Love – a wonderful feel (episode 11)


So guys,iam back with the next epi.really so sorry for the delay.will bring swara and sanskar atleast by the next episode.So here we go.
Laksh goes to meet Manohar and apologize for his behavior.

At the hospital,
Laksh enquires the receptionist about Manohar and goes to room no.23.Laksh sees a doctor coming outside and asks him about Manohar’s health
Doctor:He is out of risk.There is no need to worry about him.But he has to be under our observation for two more days.By the way,how are u related to him?
Laksh:Iam Lakshya.Iam his assistant,Sanskar’s brother!
Doctor:Ok Laksh.Please take care of him.(The doctor leaves.Laksh goes inside the room)
Laksh:Uncle ji……
Manohar(in a very low voice) !beta idhar aayo!(he tries to sit but Laksh asks him to lie down)
Laksh:Sorry uncle.I shouldn’t have been so harsh to u.But…….
Manohar:Did u get to know anything about Sanskar?(Laksh starts to cry)
Laksh:Why did bhai do this to all of us?Hum sabh kuch teek kar sakthe theh.I have no idea about where bhai will be.I want to meet him now……(he cries very badly)
Manohar:I know where he will be!(Laksh is startled)
Laksh:Uncle, wh..wher..where he is?
Manohar:Yes I know about him.He is not only my assistant but also my son.He came to Delhi opposing his family because his mom and dad wanted him to be a business man.He had promised to his parents that he will return home once he feels that his decision to become a lawyer is wrong for him.Obviously,Sanskar is totally broken after all these incidents.I thought he would back off seeing Swara.I failed to understand that his profession is the most important to him.

Laksh:No uncle.He did this because he believed that Swara had committed the crime.Had he known the truth,Sanskar would never have done this.Where can I find my bhai then?In Gujarat?
Manohar:Hmmmm.He would have gone back.I’ll give u the address.Go and bring him back.
(Manohar asks Raj to give the address to Laksh)
Laksh:Thank you so much uncle.I promose you,I will come back with Sanskar or else I will not step into Delhi!(Laksh goes)
(Laksh immediately books a ticket to Gujarat and leaves in the evening)

A temple in Ahmedabad,
Lots of people are visiting the temple everyday.A saint has come to the temple.He is very well known to everyone.He is going to stay for a week to bless the people around and enlighten them with his discourses.A man of around 25 years is seen helping the saint in his puja.People throng in crowds for his dharshan.
Swamiji:Whatever happens,happens for the good!TheLord Almighty doesn’t do anything without a reason.It lies in us to find out the reason behind every happenings and to understand his actions!Sarvatra Sukino Bhavanthu!(sorry if iam wrong)
Hearing all this,the man thinks:May be all this happened between us,because we are not made for each other.(he gets teary eyed)
At the ashram in Delhi,
Swara in her sleep shouts NO…………Not like that.Ragini gets up and asks Swara if she is fine.
Swara:I had a bad dream Ragu.Nothing to worry.Iam ok.Sorry ma.
Ragini:No need to ask Sorry.Always thinking about that idiot thats why……(She sees Swara staring at her)
Ragini:Ok ok.I’ll not say anything about him.Sleep peacefully.Gud night.(Both sleep)

The next day
Swara keeps on forcing Ragini to call Laksh to about Sanskar.
Ragini:Urrrrr……Swara….!will u just stop this bakbak?i jus cannot understand why u worry so much about him?
Swara:Because I can understand his pain.He wants to come to me.But……

At the temple,
Man:But I will not.I will never come into ur life Shona.(Yes,the man is our cute and lovely Sanskar!)
At the same time,Laksh gets down from the train at Ahemadabad station.He gives the address to a taxi driver who takes him to a big mansion.
Laksh pays the taxi driver and goes inside.
Laksh knocks the door and a man of about 40 comes out.
Man:Get out(He shuts the door)
Laksh is shocked but is determined.He enquires about Sanskar to the neighbours.He somehow manages to reach Sanskar’s Dad’s office.

