Love Withstands All (intro)


Hi guys!! My name is Bhavreen but my nickname is Reena. I live in the U.S., but I am also Indian and loved watching MATSH and watch Kasam. I read all the ffs on Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and Kasam and everybody is doing an amazing job! I loved Ishveer sooo much and I also like Rishi and Tanu, so I am making a ff on both of them and maybe other couples… If you want me to add more couples, comment below and I will see if I can add them (I mostly know about these two, but if you guys want more people I will try to add them).
Ishani Parekh~ Sweet girl and amazing personality; Loves Life, Family, and Friends; Believes in doing anything for what is right!; Her mom passed away; Believes in love
Harshad Parekh~Ishani’s dad; Loves his daughter a lot; Used to be middle class but ever since Ishani and him have moved to Mumbai, his business made more money and they are now wealthy
Ranveer Vaghela~ Very helpful and kind guy; Very popular in school and comes from a wealthy family; Somewhat playboy; Doesn’t really believe in love…yet
Kailash & Amba Vaghela~ Ranveer’s parent; Wealthy; Nice people
Shikar Mehra~ Ishani’s Best Friend along with Tanu (Ishani, Tanu, Shikar, and Krisha are a group of best friends); Like Ishani’s brother; Always supports Ishani; Has been friends with Ishani since childhood
Krisha Mehra~ Nice girl with bubbly personality; One of Ishani’s and Tanu’s closest friends; Like Ishani’s sister
Kanchan Mehra~ Krisha and Shikar’s mom; Like a mom to Ishani and was even more supportive after Ishani’s mom death; Loves Ishani like her own daughter
Raj Mehra~ Kanchan’s Husband; Shikar and Krisha’s father; Harshad’s best friend; Loves Ishani like a daughter
Tanu Khurana~ Ishani’s other best friend; Friends since childhood; Believes in love; Loves everyone and everything
Rishi Bedi~ Ranveer’s best friend; Friends since childhood; Playboy type; Nice guy
Nirbhay Singh Ahlawat~ Ex- Friend of Ranveer; Hates Ranveer because of incident you will find out about later; Antagonist of Ranveer
Naina Ahlawat~Likes Ranveer; Will become antagonist of Ishani
More characters could be added, but these are the main ones
Mehra House
The episode starts with the sun shining over the sea. A girl is sleeping in a beautifully decorated aqua and orange room filled with pictures. A nice lady is shown walking into the room and pulling on the curtains. It is Kanchan.
Kanchan: Ishani! Utho beta! Ajj tumhara pehla din shikar ke college pe haim, right?
Ishani: Oh my God! I was almost late. Thank you soooo much Maa!! Je aap mujhe nahin utha di, phir mein late ho jati aur shikar gussa hota!
Kanchan smiles and tells Ishani to get ready.
Ishani dances around her room getting ready (Jiya Re plays in the bg). She is wearing a bright orange knee-length dress with a dark blue v-stripe design and half sleeve. She wears light makeup and straightens her hair. She looks in the mirror and smiles as she can’t wait to start her first day at a new college.
Vaghela House
A room is shown filled with trophies and posters. A boy is shown in front of the mirror (He is none other than Ranveer). He is getting ready for college while another guy walks in and puts Ranveer into a headlock (playfully).
Ranveer: Rishi! Tum kya kar rahe ho yaar!? Chor mujhe!
Rishi takes Ranveer out of the headlock and has a big grin on his face.
Rishi: Yaar RV!! Tumne sara maza kharab kar diya!
Amba walks in and Rishi greets her and hugs.
Amba: Rishi beta, tum kab aaye?
Rishi: Aa Bhi aaya hun aunty
Amba: Mujhe aunty mat bulaa, mein tumari maa jaisi hoon, na?
Rishi: Of course Ma!
Ranveer: Je aap maa-beta done ho gaaye ho toh hum college chale?
Rishi: Mujhe na jhalne ki bhoo ah rahi hai.. Aap ko kya lagta hai maa?
All of them laugh. Rishi and Ranveer hug Amba and then leave for college.
Guys, please comment below on how you guys think I did! I will try to update as much as I can.. I love you guys all! You guys have helped me sooooo much after Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi ended and I want to thank all of you for that!
Xoxo Reena

Credit to: Reena

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  1. Good start, but use English plz plz

    1. Sorry!! I will put english in parenthesis!

      1. Thank u dear

  2. Awsome dude! Live it please continue?

    1. Sry love* B|

      1. Thanks sooo much darling!!

  3. Yeah! We can understand a lil bit only 😛 but its amazing

    1. Thank you!!❤️❤️

  4. Ur rocking! Nice start ❤

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart!!??

