Love – a wonderful feel (episode 18)


The next day morning,Laksh wakes up early and starts studying.

Laksh:Sorry Sanskar.Are u getting disturbed…….
Sanskar:I’ll not sleep peacefully until I get Swaragini out of this trouble.U concentrate on ur studies.
(Laksh feels relieved as Sanskar assures to help Ragini too)
Sanskar:I am feeling like spending some time wid baba.I’ll go to meet him today and will return at 12.We’ll have our lunch and go.Ok?Make sure u speak to amma nd appa before going.
Laksh:Ok bhai.U never made me feel that I’m alone here.Its becos of u that Iam….
Sanskar:Offo..!Started again.Arey!Atleast change the dialogue bro..It’s boring to hear the same again and again.U know na,Sanskar loves Changes.
Laksh(naughtily):Then what about Swara?Will u change if she is boring?
Sanskar:No….Vo jo meri Swara hai na,she is a puzzle.Each tym u come to a conclusion about her,she proves that u were wrong.
Laksh:So ur whole life will be spent discovering Bhabi!!!(laughs out)
Sanskar(with somewhat hard tone):Are u going to write about ur Bhai nd Bhabi’s love story in ur exams?
Laksh:Ok..Ok..Sorry!(Laksh starts studying and Sanskar dozes off again)

At 8 am,
Sanskar goes to freshen up while Laksh is still studying.
Sanskar:Lucky,padthe rehna.I’ll see Baba and come soon.Breakfast will be ready by it and get ready.Bye.
Laksh:Hmmmm!Giving instructions as if Iam a kid.I’ll manage.U go and come soon.Don’t be late.Bye.
(Sanskar leaves and Laksh continues)
At the ashram,
Everyone hear someone singing bhajans.The fragrance of agarbathi has engulfed the ashram.
Swara who wakes up hearing the sound,goes here and there,rubbing her eyes.She thinks that some sadhu has come to visit their ashram.But as she goes near the temple,she is shocked!
Swara:OMG!What’s happening!I can’t believe this!My Ragu is doing aarti!(She remembers about Laksh’s exam)Oh!So this is the effect of my devar.U know Ragini,I’ve heard that Bhagwanji blesses a person more if his/her life partner prays for him/her.So it’s sure that this time,Lucky is going to be the topper.
Ragini:Laksh can become the first even without my prayers.I just want him not to get disturbed bcos of me and my problems.
A voice from behind:U can never disturb my bro.By the way u r not a problem for him,saaliji!

Swara identifies and thinks:What is Sanskar doing here that too sos early?
Ragini:Hi Jiju!Good mrng!Aap mere jiji se milne aaye the?(she winks seeing swara)
Swara:What’s this jiji wiji,call me swara.(Ragini nods naughtily)
Sanskar:I was on the way to meet baba.U know what Ragu,ur sweet voice dragged me here.So I thought to see my shona making u a reason.(Hearing this,Ragini is happy but she makes angry faces)
Ragini:Oh!u didn’t get anything else to make a reason?Do u really want a reason to meet her?
Sanskar:Not at all.But to be frank,I have to manage some people like u iam always in search of a reason(Ragini loses her temper and starts beating Sanskar.Sanskar shouts like a kid)
Ragini:What do u think of urself?Jiju hai toh kya?nobody dares to tease Ragini.Wait,I’ll tell Laksh and..
Sanskar:And he will help me…..
Swara:Oho!Stop these kiddish plays!Ragu what’s this?U r beating ur Jiju?Sanskar r u hurt?
Sanskar:R u joking Swara?Will I get hurt by this girl’s beats?Ha ha….too funny….!
Ragini:Funny?So I’ll show u some more fun(she starts punching Sanskar)
Swara shouts:Will u please stop this Ragini??(Ragini and Sanskar are startled on hearing Swara)
Sanskar:Shona!Calm down.Why r u…..?
Swara:Apologise to Sanskar now!(Sanskar tries to manage the situation)Swara please don’t….
Ragini starts to cry:Iam sorry Swara.I didn’t mean to hurt u or him.(She runs into their room)
Swara:I can’t bear anyone hurting u Sanskar,be it playfully or seriously!(She goes away)
Sanskar feels bad for Ragini:Oh God!This is really….Ok..I’ll make everything fine!(He goes)
Swara goes to Ragini but Ragini avoids her.
Swara:I ..i jus wanted to tell..tell u that….(she is interrupted by Ragini)
Ragini:Swara u get ready.I ‘ll come back soon.(Swara goes silently while Ragini hires an auto)

At Manohar’s house,
Sanskar sees the front door closed.He is surprised and thinks:Papa didn’t wake up or….?
He knocks the door.After few seconds,Manohar’s servant opens the door.
Servant:Sanskar ji.Sir is suffering from fever from last night.He told me not to inform anyone about it.
Sanskar becomes tensed:And u too agreed?What the….(He runs to Manohar’s room)
Meanwhile Ragini gets a message from an unknown number asking her to come to the airport at 5pm.
Ragini wonders who could it be?She tries to avoid it.But the same message is being sent again nd again.
By the time,Ragini reaches the temple where she used to come often.
Ragini goes inside and prays for Laksh’s success.She gets prasad from pandit and is overjoyed.She had got a WHITE ROSE!Ragini always felt that white is the luckiest color for her.Whenever she got a white rose,something really good had happened.So let’s see what is waiting for her today.

Precap:Sanskar gets to know about Manohar’s will.Samrat Raghuvanshi shares his plan wid Ragini.

Credit to: Priya

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