Love – a wonderful feel (episode 16)


So guys,yesss Swara’s parents are alive and Shanthi is Ragini’s mother!Let’s continue
Shanthi calls up Swara
Shanthi:Swara beta.I know u are very obedient.Bring Ragini to the HO of Raghuvanshi group of companies.I want to meet her.
Swara recognizes the voice and starts shouting:Ji madam.Iam very obedient.But there are exceptions to my rule too.And u r one of those exceptions.
Shanthi:Arey wah!u have learnt to answer me too!Gud improvement!Do as I say or else u will have to go inside again wid Mataji!
Swara thinks about Mataji and says in an irritating tone:Tell me.What should I do?
Shanthi:As I said.I’ll withdraw my complaint if u bring her here.Got it?Be a gud girl.Use ur brain if u have.
(Shanthi cuts the call)

Swara (in mind):U’ll know very soon whether I have brain or not.
Swara lies to Ragini that they are going to meet their friend’s mom.
Ragini is adamant to know the reason but Swara makes some excuses and somehow convinces her.
Swaragini reach Raghuvanshi office and are shocked to see Manohar there.
Ragini:Sir,what are u doing here?Swara what’s going on?This is….this office….It’s that devil’s place!why did u bring me here?
Shanthi comes saying:Because I asked her to bring u here.
(Swaragini turns back.They come face to face with Shanthi for the first time and are a little terrorized seeing her majestic look)
Shanthi:Actually,I need the help of my daughter.So….
Swaragini:So what do we have to do wid it?
Shanthi:U r going to help me Ragini.Becos U R MY DAUGHTER and I gave birth to u my dear beti!
Swaragini are standing like statues.Ragini is standing still,unable to bear the shock!
Manohar and Swara realize her condition and try their best to make her cry.But Ragini is not responding.
That cruel lady shakes her hand in front of Ragini’s face and says:Hello my beti!hell shocked huh?U r responding more than I expected.
Manohar who is unable to watch this goes from their crying.He calls SanLak.
Shanthi:So iam not ready to see all these fake drama.My brother has promised me that he will transfer all his properties to my name if u marry his son.So get ready soon.They are coming to India next week.

Ragini is not in her senses.Swara who was hearing this started screaming.
Swara:Shame on u!Are u a woman?U r going to sell ur own daughter for the sake of money?Ridiculous!How come u gave birth to such a sweet heart like Ragini!U r not fit to be her mother!
Shanthi:But u r like ur mom and dad!
Swara loses cool:Don’t ever dare to talk about my parents!
Shanthi:Why not?Before they became parents they were my friends dear!
Swara:If possible,I’ll cut all relations with them just for being ur friend
Shanthi:Possible dear!Will I not do this for my daughter’s friend cum sister?
Swara is confused.Shanthi understands and continues:Ragini,if u want to see Swara happy,u have to accept my condition.I will make Swara meet her parents if u agree to the marriage!Bcos they are ALIVE!

(Wow!Shanthi trapped swara for ragini and ragini for swara)
Ragini who was lost somewhere,readily agrees.Wheareas,Swara is stable.She is happy to know her parents are alive but is not ready to sacrifice Ragini.
Ragini:I’ll decide and tell u within a day!(Saying this she drags Swara and goes from there)
Shanthi thinks:Such an obedient girl!Should not lose her at any cost!
Swaragini gets Manohar’s call and they go to a place where they see Sanskar and Laksh.
By the time,Manohar had revealed everything about Swaragini’s past and present and also about Shanthi’s threat regarding their love.
Laksh and Sanskar are fuming in anger while they see Swaragini coming.They go to their respective love and are stunned.Both Swara and Ragini’s eyes were swollen and blood red because of crying.
Laksh:My Ragu!I can’t see u like this!I started to be happy in my life only after seeing u!But u r crying…..that too for that monster.U r tears are very precious Ragu!Why do u waste them for…..
Ragini hugs Laksh and starts to cry again.this time it was very bad.Laksh could feel her pain.He is left with no words to console her.
On the other side,Sanskar is consoling Swara:Meri pyaari Shona!U must be happy for this.I know that Ragini is very important for u.U have got to know about ur parents.Truth always triumphs.And u r going to win this war,Swara.U can.Destiny will unite u wid ur parents.
Laksh:I swear upon myself and promise u Ragini.Never will I allow this marriage to happen.From tears from ur eyes.Only smile,happiness,joy and peace everywhere!
Sanskar:I swear upon myself Shonu.Believe me.I’ll never let u fail.U will succeed in this fight along wid Ragini.Even if there is a need to sacrifice myself,I’ll do it for u.
Swaragini having mixed feelings hearing their promises.
Manohar who was watching everything,thinks:I know,my children.Only when u people unite u can destroy evil power.Don’t worry about me.

Precap:Happy and Sad!

Credit to: Priya

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