  5. marvelous start sissy

    1. Thanks bro!!

  6. Its different and i liked it very much

    1. Thank you!! I hope you will also like the next episodes!

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice and use English pls.

    1. Thanks Sana! And I’m so sorry! I will use English subtitles starting soon! And also I am Indian so I know a little Hindi but mostly Punjabi, so sorry if I write something that doesn’t make sense sometimes!

  8. Nice ma plzzzzzzzzz use English

    1. I promise I will and thanks soo much!

  9. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    nice start but why ishani is staying in mehra house?? where is parekh mansion ???ishveer is only pair on television which I know very well so this is nice story…and ya no need to add more characters…continue with this only… loved ur start….by the way who r lead here ishveer or other one

    1. Ishani and her dad are staying in mehra house because ishani’s mom died and kanchan is like a mom to ishani. The mehras knew that harshad wanted to move into the city so he could be closer to his business and they wanted ishani and harshad to stay so ishani would have a more family environment rather than just her and her dad (You were going to find out about this in the next episode). And harshad’s business will start booming soon, so they will end up buying the harshad mansion, which is near shikar’s house.

  10. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    nice start but why ishani is staying in mehra house?? where is parekh mansion ???ishveer is only pair on television which I know very well so this is nice story…and ya no need to add more characters…continue with this only… loved ur start….by the way who r lead here ishveer or other one???

    1. Thanks soo much for replying dear! And I will probably make ishveer the lead because I have watched them more and kasam has just started.. But tanu and rishi will be a main couple here!

  11. Dear Reena you don’t know but its really interesting strat ……I can’t imagine….whats gonna happen next…..tick tock tick tock……waiting yaar…..and why no precap yaar..????

    1. Thank you soo much Dhruva! Since this is my first episode… I wanted to leave suspense and I also didn’t know how to add a pre cap! I will try to update within the next hours or in the morning for you guys!! It is a little hard for me because the time difference but I promise I will try to update soon!

      1. Dear just type as Precap: ……..
        They do this on their own dear…..we just have to add it….

  12. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    nice start … but who is the lead here ? thqx for adding even alwalt family … sounds intersting

    1. Thank you soo much!! The lead is mostly Ishveer but Rishi and Tanu are alike Ishveer so thats why they are best frnds!!

  13. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    love u matsh ummma ….
    pranjali sweetheart … why u r not com. in naren’s ff… i am missing u dear.. yes reena u did a amazing job . welldone ….

  14. Wow… its awsome reena dear… u started a ff… it’s a good starting… pls update in eng. .. I can’t understand hindi… otherwise it’s superb… waiting for next epi…

    1. Thanks soo much for your support Julina!! Im sorry I forgot about the English subtitles and I will try to update soon!!

  15. Your starting is sooo good pls continue

    1. Thanks soo much!!

  16. Hey Julina dear where are you I am waiting for your ff try to update soon dear ?

  17. gd job Reena…..can u add Mehbeer too …..plz plz plz…………………

    1. Who is mehbeer so I know who to research and if i find out about them, I promise i will add them!

      1. Actually reena mehbeer means meher nd Abeer frm badtameez dil

  18. wow reena sissy…it’s really owsm…nyzz starting..i lov ishveer part..snd i lyk ssharadh too cozz of bcl..he is cool..really waiting for nxt epi…i thnk this charecter is kaffi hey…

    1. Thanks soo much bro!! Thanks for your support and I will try to update soon!

  19. Reena I love by the way I live In Canada I muslim but my mom likes to watch these shows so I got addicted to them to and I love both couples and if by chance twinj from Tashan e ishq can be in your ff to but overall great start

    1. I can try that!! And my mom also got me hooked on matsh!! I didnt really watch indian tv shows and then my mom casually watched random shows and one day she showed me matsh and i fell in love!!??

  20. reena dr..i am not a boy..but a id is lyk tat dr…

    1. No i call all my friends bro?

  21. A good start Reena Dr…after matsh ended I didn’t watch colors…but still I like ssharad as an actor..n ya can u add abbigya also… It’s a request…if u are satisfied with it..

    1. I can try! But they might not be leads! Anyway after MATSH ended I was also annoyed at aapka colors but then i started watching kasam and now that it all I watch

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