Love – a wonderful feel (episode 12)


Hello friends,the next part of love!
Laksh and Sanskar are travelling back to Delhi.Laksh has promised Satyendra that he will make him realize that Sanskar was not wrong in his decision.
Laksh:Sanskar,do u know,I got to see the other side of u about which u have never told me.I met ur fa……(Just then Laksh mobile rings.Sanskar,who is lost somewhere comes to senses on hearing the tone)
Laksh(with a bright face):OMG!!LAADOO!!!
Sanskar(confused):Are u hungry Laksh?Shall I get u something to eat?
Laksh(in a mocking tone):Sanyasi ji!u won’t understand this.Mind ur own business.It’s Ragini(Saying this Laksh attends the call)Ha laadoo!How are u?(Ragini feels strange on hearing Laksh but she composes herself and complains about Swara)Laksh:What?Is this true?Did Swara herself say this?
Sanskar thinks:Laadoo…….Swara……..Then its surely Ragini.And my dear brother,what did u say?iam a sanyasi and I won’t understand anything.Wait and see.I’ll show u who is sanskar!But what happened to Swara?Why is Laksh so tensed?
By the time,Laksh tells Sanskar to speak to Swara.Sanskar is stunned.
Sanskar:How can I?I don’t deserve to be even her friend.No Laksh,Iam not strong enough to hear her voice,atleast for now.I’ll talk to her later
Laksh:But bhai.She is out on bail and she is torturing my laadoo.She needs u.
Sanskar:My shona can never hurt anyone!

Laksh:Ok fine.i beg u please talk to her or else she will kill Ragini with questions about ur wellbeing.
Sanskar gets the phone and says Shona.But there is no reply from the other side.
Sanskar:I can understand Swara.Iam responsible for everything that has happened to u.U will never forgive me.I can’t see ur hatred towards me.That’s why I left……(before he completes)
Swara on the other side starts weeping:How Sanskar?How can I hate myself?The day u saved me,I saw ur concern towards me,which I have never seen in anybody till date.I have a surprise for u.Bye!(She cuts the call)Sanskar:Swara….Swar….Hello….Are u there?He sees the screen.Oh!she has cut the call.
Sanskar says to Laksh about Swara’s surprise.
Laksh:Then I’ll plan a surprise for Ragini
Laksh informs Sanskar about Manohar’s health.But Sanskar refuses to meet his boss
Laksh:I can understand Sanskar.But u cannot go against him.He loves u a lot.In fact I came searching for u to Gujarat because he was very sure that u will b there.I feel that there is some strong reason behind all these.

Sanskar:I agree wid u Laksh.Manohar sir has always been my inspiration only because he is a righteous person and always fights for justice.I chose to work under him because I believed that he can guide me to the right path.But….
Laksh:But there’s nothing wrong in ur thoughts.U were,are and will always be right bhai.(They hug each other)
Sanskar:Thank u Laksh.U have given my happy world back.Thank u so much.Come,let’s go to meet Sir.
(Laksh and Sanskar goes to meet Manohar.They go inside the room)
Manohar:Sanskaaaar……My son!(Sanskar goes near Manohar.Suddenly,Manohar catches Sanskar’s hand and starts slapping himself.Sanskar and Laksh are stunned by this action)
Sanskar removes his hand forcefully and says:Baba,kya kar rahe ho?U are making me feel guilty again.
Manohar apologises to Sanskar:Forgive me,Sanskar.Iam not fit to be ur guardian.I have ruined ur life even after knowing everything!
Sanskar:No baba,there is nothing like that.I know my shona.She will understand me when she comes to know the truth.I will convince her because…..(Sanskar diverts the topic)If u really want to correct ur mistakes,then tell me what happened in real.I will prove my ability once again.
Manohar narrates to Sanskar about the whole incident-his meeting wid Shanthi,her order,her threat to kill Sanskar and her plan to break Swara…Sanskar and Laksh are standing still hearing the whole story.

Sanskar:But why does she want to do all this wid Swara?And that too,specifically through me?
Laksh(with a serious face):Manohar Sir,did u agree to do all this only because of the threat or there is something else which u are hiding from us?
Manohar is so weak.He is unable to talk so he says Raj to explain everything.

Manohar’s Past:
Manohar was a very intelligent and strong student of his times.He became famous for his power packed speeches in the court room during his training period.Manohar met Shanthi for the first time outside the court.She was desperately searching for a studious guy,who would be her personal lawyer.Shanthi found Manohar eligible and chose him.She had formed the partnership firm where she holds more than half of the shares so that she can have Manohar,the other partner under her control always.A very few people knew about this partnership while most,including Sanskar were thinking that Manohar and his brother are the partners of the firm.From then on,Shanthi started using Manohar to the maximum.Manohar never liked her activities.When he resisted them,he was threatened that he will lose the chance to live in this world as a human being.
Manohar:I want to live Sanskar.I will bring out that witch’s true face to the world.Only then will I close my eyes.U and ur brother are going to help me do this.
Sanskar refuses:If we help u,then ur mission will get over and u will leave us alone and go.
Manohar(laughs):No beta.I will go only after playing wid my great grandchildren.
Laksh(murmers):Hmmmm.Shaadi tak nahi aaya.Before that Great grand children……so funny!
Manohar hears this and says:I thought that my boys are superfast and very smart.But u both don’t seem to be like that.
Laksh and Sanskar (in chorus):U will get to see how smart ur boys are…..(They wink seeing each other)

Precap:Finallyyyy…………surprise for all readers!

Credit to: Priya

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