brother),his son and their business.If we expose them,we will b able to free Swara’s parents too.

Sanskar:U know about….
Samrat:Swara’s parents were my best friends.We were planning to merge our business.But Shanthi and her brother plotted against us and spoiled everything.She kidnapped them and they r in house arrest.Even I don’t know where they are now!And Ragini,Manohar told me about Laksh.I want to meet him soon.
Ragini:Papa,he is having his exams for a week.
Samrat:Ok.then we will meet him after his exams.No need to disturb him.Sanskar,hear me carefully.Manohar has asked me to transfer all his properties in ur name after him!!
Sanskar is standing,emotionless and Ragini looks on.

Precap:Shanthi’s truth exposed.Swasan,Raglak union.and obviously the last episode!

Credit to: Priya

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