Love – a wonderful feel (episode 13)


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Sanskar and Laksh reach their house.Sanskar is shocked to see the condition of his house.Seeing Sanskar’s reaction,Laksh starts,
Laksh:Bhai,Actually……vo……I was very disturbed by ur absence…..So…..sorry bhai.
Sanskar:By the way,when did u keep ur place clean?We have to appoint someone for all these.
Laksh:No problem bhai.We can give the responsibility to bhabhi(Saying this,he laughs naughtily)
Sanskar:Oh ho!Do u think I’ll make my wife to all works?Never!That too for u?No no.If there is necessity,ask ur wife to do everything.
Laksh:I won’t ask my ladoo to do this.She will get tired.
Sanskar:So won’t my shona get tired?Too much of ur love!

Laksh:Ok bhai,leave this.let’s get ready for tomorrow.
Sanskar:U have ur exams in one week.Concentrate on ur studies.We’ll go later.I’ll convince Swaragini.
Laksh:Bhai.I have to clear all these.Only then will I be able to concentrate without any tensions.(he is stubborn)
Sanskar:Ok….ok….fyn.done with ur plans.(Laksh hugs Sanskar and says thank u)
Sanskar thinks:He’ll become normal only after tomorrow……..Even I……..(They go to sleep)
At the ashram,Swara is busy preparing a questionnaire.Ragini keeps on calling Swara.
Ragini:Swaru,come fast.We have to go early tomorrow.’s done.i’ll come now.(Swaragini go to sleep)
The next day morning,Swaragini gets aashirvaad from Mataji who is surprised.
Mataji:Beta,what’s special today?(Swaragini smiles and say they are going to attend an exam)
Swaragini:We want to fail in this exam and this is going to be our last failure.
(Mataji is confused):Fail in exam?What…..Mathlab…..I……
Swaragini:We’ll explain everything clearly once we come back.Bye Mataji.(Both leave)
Mataji shouts:Take care,my children.Be safe.
Swaragini hires an auto and calls Laksh.

Laksh attends the call:Hello Ragini.Where are u?Come straight to our home.
Laksh:Say Bhai’s name.The driver will know it.Come soon.Bye.(He cuts the call)
Ragini thinks:Bhai’s name?(She says):Driver sir.Do u know Sanskar?He is an assistant of…..(before she completes,the driver says Manohar.Swaragini are dumbstruck)
Driver:Everybody here knows about Manohar and his assistants.He is the only lawyer who fights for justice always.I had a good image about Sanskar.But why did he do this with that poor girl.He is not fit to work under Manohar.(Swara gets angry on hearing this)
Swara:Oho!Stop ur nonsense!U r just going on speaking as if u r his assistant!Jus shut up and drive….
Driver:Madamji!Assistant?Nobody will want to have any sorts of relationship wid him.
Swara:Stop!Stop here!Ragini get down!I can’t bear any more rubbish against him.
Driver:But madam,u have paid me advance money.
Swara:Keep the advance for ur biiiiig informative lecture about Sanskar.(turns to Ragini)R u coming wid me or shall I go alone?

Ragini:Ok Mata Rani,cool down.(Both hire an another auto)
Swara to the driver:Go to advocate Manohar’s office.Ragini asks why there.
Swara:If we say about Sanskar,then this man will also start his bakwas.Did I ask anyone to give me a report about Sanskar?Then why all these………fools!!
Ragini:Oh swaru calm down.If Sanskar sees u like this,then ……
Swara:Now its ur turn huh?
Ragini:Ok I understand.Only u have the rights to criticize him.(Swara is confused)
Ragini:U will understand everything slowly.By the time,they reached Manohar’s office.
(Swaragini pays the auto driver and goes inside)
Swaragini sees a young boy there. Swara:Excuse me .Can I meet Mr.Manohar?
(The boy says that he is not there and has gone for a meeting.Swaragini become tensed)
At the big bungalow,

(Manohar is sitting in front of Shanthi)
Shanthi is screaming:How can this happen Mano?How did that old lady and that mahaan Swara come out?(Manohar tells Shanthi about Laksh.Shanthi smiles like a monster)
Shanthi:Oooooh……!Tracks are going like this.Listen Mano.Whatever happens,Sanskar-Swara and Laksh-Ragini shouldn’t become one.(Manohar is stunned)If anything goes against my wish,I will not spare any of them.(Manohar falls at her feet and pleads not to do this with them)
Manohar:Those girls have bore lots of pain in their life.At least now,let them live happy.
Shanti:Are u joking Mano?Iam neither a good soul nor a kind soul.Do as I say.(Manohar leaves but this time he has something else in his mind)
The next minute,Shanthi receives a call and she says Ok,for sure.

Precap:Swaragini miss to meet Manohar.Sanskar and Laksh are arrested for theft charges.

Credit to: Priya

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