Laksh enters the office and gets permission to meet Sanskar’s father.
Laksh is taken to an isolated room which is full furnished.He sees a man reading files.
Laksh:May I come in,Sir?He doesn’t wait for the answer and goes inside.
Man:Iam Satyendra .How can I help u?(Laksh gives a brief introduction but doesn’t mention Sanskar’s name)
Satyendra:But how can I help u in finding ur friend?I haven’t even seen him?
Laksh:Only u can help me sir.He is ur son Sanskar!(Satyendra is stunned for a while but composes)
Satyendra:What happened to Sanskar?(he starts lamenting)I knew things will not go well.That’s why I advised him…..
Laksh:How can things go well without parent’s blessings?(Satyendra has no answer)
(Laksh somehow convinces Satyendra that Sanskar has taken a right decision.But he gets shocked to know that Sanskar has not come home.Satyendra tells Laksh to not loose hope and keep on searching for Sanskar.He assures Laksh that he will meet Sanskar soon)
(Laksh,with a broken heart,comes out.He is very tired and hungry.He starts scolding God for this situation.He vows that he will not believe in HIS existence,if he doesn’t get his brother back.Just then,Laksh sees a man running with a heavy thing covered with a cloth.He secretly chases the man and sees a pot full of gold and diamond temple jewellery.Laksh thrashes the man and gets the pot from him)

Laksh:Looks like,he has stolen this from a temple.(He goes on searching for a temple with the man and sees a crowd at a distance.He goes near them and sees a poor man getting beaten up by them.He has been accused of theft.A sadhu,then comes to his rescue.The sadhu says that he has a locket of the thief.A woman in the crowd identifies the locket and says that it is her brother’s.)
Laksh:If so,whether he is ur brother?(he shows the man’s face.The lady nods yes.The crowd apologises to the poor man and the sadhu and takes the jewellery with them.The thief falls at the feet of the sadhu .Sadhu asks the people to give another chance to the thief as he has realized his mistake.Laksh feels something strange about the sadhu.He enquires from the people about him and comes to know that he is new to the place.Something sparks in his mind and he goes behind the sadhu.
(Laksh follows the sadhu and notices his behavior.He finds them very similar to Sanskar.He gets an idea and shouts SWARA………The sadhu stops)
Laksh:If a person can be given another chance if he realizes his mistake,can’t u give urself a chance,bhai?
Sadhu is shocked on hearing the word bhai.He turns to Laksh who is in turn shocked.The sadhu is Sanskar but he has changed totally changed.His perfect physic and charming face has disappeared.Laksh cannot bear to see Sanskar in that state.He asks Sanskar to show him the place where he was staying.
Sanskar takes Laksh to the Saint.Laksh starts yelling at the saint:Oh powerful man!Because of u,I have lost my handsome bhai.u have destroyed the dreams of thousands of girls.Give me my bhai back.
The saint asks Sanskar to go with Laksh as he is no longer fit to be a sanyasi!
Laksh screams:Sanyasi!!!!Bhai,what’s all this?
Sanskar:Ha!Iam not interested in worldly life.I have my own way.
Laksh(smiles naughtily):Oh!That’s why u stopped hearing Swara’s name.That means u r not interested in anything,hmmmm……(Sanskar is speechless)
(Laksh requests Sanskar to give himself another chance.He also reminded Sanskar about Swara.At last,Laksh convinced Sanskar)
Laksh:U have to fulfill all ur responsibilities as a brother,bf,jiju,son,husband…..everything.u cannot escape saying that u want to become a sanyasi.(he winks)
Sanskar:Bf,brother,son husband ok….what about jiju?(Laksh blushes)
Both leave for Delhi by the next train.

Precap:Sanskar-Manohar convo

Credit to: Priya

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