Love – a wonderful feel (episode 14)


So guys,iam back wid the next part.
Swaragini wait for Manohar but he doesn’t turn up.They get a call from their friend asking them to meet her urgently and they have to discuss some issues about their project.So both inform the assistant there and leave the office.
Ragini calls Laksh and informs him about the change in their plan.Laksh and Sanskar are sad,but they understand Swaragini’s situation.They plan to meet after 2 days.
Meanwhile,Manohar is very much worried about Sanskar and Laksh.”Sanskar is already suffering because of me.Why should I punish him again?And Laksh?Even after knowing everything,he apologized to me and brought my Sanskar back.How can I do this to my own children?”.He sees an idol of Ganesha on the way.He stops and prays for some guidance.His face becomes bright .He thanks Ganesha and goes from there.Manohar reaches his office and calls Sanskar.
Sanskar:Sir,should I come now for sure?
Manohar:Yes,meet me now along wid Laksh!
Sanskar:But sir……why Laksh?
Manohar:Hmmmm……….Swara and Ragini are……….(before he completes)
Sanskar:What?Are they still there?Oh no……both of them had lied to us.I know they will not be going without meeting us.How could…….(he continues)
Manohar is wondering about what has happened to Sanskar:San…..Sanska……Arey….Chup…..First let me speak.I was lying.They are not here.Both of u come to meet me.NOW!!(He cuts the call)
Sanskar is disappointed and Laksh starts teasing him.Sanskar:Stop it Laksh.We have to go to office.
Laksh is also a little confused but he doesn’t question Sanskar.(Laksh and Sanskar goes to meet Manohar)
Manohar gets info about Swaragini:Oho!That’s why Sanskar was asking me are they still there.Missed them today.But will surely meet my future bahus one day(Manohar is determined and happy)
Meanwhile,a peon in Manohar’s office informs Shanthi about SanLak’s arrival.
Shanthi gets tensed:What is Mano upto?I have to stop the boys from meeting him.
Sanskar and Laksh are on their way to Manohar’s office.

At the ashram
Swara:How long should we wait to meet them?
Ragini:Hello madam,if u want to meet that brainless human,u go by urself.I will not accompany u.
Swara(in an irritated tone):U r talking as if u have tons
Ragini is furious:Swara!U r going away from me these days because of Sanskar!Can’t u feel the pain he has given u always?
Swara:I was,am and will be always wid u Ragini.Nobody can separate us.U r blaming Sanskar?Think once.If he had not saved me that day,then what would have happened?Swaragini would have separated forever.Sanskar has given Swaragini,a new birth!That’s why……….Now tell me,who is wrong?
Ragini realizes her mistake,but is not ready to give up:Ok dear,I agree.So that’s why u…..just then they see the news on TV and get shocked!!
Swaragini are hell shocked!They doesn’t know what to do next!
Ragini is very sure that Shanthi again is behind all this.But Swara refuses to believe her.
Swara:What do u mean Ragini?What will she get doing all these with SanLak?
Ragini:She might have known that Laksh had helped me to get u out.Do u have any idea about why she did the same thing wid u?No na…..But there is something very big behind everything.We have to find it as soon as possible.I can’t let them bear any kind of pain.Only one person can help us.(Swaragini leaves)

At the office,
Manohar is stunned to see the news.He starts throwing the things he sees,here and there.All staff people are stuck in horror.They have never seen Manohar in this avatar.In just a minute,the whole office turned topsy turvy.Manohar goes to meet SanLak.
At the police station,
Shanthi has filed a complaint against SanLak.
Shanthi:Mr.Lakshya,if u were in need of money,u could have given some other try.Are u planning to become a thief?Will ur relatives be happy seeing this?Ur mom and dad would have worked as labourers to bring u up and u r doing all this.Aren’t u ashamed?I think ur family members are expert in stealing…..
Laksh looses his cool and shouts:Enough!!U have spoken a lot!More than everyone u know what is the truth behind the theft and Swara’s arrest.
Shanthi:So u are bold enough to reply to Shanthi!I mean Shanthi Raghuvanshi!That means u say that I have framed them and now,both of u too!
Laksh:Ha!We are very sure about it.We poor can never ever come up wid such,so called intelligent plans like u rich,who knows nothing other than money!
Shanthi gets angry and raises her voice:Eiiiiii!Don’t ever dare to stand against Shanthi.U will be destroyed!
Sanskar comes in between Shanthi and Laksh:If u even think to hurt my brother,then u cannot imagine what all will happen to u!Just stay away from us!
Manohar enters the police station and calls Shanthi.
Manohar lies to Shanthi that he called Sanskar and Laksh to inform them about her threat,not to say anything against her(just to save SanLak for the moment)
Shanthi:I know very well about u,Mano.U never lie to me.Iam sorry for this.Ask ur lovable sons to be careful.Young blood!No fear in them!Shall I show them once?(gives an evil smile)
Manohar pleads:Shanthiji!Let them go.I’ll take care of them.They are kids.They will understand everything soon.U need not worry.
Shanthi gets back the complaint against them citing that the real culprit is someone else and she produces evidence to prove herself right.Sanskar and Laksh are released.Manohar feels relieved.
Laksh keeps starring at Shanthi while Sanskar tries his best to control Laksh.
Manohar gets a phone call.His heart skips its beat for a second!

Precap:Manohar meets Swaragini for the first time.A big truth about them is out.

Hello readers,those who are expecting swasan-raglak union will get to see it after this truth is out.Thank u for ur patience!

Credit to: Priya

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