Love – a wonderful feel (episode 17)


So this epi will have swasan and raglak.
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Manohar had planned the meeting of all four even after knowing what will happen next.
Shanthi is being informed about everything by the spy.She plans something.
Swara-Sanskar convo
Swara:I don’t know how to react Sanskar.Iam really very happy that my parents are alive.But how can I sacrifice Ragini?She is the only reason for my life.Iam living for her happiness.
Sanskar:From today,live for me too!!

Swara is shocked but she understands.Sanskar continues:I have hurt u a lot Swara.Just because of my misunderstandings.I want to correct my mistakes.Probably,I could have been the only reason for ur tears.I have to be the reason for ur happiness,for ur joy too!I want to live my life just to see u happy Swara!Iam not asking u.U have to be mine forever.
Swara:I felt your pain and I have seen ur care for me Sanskar!U have given me another chance to live.I will be the happiest person if I get to live wid u.U know?Ur misunderstandings has nothing to do wid me.They are past.Let’s live the present .(Swasan are happy for each other)
Lakshya-Ragini convo

Ragini is still in shock and is in no idea of what to do next.
Laksh:Ragini!I think I can help u get out of this.
Ragini:But how Laksh?Will u convince that Monster?No.I lost my real identity because of her.No I don’t want to lose u for that shameless lady.
Laksh:No.Go to her and just say that u love me and u want to marry me.
Ragini is stunned to hear this:But Laksh,how will I say her?I mean why should I say her?I have rights to decide my life partner.Afterall,I don’t believe her.Today she says that she is my mom.What if she backs off in future?
Laksh starts jumping like a kid:Yayyyy!Yayyyy!
Swara and Ragini are confused but Sanskar understands.
Laksh and Sanskar hug each other.
Sanskar:Relax!Relax! Lucky.I understand.And by the way,meet ur Bhabi.(Sanskar points to Swara).
Ragini:Swara.u never told about this to me?
Swara:How can I Ragu?u were very angry with Sanskar so……
Ragini:Don’t u know about ur foolish sister?She always jumps into conclusions without thinking about…….
Laksh:One minute!About whom are u talking about?

Swara:Devarji!She is praising herself(Swara winks)
Laksh goes near Ragini:Don’t ever dare to say anything about my Ragu.I will not spare that idiot be it anyone.
Sanskar:Lucky,its time.Let’s leave.Ur xams are starting from tmrw.Come.
Laksh:Don’t worry bhai.I’ll clear the xams even if I don’t study(winks seeing Ragini)
Ragini:Ok then we’ll meet after ur exams are over.We have to talk to Mataji about this.
Sanskar:Ok Ragini.We’ll plan everything after that.We will have to bring the truth out.Let me inform Manohar papan.He’ll be glad to know this(He searches everywhere but Manohar is missing)
Laksh:I asked him to wait for us.But where did he go?
Sanskar attends a call:He is at home Laksh.I have to go to office now.Bye guys.See u later.Take care Swara.

Laksh:I have special classes today.I need to go.Bye Ragini.Will miss u.
Ragini:First concentrate on ur exams.I want to see my Laksh as a full fledged professional.
(Laksh is happy to hear MY LAKSH.He smiles and goes away)
(Swara and Ragini go back to ashram)
At night

Sanskar:At last everything is on track Lucky.
Laksh:Ha bhai.But we have to keep up our promise.
Sanskar:I have a plan Laksh.(Sanskar and Laksh discuss the plan)
Laksh:Ok bhai.i know this is not going to be easy.But we have to do this.And iam sure,we’ll succeed.
Sanskar:Hmmmm……Then tell me have u prepared for ur exams well?U remember Ragini’s words na?
Laksh:Yes of course.That too she wants me to do something for her.This is her first wish.I’ll do it bhai.
Sanskar:Afterall,u r my brother.No one can beat u.(They hug each other)
Laksh:Bhai.My exams will start at 2pm.Will u come with me tmrw?
Sanskar:Why not?We’ll start by 1 pm after lunch.Now take rest and leave everything else.Good night.
Laksh:Ok.Good night bhai.wish u bhabhi dreams!!

Sanskar blushes and shows fake anger:U’ll never change.Just go.
Laksh:Iam ur brother.nd u told jus now.By the way,iam not going to disturb u!(Both doze off)
At ashram,
Swara:Ragu,are u still worrying about Shanthi?

Ragini:Why should I?Laksh has promised me.He will win this war for me Swaru.
Swara:But I don’t feel its right to drag them inside.They are…..
Ragini:Not strangers Swara!They will help us.Sanskar and Laksh have accepted us.So….
Swara:What if anything happens to them?
Ragini has no words(in an irritated tone):Aisa math socho.Everything will be fyn.hve a peaceful sleep.go
Swara:Sorry Ragini.But we have to……

Ragini:Enough Swara.It’s time.Go to sleep.(Swara feels bad)
Swara(in mind):Iam not doubting on them Ragu.I just want everything to be Ok.We have become dependant on them.There’s nothing in our life without them.Love is a wonderful feel but sometimes its frightening too!Hope Sanskar and Laksh are safe always!!

Precap:Sanskar goes to Manohar’s house…..Someone comes to meet Ragini…..

Credit to: Priya

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