Love – a wonderful feel (episode 15)


And here comes the next part,
Manohar gets a phone call and is shell shocked!He instructs the person on the other side that he is coming soon.He leaves for office.
Laksh is fuming in anger thinking about Shanthi.
Laksh:What the hell is going on?She has crossed her limits bhai.If she is rich and powerful,that doesn’t mean she can always win over truth.
Sanskar:I understand Laksh.By the way,Sir wanted to say something to us.He was tensed.We have to find out about it first.
Laksh:But sanskar,still I couldn’t understand why she did all these wid us.
Sanskar:She is in someway connected to Swaragini.Shanthi is targeting us to hurt them.How?Why?nd all these?errrrr……(Sanskar is very much confused and scratches his head)
Laksh:Are u sure about this?
Sanskar:S lucky.Nothing is common between us other than swaragini.Obviously…..
Laksh:U r right bhai.She is very dangerous.We have to start working now.
Sanskar:But ur exams laksh?

Laksh:Don’t worry.I’ve prepared well.Let’s give time for that lady.Wait and see what is her next plan.
Sanskar:Ok.let ur exams get over!
(Laksh agrees and they go to have their lunch)
Here at Manohar’s office,Manohar is shocked to see Swara and Ragini.They introduce themselves to him
Manohar(in a fake rude tone):I know..I know!Laksh and Sanskar have told me about u.Why are u here?
Swaragini tells him about the news.
Manohar:Oh!!Love..huh?Iam the guardian to Sanskar as well as Laksh.Nobody can take care of them better than me.They are safe.U can go now.
Swaragini:We want to meet them.Can u please help us?
Manohar gets angry:U people are educated na?Aren’t u ashamed to ask this to an elderly person like me?Now just get lost!
Swaragini are hurt:If u really love ur so called sons,then first try to understand what they are really in need of.(Saying this they go out crying)
Manohar breaks down into tears:Iam sorry Swaragini.I know that I’ll never be forgiven for what iam doing now.But u people are not destined to become one.Please stay away form each other,my children!

Manohar cries like a small child and is inconsolable.He gets a call from Shanthi again.
Shanthi:U have done a good job,Mano!
Manohar is stunned:How do u……wait a sec…..are u spying on me?
Shanthi(laughs evily):Ha..not only on u.but on ur beloved sons and their temporary gfs!
Manohar boils in anger:Now what do u want?
Shanthi:I want to meet my daughter.
Manohar:Daughter?Ur only son is Roshan and he is studying in UK.What is this new game?
Shanthi:This is not game.This is real Mano.For the world,I have only a son.But I know the truth.
Manohar:Means…..U….have ..a..a..dau..daughter too?
Shanthi:Oh Mano!This much for u to understand.Yes.I have a daughter.
Manohar:What is her name?Where is she?Do u know whether she is alive or not?
Shanthi:Calm down,Mano.Iam watching her since her birth.I know everything about her.(in a mocking tone)I really care for her.
Manohar:Now tell me who is she…..

Shanthi:Oh ho!its ur pyaari beti RAGINI!
Manohar feels dizzy.He sees everything around him swirling in the air.
Manohar composes himself and asks:Shanthiji!Why did u do this to her?How gud and sweet she is!
Shanthi:Sweet and gud doesn’t give money Manohar.Who will bear the expenses for her?I am not ready to spend my wealth for anyone.Only I have rights on them,as I was the only person who struggled to come to this position.U know very well na Mano?Even my husband doesn’t have rights to share my wealth!That’s why I did all this to her!Better live in an ashram than to face my hatred!
Mano smiles depressively.He feels ashamed of himself for having spent his professional life for Shanthi.
Shanthi:Ragini will not accept this.But I want her to meet me as soon as possible.U have to convince her.
Manohar:No Shanthiji.I can’t.I can never do this to that girl.If u are so concerned about ur daughter,u urself give a try.(Saying this he cuts the call and goes to his house)
Shanthi is annoyed:Only that Swara can convince Ragini!But for that I have to disclose the truth that her parents are ALIVE!How can I do that so soon????

Precap:Swaragini comes to know about the truth.Sanskar and Laksh console them.They make decision.

Credit to: Priya

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